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Post-Session: 34

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 34.

Story - Karex's Costume

Game Date: 9/25/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Karex

Karex lay back in his beanbag chair and looked over the neatly hanging dull-white coveralls that served as an explorer-scout's standard uniform. Durable. Practical. The complete opposite of what paranormals usually wear.

Karex's brow wrinkled as he pondered the situation. The Knight had requested that he be discrete regarding the extraterrestrial nature of his origins. The choice of 'costume', would obviously be a key component to fulfilling that request. Yet, he must also consider what choice in costuming would be most likely to ease his inclusion into the Warden's pack. So many subtle social norms to consider.

After considering the dilemma for several minutes, he decided on his customary course of action and called out, "Computer. Analyze the mythology and societal values of the human population of San Francisco. Then devise several costume choices based on those values as well as the currently existing themes of the costumes of the currently active Wardens."

Karex yawned and took a short nap while the computer worked. By the time he awoke, graphic representations of twelve possible costumes were prominently displayed on one wall. He shook his head as he reviewed those reflective of Amethyst, Delta V, and Eon. One based on the Knight had far too much metal. But, the last was a simple heraldic tabard emblazoned with a dragon. Karex stared at it curiously, then asked, "Computer - bring up the mythology used as the basis for that last costume."

Fascinating, Karex thought, as he reviewed the dragon mythology. All that just from a few petrified giant bones. He tapped his chin thoughtfully as he considered. The tradition of the dragon and knight seemed to extend deeply into this human culture. As such, it would provide a ready basis for understanding among the general human population. Particularly in a world infused with what they termed, 'magic.' So be it. He would give it a try.

"Computer, order a costume manufactured for me based on that last design. Ensure it is waterproof and compatible with my flight abilities, both above and below ground."

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