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Post-Session: 34

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 34.

Story - Karex Log 1

Game Date: 9/24/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Karex

Karex looked around his room curiously. It was far different from the interior of his saucer or supply ship. But, perhaps it would do. Calmly, he announced, "Computer, are you present?"

A female voice responded, "Present."

Karex sighed in relief. It appeared these humans had at least primitive automated servants after all. He held up his diplomatic credentials, "Computer. Scan these documents. I am currently designated as the ambassador of the Yric Confederacy to this world. As such, this room is considered Yric soil and our embassy. I wish to be alerted to any surveillance attempts. All my personal logs are to be encrypted and voice locked. Do you understand?"

The voice responded, "Request understood."

Karex nodded slowly, then settled down onto a large bean bag chair, "Open a voice log entitled, 'The Dolphins'. This will have to do until the supply ship returns and I have access to a proper voice recorder."

He scratched his wingtip with a taloned finger as he considered for a moment then began speaking in his native Yrician tongue, "This entry is in regards to the sentient earth race known locally as Dolphins. This briefing is based on a conversation with a Dolphin who identified himself as 'Squeeeee Cass' who claimed to be the two thousand three hundred and seventh hereditary story-teller of his tribe. I have not been able to confirm his tale and the absence of my universal translator will impede further investigation. While I may have made an error in informing the Wardens of some of my preliminary findings, I kept the location of the undersea Dolphin ruins, as reported to me by Cass, confidential."

Karex tapped his tail nervously as he struggled to remember the story, "Cass told of a long ago golden age when Dolphins were supreme upon this world. Limited by their need to breath air, they built their two great cities along the top a shallow oceanic plateau. Handicapped by their lack of hands, their technological ability would seem limited but they were able to overcome this difficulty with the aid of a small subspecies that, much like paranormals among the humans, began to appear within their population. This subspecies possessed significant psionic abilities, allowing them to heat ore and manipulate matter with the power of their minds alone. Until their technology advanced sufficiently to allow the construction of artificial limbs and automatons, the psionics were the sole source of the Dolphins' industrial capacity."

Karex paused a moment, before continuing, "Based on Cass's stories, I estimate the Dolphins reached a technology level slightly above the humans prior to their fall. The fall itself was a tragic tale. It appears the two great Dolphin cities went to war. The psionic power of the entire subspecies was turned against itself as the psionics of each city sought to overcome their rivals. This resulted in a psionic backlash that eliminated their entire psionic population and triggered a latent fault line. The entire plateau fell into a newly formed oceanic trench. Without their psionics or the wondrous machines of the cities, the Dolphins quickly fell back into primitive barbarism. Cass claimed that one of the last of the Dolphins to possess a deep-sea diving exoskeleton dared to venture into the chasm to seek out lost cities, but found only crumbling ruins."

Karex contemplated ending the recording there, but finally added, "Investigating the reported location of the ruins will require assistance from one of the local flying machines. Based on prior satellite surveillance, the Wardens possess such a vehicle. However, I suspect it will be some time before they trust me enough to allow me to requisition the vehicle, particularly if I refuse to inform them of the significance of the destination. Just as Yrician technology could be potentially disastrous if it fell into the wrong human hands, there is the possibility that surviving Dolphin technology could wreck considerable havoc. Of course, since this 'golden age' is claimed to have occurred literally tens of thousands of years ago, the most I expect to find in such a high-pressure environment would be crumbling stone ruins.

Karex switched back to English and announced, "Computer. End and save log."

Record Last Changed Date: 4/26/2009

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