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Post-Session: 34

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 34.

Story - Karex and the Dolphins

Game Date: 10/4/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Karex

Karex dived easily through the water, propelled quickly forward by smooth easy strokes of his wings. He was quite pleased with how his new Warden's uniform allowed the water to easily glide past him without interfering with his speed or agility. The heraldic tabard with the prominently displayed dragon and Warden's logo, with a smaller image of the Knight's heraldry in the corner was quite flattering, Karex thought to himself. Quickly turning and darting, he snagged fish after fish, crunching them into easily swallowed bites with the churning motion of his razor-sharp teeth. He didn't worry about the bones - as a member of the explorer caste, his ancestors had been bred for thousands of years to be able to survive on any locally available foodstuff even before the development of Yrician genetic engineering had accelerated the process.

Then, abruptly, Karex found himself jerked upward into the air, tangled up in some sort of thick fibrous material. With a thud, he felt himself fall onto a squishy pile of slippery fish surrounded on all sides by wooden walls - inside the hold of a fishing boat. He blinked in confusion for a moment as hairy humans appeared above him. There was an angry mutter of an unfamiliar human tongue and before Karex could even ask a question, one of them jabbed at him with a pointy stick.

"Enough was enough!," Karex growled in Yrician as he used his full strength to tear free of the fish netting. An angry snort let loose just enough sea water to toss the human with the pointy stick off the side of the boat. The rest backed away as Karex glared at them.

Karex stumbled to his feet, realizing for the first time where he was. He was about to try to calm the humans down and peacefully discuss the unfortunate accident when he spotted a hatchling dolphin lying amid the fish. A short hop and a few flaps of his wings brought Karex down next to the baby dolphin. But, a quick examination showed it was already too late. The dolphin was dead.

A smoldering rage burned within him and for a brief moment he was tempted to knock a hole in the bottom of the boat and let these humans take their chances with the untamed ocean. But, that was not his way. The humans had their customs and social institutes. He would see if they were capable of dealing with such a senseless act. Tucking the body of the dead dolphin under one arm, he scanned the gathered humans until he spotted the one with the fanciest hat. A clear sign of command among humans. Flapping his wings, he lifted up out of the hold, snagging the suspected captain with his free hand as he went.

Landing outside the one San Francisco police station whose location he could recall off hand, Karex angrily stomped inside and deposited the dead dolphin on the nearest clerk's desk, then announced in a loud clear voice, "This human murdered sentient aquatic life form. Kidnapped and assaulted me while I was fishing. I wish to, um, press charges!"

Seven hours later, after repeatedly having to display his Visa and diplomatic credentials, Karex was finally able to leave the police station. He was, needless to say, significantly disheartened by the lack of recognition of dolphin sentience by the humans legal system.


Karex sluggish flapped his wings, using just enough force to glide slowly through the waters of San Francisco Bay. He thought back to the disturbing conversation at the police station. These humans evidently did not realize that dolphins were a sentient species. A, sadly, defenseless species at that.

With such a wide gulf between primate and cetacean mammal cultures, how would the two groups ever learn to respect each other and openly communicate. It would take a great ambassador to bridge such a gap. Karex abruptly blinked. Wait a moment... he was trained as an ambassador. True, without his universal translator, he would have to learn to speak dolphin the hard way, but his many long conversations with the dolphins should serve as a solid foundation for relearning the ancient and complex dolphin tongue. And he knew just who to start with. His old friend, Squeeeee Cass. Eagerly, Karex began scanning the ocean for the clever dolphin and its trademark distinctive coloring.


Karex leafed through the pamphlets as he soaked in the curious invention the humans called a 'tub' back in his suite at the Warden's base. His thoughts troubled by the plight of his dolphin neighbors, he had asked the computer for directions to any local human organizations involved in the fight for Dolphin rights. Those directions had let him to the local branch of the 'Green Unity,' who had been most insistent that he views some of their literature.

That literature was quite troubling. These humans seemed to be quite reckless in the harm they were doing to their aquatic neighbors. The 'Save the Whales' campaign was a little confusing though. What exactly did the humans want to save the whales for? Some sort of annual feast? They appeared large enough to feed a small city of Yricians.

Still, the pamphlets had presented some needed explanation on the baffling concept of 'international waters', which clarified one of the many unexpected problems he had at the police station. Apparently, human cultural traditions, its 'law', did not apply a certain distance from shore. But, rather than marking a proper regard for dolphin cultural traditions, it instead served to create a zone of anarchy where no law applied.

Karex finally set the pamphlets aside. He would need to learn more about these Green humans and their political efforts. Perhaps they could be a means to encourage greater human enlightenment. They had invited him on what they called, 'a forceful action' to stop a group of tuna boats that were snaring innocent dolphins in their nets. It certainly sounded like a constructive and positive exercise.

Record Last Changed Date: 4/26/2009

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