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Post-Session: 34

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 34.

Story - Making an Impression-ist

Game Date: 10/2/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Judah walked sat at the computer, looking at pictures of various places. Some he had been to, some not. He struggled to recall the most memorial place he had ever been. Finally relinquishing the idea he decided it was time to make some new memories.

Checking online he mapped out a plan of hitting four countries in Europe, France, Germany, Ireland, England.

He referenced the prices for the finest accommodations and began calculating the amount of currency needed for two to have the vacation with out care. He figured about $25,000 should do it nicely. How to make that quickly, going through his many options he looked about, painting. That would be the fastest way.

He walked over to the walls and began collecting some of his better impressionist pieces. Gathering up 10-15 of his best works he placed them into a carrying cart and placed them in protective covering.

He did some research and found that Roy du Monde's gallery was highly rated and would be the place to sell his works. He referenced the phone number and called the gallery.

"Hello, might I speak to Mr. du Monde?"

"May I tell him who is calling?"

"Yes, this is Eon."

"Eon... who?"

"Eon, of the Wardens. Tall man, blue hair."

"Eon... okay, sir if this is a crank call we do not appreciate this and will report you to the authorities."

"Ma'am, I assure I am who I claim to be. May I please speak to Mr. du Monde or should I simply come to the gallery in person without an appointment."

"Let me see if he is available." There was a pause for about 3 minutes, "He is ready for your call Mr. Eon."

"Hello this is Roy du Monde, who do I the pleasure of speaking with?"

"Greetings, this is Eon, of the Wardens, how do you do?"

"Eon, well I am certainly surprised by this call if it is you. What can I do for you?"

"I am an artist of sorts and would like to make an appointment to display some of my works for you. Would you have time today?"

"Let me check my calendar, well I am free after two this afternoon, would that do?"

"Thank you, that will be fine. I look forward to seeing you."

Later that day Judah packed his collection up and got some of the security personnel to assist him once reaching shore. He packed the SUV with his painting and makes his way to the museum.

Judah walked up the front counter attempting not to draw attention to himself.

"Eon for Mr. du Monde, I have a 2 o'clock appointment."

"Oh Eon, it really is you." She reached for a page and buzzes the intercom. "Sir, Eon is here to see you. Yes, it really is him."

She waved Eon through, "Miss would you be so kind as to have the parcels in the rear of my SUV brought in, carefully, thank you."

Judah made his way back to a conference room. A moment later a man in a casual suit walked in, looking slightly nervous.

"Eon, it is pleasure to meet you. I am Roy du Monde, please call me Roy."

"Nice to meet you Roy, I have several pieces I brought for you to examine. I would like your honest opinion."

"Of course, let's go have a look shall we."

Eon and Roy walked out into the front of the gallery where the paintings were being placed on display in a row.

Eon stepped back out of the way, as Roy called in a couple of his staff, one a very attractive red head and the other a balding man. They each went along looking at each piece, making notes, talking in hurried but quiet tones.

Roy turned and looked back at Eon "You say that each of these is your creation? Are you certain?"

"Yes, why?"

"Frankly each of these works is a perfect replica of the styles used by Monet, CÚzanne, Degas, Pissarro, Renoir, it's as if they are lost pieces painted by the masters and now found. You made these, where did you learn how, who taught you, I must know." Eon smiled at the awkwardness of the moment, "Roy let's just say I have lots of experience. I am here to offer these to you for sale. You may display them or auction them, I find I am needing to make room for new works."

Roy paused for a moment, turning to converse with his colleagues. The pace of the conversation was very quick with intense tones. After about three minutes the balding man looked up and scowled at Eon then stormed off. Roy approached Eon with the red head.

"Eon let me introduce you to Cynthia, she is my gallery's assistant manager and helps with setting up showings. To be completely honest with you Eon, we have never seen this level of skill in replication, the replication is easy nowadays with computer technology but the strokes and individual nuances of each style proves these are originals. My honest opinion is that you are an amazing artist. If you are willing to work with us we can get parties involved who have the kind of money these will fetch. I figure 20% would seem fair for a finders fee and usage of the gallery, what do you say Eon?"

Eon considered the proposal, "Okay but please keep the showing low key, I really do not like attracting unwanted attention."

