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Post-Session: 34

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 34.

Story - Keeping Their Credentials

Game Date: 9/21/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II), Delta-Vee, Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael

The non-compliance with the Radley-Gold Act notification letters from the FSS, gave the Knight, Amethyst, Delta-Vee and Eon thirty days to review and acknowledge their acts of non-compliance. In addition, they had to accept the probationary sanctions in order to keep their credentials.

Shortly after receipt of the documents, Delta-Vee recommended to the others that the team request a hearing to challenge the FSS's statement of non-compliance and list of violations.

Little more is done or discussed regarding the non-compliance letters until each of the team receives a note from Armstrong Moorland, Chairman of the Alcatraz Foundation


The FSS has sent notification to the Alcatraz Foundation of non-compliance with Radley-Gold Act reporting requirements by several members of the Wardens. These issues may result in the pulling of those members' credentials.

The Foundation cannot risk its existence, nor its mission to help the peoples of San Francisco by endorsing non-credentialed paranormals.

A loss of credentials will mean a forfeiture of membership in the Wardens.

Please attend to these matters at once.



The Knight of St. Michael replies to Armstrong's note saying that the team will comply with the FSS requests then calls a meeting to discuss the non-compliance letters.

The Knight opens the meeting by telling the others that he will accept the probationary sanctions as there is nothing the Wardens have to say the FSS that the FSS won't throw right back at them.

Randy turns in signed copies of the documents and tells the Knight and Amethyst, "I still say that we should fight this in court, but whatever you two decide and I honestly don't mind us having an on-site liaison."

Judah says that he agrees in spirit with the idea of cooperation but questions the legality of the current agreement saying it is flawed and inaccurate in its application in regards to the alleged non-compliance. He continues on saying it would be in the best interest of both the Wardens and the FSS to commence a dialogue to clarify the terms of the contract as they are vague and ambiguous at best. He feels that as defenders of the people, that the team cannot simply be placed under a microscope with someone second guessing every decision they make. He believes that to do so invites disaster for both the team and the public they protect. He concludes that if the relationship between the FSS and the Wardens is to work there must be a level of trust which is without question.

Amethyst says that she agrees with Randy and Judah on challenging the non-compliance matters.

Judah then suggests that the Wardens and their legal representatives should meet with FSS representatives to reaffirm the details of the mutual cooperation agreement under the Radley-Gold Act.

The Knight questions if they really want a lengthy court battle over this? Do they have anything to contest? Before they make a final decision, they need to know what all this entails.

Amethyst addresses the Knight's concerns by saying she has looked into the challenge issue with an Alcatraz Foundation legal consultant and there would not be a legal battle. The team would present a rebuttal document for the issues raised by the FSS then an arbitrator from the Justice Department would review the claims from both sides and render a decision. She adds that these types of issues are usually handled in an expeditious manner. She then goes on to add that no matter what they should not launch a legal challenge against any part of the Radley-Gold Act.

After some more discussion, the team agrees to submit a rebuttal document and go through arbitration.

Record Last Changed Date: 4/26/2009

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