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Post-Session: 34

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 34.

Story - Key to the City

Game Date: 9/27/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Eon received a message that the Mayor wished for Eon to call as soon as time permitted. Judah wondered if more issues had arisen with the mayor's son. The last time that he had spoke to Kevin, the boy had said that the dreams had stopped but the unpredictable use of languages still occurred every now and then. Overall it appeared that nothing serious had happened and Kevin seemed to like having the ability to freak out his friends occasionally.

Judah called the mayor's office, his secretary answered the phone. "May I please speak to the Mayor? This is Eon calling."

After a brief hold the familiar voice of Gavin Neusome came on the line. "Hello Eon, thanks for returning my call so quickly. I just wanted to make sure that everything was still okay for Wednesday."

"Well I was thinking about...," the hesitancy was obvious in Eon's voice.

"Please Eon," implored the Mayor, "no second thoughts. Kevin and the other kids and parents are really looking forward to it. We even have the Empire's Joshua's Loft catering the affair. No backing out now, okay?"

"Alright, for Kevin and the kids. Please keep this as low key as possible, I am not a huge fan of crowds. I would also like for my fellow Wardens and some other guests to be able to attend, is that okay?"

"Of course, of course. I will have my limo pick you up at 10 on Wednesday morning. Tell the others to arrive at the Empire's conference center at 10:45, so that they can be seated up front. Thank you Eon... for everything."


The Wardens, Wardens Reserve, Dr. Rebecca Miller and the Wardens Staff receive an email from Eon. It tells of the Mayor's reception for Eon and that they are invited to attend as his guests.

The Knight of St. Michael replies that he will attend with arms and armor polished.

Amethyst replies that she will attend.

Karex clapped his hands together in joy. His first email from a Warden. A sure sign they had accepted him as a member of their pack. Ooooh, and Eon had invited him to a social gathering led by the Alpha of the city! Karex quickly replied, "Computer, compose an appropriate reply accepting Eon's offer of pack friendship. Inform him I shall attend the gathering honoring him and shall howl appreciatively and/or make offerings of fresh fish and clams, as appropriate. Oh, I suppose this would be the ideal time to wear my new costume. Hmmm. So as to avoid any unnecessary confusion, perhaps a palace servant should be assigned the task of accompanying us while carrying a small banner on a raised pole with an appropriate identifier. Perhaps, ah yes, a combined heraldic device along with the slogan "Dragon and Knight - The Dynamic Duo." Yes, that should serve to allay any suspicions that I am actually from another planet. Oh, and computer, kindly scan your memory for data on human etiquette and social customs and arrange for context-specific narration of appropriate customs and responses to be broadcast to me over the Warden's communicator during the ceremony. Oh, and arrange for me to get one of those handy communicators for that matter."


Over the next day and a half Eon got his nicest black suit ready and also went about his regular daily activities, including sparring with the Knight. One thing he had become acutely aware of was how vulnerable he now felt. Without his healing and regenerative abilities, he was basically mortal except that he still did not age. This had been haunting him for sometime, the lack of replies to his queries into the matter from the psychics and psionics had frustrated him. He hoped that they knew of a way to get him back to his former self.


Wednesday rolled around, Eon dressed in his nicest black suit and a metallic blue tie. He thought it best to leave the hat and coat. He met the limo at the shore at 10:00, meeting him was the mayor's assistant Richard. Here we go, thought Judah.

They rode in silence for almost five minutes before Judah finally broke the quiet with a simple quip, "I would give you a penny for your thoughts but you would have to report it I believe."

Richard roused from his thoughts and looked at Eon, "Oh sorry, got a lot on my mind that's all. How have you been Eon?"

"I have been great but please its Judah. Eon is just a codename, and I am not particularly fond of those. Anything you wish to share?" queried Judah.

"No, just the jousting that takes place day-to-day in the political arena. What will it take to get support for this measure or that program and is it a cost that the Mayor is willing to pay." replied Richard.

"Well, I am sure it will work itself out. The question is will you and the Mayor have any hair when it does? I learned early in life that politics was not for me. I like my hair too much," joked Judah as he ran his hand through his electric blue mane.

"Yes, politics is definitely a strange animal." responded Richard before asking, "How's life been going for you?"

"Oh not bad, we have a new tenant at our facility that if he is to be believed is from another planet. Amazing that we may have found sentient life outside Earth in our lifetime. He is quite odd and is use to a much higher level of technology. You might get to meet him today."

With that the car pulled into the parking garage located beneath their destination, the door is opened by a member of the mayor's security detail. Judah is lead into a side room where the mayor is being handled by attendants and makeup people.

"Good morning Mr. Mayor, getting your face on I see."