Roy nodded, "Of course, the showing will be in a week at 8 in the evening. I know this will bring in a huge crowd, huge. Cynthia will help you with the needed paperwork. If you will excuse me, I look forward to seeing you then Eon."

Eon went with Cynthia to her office, he carefully checked over the standard paperwork. Once he was sure he was not being taken advantage of and that all was in order, he signed the paperwork.

The next week went by quickly, emails from Roy indicated the interest in his work was beyond what they had expected and unfortunately someone had leaked that he was one of the Wardens. Roy apologized profusely but what was done was done.

Eon had lunch with Rebecca and asked her to clear her calendar for the next couple of weeks. She asked why and he smiled then told her it was a surprise. She mentioned she had heard about an art gallery show featuring some of his work. He dismissed the mention with just getting rid of some of his older works to make room since his living space was getting quite cluttered.

Finally the night of the show came, Eon arrived at the event about thirty minutes ahead of time. He handed Roy a covered piece and told him that it will blow some people away. Roy peeked at the canvas and let out a small gasp, "It's amazing, how, I mean, this is incredible." Eon had brought in his recreation of Claude Monet's Water Lilies. He had put considerable work into it to ensure that the techniques matched as closely as possible.

The show began with many of the attendees making comments about the quality of the work. Roy assured them they the works were done by Eon, pointing to him on a number of occasions. Eon did the social party protocols and lightened the evening with small humor. By the end of the night, most of the collection had sold with Eon's take being significant. Roy said the others would sell within a week.

Eon nodded in agreement as he now had $75,000 to go vacationing. With his recreation of the Monet selling for almost $25,000 and word of his work spreading around the elite social circles, this could be lucrative quite he thought to himself.

Although the hour was late as he left the gallery, he decided to drop by and say good night to Rebecca anyway. He walked up to the door steps of Rebecca's condo. Ringing the bell he was greeted by a sleepy voice, "Hello?"

"Oh, I am sorry, Rebecca, it's Judah. I apologize for waking you. Go back to sleep and I will talk to you tomorrow. Good night." Judah responded into the intercom.

"No, Judah wait, its okay, hang on a sec," replied Rebecca and a moment later the door buzzed.

Judah stepped into the foyer, Rebecca walked out in a small terrycloth robe.

"What's wrong Judah, are you okay?" she queried.

"No, no... I am fine, I just wanted to see you. You look lovely tonight. Were you able to clear your schedule?"

She nodded, "Yes but I still have no idea what this is all about."

"I will pick you up tomorrow at noon, I will have someone from the Alcatraz Foundation, collect your mail and check your place for the next two weeks. Pack light."

"Alright, but where are we going Judah? Come on, tell me... please."

"That would ruin the surprise my dear, I can promise you will love it though," with that Judah kissed Rebecca and took his leave.

That night Judah completed all the arrangements. Four countries in two weeks with the final stop a weekend in the Virgin Islands, a small island not yet corrupted by tourism. It would be perfect for the two of them.

He picked her up promptly at noon the next day with chauffeured transport, on the way to the airport he presented her with the travel itinerary and was very pleased when she could barely contain her joy.

"Oh thank you Judah, this is wonderful, how, when, I mean, oh Judah this is incredible, but I forgot, I did not bring."

Judah put his finger to her lips and softly said "Let not your heart be troubled, anything you need will be provided. This is going to be vacation you deserve, relax and let's forget about Wardens, villains and the world."

They left at three that afternoon with only one thing on their minds, each other.


Back at the Wardens base, the team members received an email.

My fellow Wardens, I will be out of area for the next two weeks or so, Rebecca is with me and we will be touring Europe. Please contact me only if the world is ending or something like that. I have my communicator with me in case of trouble, always prepared as the Boy Scouts say. Have a good two weeks and I will see you soon.

Best wishes, Judah.

P.S. I have locked my room, Sir Knight please see that it is not disturbed. Thanks.


The Knight and Amethyst received a second email.

To: Knight of St. Michael

cc: Amethyst

Could you please arrange to have Dr. Miller's house looked after while she is away, just collect the mail and check the place. Much appreciated, let me know if there are any emergencies. Thank you.



After reading Eon's email, the Knight made a note to pay special attention to Eon's room to ensure non-disturbance and immediate reaction if it is. He also contacted the Alcatraz Foundation security team as the Foundation headquarters and made arrangements to have someone check the doctor's condo and collect her mail on a daily basis.

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