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Prime Evidence - Stories

Post-Session: 33

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 33.

Story - Briefing from OPO

Game Date: 9/8/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Karex

An Air Force Lieutenant delivers a letter addressed to the Wardens to the Alcatraz Foundation offices. The letter is delivered to the Wardens headquarters by a Foundation courier.


Re: Prime's Disappearance

Prime has been supplying his assistance as a consultant to the United States government thus his disappearance is of interest.

Prime recently alerted the government to the presence of what he termed an 'invisible vessel or structure' near a construction site at the corner of King and Fifth Streets. In his position as a member of the Wardens, Prime requested approval from local authorities to cordon off the area so that the site could be investigated with minimal risk to the public. Such approval had not been granted at the time of his disappearance.

Shortly after Prime's disappearance, an individual who calls himself 'Karex the Watcher' and claims to be a member of an extra-terrestrial race called the 'Yric' presented himself at the INS San Francisco offices to apply for a diplomatic visa.

The alien stated that he had been motivated to reveal his presence due to what he termed, "the most vilest slander of his noble species imaginable" by a member of the Wardens. Apparently, page 212 of the Space Prime role-playing game accuses the 'Yric' of eating and/or implanting their young in sentient life forms.

You are probably wondering at this time what this has to do with Prime's disappearance.

To authenticate that he was in fact an extra-terrestrial alien and not merely an oddly appearing paranormal, 'Karex' provided several top scientists with a short tour of his vessel and demonstrated some of its abilities. These abilities included a 'cloaking device' that prevented detection of the vessel visually and with current sensor technology.

The sudden disappearance of Prime while he was 'attacking' a cloaked target now seemed to have an, even if somewhat bizarre, explanation.

When the issue was presented to 'Karex,' he denied any knowledge of Prime's disappearance. He appeared highly offended at the accusation and left the interview.

A review of the evidence as it was circumstantial at best lead to no pressing of formal charges.

The issue at hand is this, there is a 'supposed' extra-terrestrial being on the planet and the government wishes to monitor his activities. This is where we seek the Wardens assistance.

The Law Offices of Jared and Martin have contacted the INS claiming to represent 'Karex.'

They have indicated that 'Karex' has made a request to be allowed to monitor and assist the Wardens until such time as Prime is recovered and the true kidnapper revealed. Also due to the potential danger to his person caused by the slanderous misinformation contained within the 'Space Prime' role-playing game, it has also been requested that 'Karex' be allowed to reside at the Warden's base as a safety precaution.

Any questions may be addressed to Lincoln Jared of the Law Offices of Jared and Morton.

Request per the Office of Paranormal Oversight

Record Last Changed Date: 10/26/2008

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