"Ah yes Eon, glad you could make it. We will be presenting you with a 'key to the city.' It is a small gesture of the gratitude that I and the other parents present feel for what you have done in saving our children. After the presentation of the key, you may give a few words, if you are so inclined then there will be a brief photo session. Once all the festivities are over we will have lunch, which will be a private affair with just the guests and no press." explained Mayor Neusome briefing Eon much as the his own staff had briefed him earlier.

"Sounds fine, Mr. Mayor. Don't you think the press might be confused by my appearance? I mean I am not the same man I used to be." Judah chuckled slightly at the hilarity of it all.

"No, no... we have briefed the press on your change of appearance by telling them you have paranormal disguise abilities. That should be enough to satisfy their inquisitiveness. Anyway not to worry it will be fine," stated the Mayor. "Kevin is very excited that you are here. He has talked about nothing else since I told him on Monday that you had confirmed that you would be in attendance for today's presentation."

When Richard began talking with the Mayor about another issue, Judah went and sat down backstage. About fifteen minutes later he noticed the sounds of people and looked out from behind the curtain. The room was almost filled to capacity. Judah estimated that there were over 200 guests present not including the press. "Small crowd is relative I guess," he mumbled aloud as he peered out at the gathering group.

Judah was restless so instead of returning to his seat backstage, he paced behind the curtain while he waited for the festivities to begin. Every now and then stopping to take a peak at the crowd.

His heart soared when he saw Rebecca enter and take a seat in the first row of seats that had been roped off for his guests and teammates. She, several of the security staff and a few of the Alcatraz Foundation staff as well as Amethyst, the Knight and Karex. He was amazed that Karex had confirmed, although a bit awkwardly, his RSVP. Judah had suggested the little dragon speak with the Knight about protocol for events such as this.

After a couple of minutes, Judah again looked out at the crowd as the noise in the room became distinctly louder. Entering the room was Amethyst follow by Karex, who was wearing some kind of surcoat. Right behind Karex was the Knight whose manner seemed to indicate that he was perturbed at something. They all took their seats at the front. Reporters began to ask questions, only to be silenced quickly by a look from the Knight followed by a curt "no comment."

A few more minutes passed before one of the mayor's staff walked to the podium and asked everyone to please take their seats. Richard walked up and gave a nod to Judah, "You ready E... uh, Judah? You look nervous, don't worry it's just a quick speech. It will be over before you know it"

"Yeah no sweat, just a few words."

The Mayor walked out to the podium and began telling the events of the fateful night, that he called the "Miracle of Bus 1054."

It was a little corny, but why not thought Judah.

The Mayor embellished a few of the minor details but held true to the event as a whole. The Mayor then spoke of a more personal event as Eon had saved his son from almost certain death without even an acknowledgment.

The speech had been going on for about fifteen minutes when Richard told Judah it was time.

"I know he appears different but I assure it is him. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Eon." stated the Mayor as he turned towards the side of the stage.

Judah made his way out slowly, smiling a bit sheepishly as he moved to the podium.

"That was very nice of you, Mayor Neusome and I would like to thank all of you for coming here today. It is true I helped save the mayor's son, who I now gladly call my friend. As for those people on the bus, I did what had to be done. I wasn't trying to be a hero or show off. In life there are times when saving others is more important than worrying about yourself. That night I was not thinking of myself, I knew what I had to do and I would do it again regardless of the cost. I know the public has asked a lot of questions about me, I wish I could answer all of them so I will answer the ones that I can. I am the mystery man responsible for healing critically injured people in the city over the last few months, those of you that I have helped might recognize a medallion that I left behind. My inspiration came from time when my good friend, the Knight of Saint Michael, almost lost his life in defense of this city. It was only then as my friend's life hung in the balance and I discovered that I could not help him that I realized my purpose was to help those I could. To those who might have taken offense to my methods, I am sorry but it was done that way for good reason. Unfortunately, my days of running about hospitals and healing others are over but if the city needs me I will be here. This moment, this honor, this event is not for myself alone. I would like to share it with my teammates who have saved me more times than I can count. They are the true embodiment of what the word selfless means. Please rise and give a round of applause to the Wardens."

Judah gets very quiet for a moment and allows the applause to die away before speaking again. "I have one other person I would like to recognize, Doctor Rebecca Miller, my physician and friend. She literally brought me back from the brink of oblivion, literally and spiritually, thank you."

"Mayor Neusome, it is an honor and privilege to accept this key. I thank you."

Judah took the plaque with the key on it and held it up, flashes began to go off. The reporters and correspondents stepped forward and started asking questions. Judah smiled and nodded, answering some of the innocent simple questions and ignoring the more inflammatory ones. He walked over and shook hands with his fellow Wardens, then took the hand of Doctor Miller and followed Richard to the dining area.

During lunch, Judah spoke with each of the children from the bus accident as well as their parents.

Rebecca smiled as she watched Judah interact with the others, he had started to come out of his shell. She hoped that he would not regret doing so.

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