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Post-Session: 34

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 34.

Story - Tommy's Parents, Part 2

Game Date: 9/23/2006  -  10/28/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II)

Amethyst receives a voicemail from Miriam Kim, the Foundation's Director of Personnel. Ms. Kim's message says that as a courtesy she is following up on the two employment applications that Amethyst had asked her to review. The message goes on to say that one of the applicants is fully qualified and would be contacted for an interview. The second did not qualify due to having a criminal record.


"Miriam, this Amethyst returning your message. I am wondering which of the applicants did not qualify and if there are any other jobs that this applicant can do with the issues on the criminal record."


"Hello Amethyst, this is Miriam Kim. My apologies, I thought I left that information in my message. Mr. Holliday was the qualified applicant. Due to the Foundation's charter and Federal guidelines anyone with a criminal record is excluded from employment in any position. I am sorry but we cannot offer Mrs. Holliday a position at any Foundation office."


Amethyst considers her options.

She wants to help the Hollidays but a job at the Wardens headquarters would take Aaron farther from his family's residence in Oakland. The long commutes back and forth to work would give him less time with his family.

The issue with Janelle having a criminal record is a bit of a surprise. The background check had shown that she was caught shoplifting and that the police had found marijuana and cocaine in her possession when she was arrested. It had happened shortly after her eighteenth birthday and after serving her six month jail term, she had no further record of criminal acts.

After much thought Amethyst decides to introduce Janelle Holliday to Karalyn Nicholas. It seems that Karalyn, an attorney and friend of Amethyst's, is in need of an executive assistant to manage her office and help administer the Green Valley Trust, a charitable trust that assists families in need with legal and financial assistance.

Karalyn contacts her father and asks for his assistance in setting up the Green Valley Trust using four million dollars from the fee she had received from the Alta Verde case.

Amethyst requests an interview for Aaron for an aviation technician position on the Wardens' staff at their Alcatraz Island headquarters. She asks Miriam Kim to refrain from notifying the aviation section manager of Amethyst's request to have Aaron interviewed. She explains that Aaron should be reviewed for the position based on his skills and ability to do the job, not her recommendation. Miriam agrees to Amethyst's requests.

Aaron's interview goes well and several days later he is hired.

Karalyn meets with Janelle and after several hours of discussion has hired a new executive assistant. The clincher is when Karalyn presents Janelle with the file of the first family that the Green Valley Trust has chosen to assist. The file is for the Holliday family.

Karalyn has a realtor assist Janelle in finding a home for her family in San Francisco and the Green Valley Trust secures the mortgage for the house. Aaron, Janelle, Tommy and Lien Thi move into their new house just before Halloween.

Record Last Changed Date: 4/26/2009

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