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Post-Session: 34

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 34.

Story - Karex at the University

Game Date: 10/11/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Karex

Karex politely ignored the stares of the humans as he shifted uncomfortably in the folding chair as he tried to find a position where his tail was not in the way. The current speaker seemed to be highly respected by the audience, perhaps due to his brightly-hued cloth wrappings and long scraggly beard. Though, Karex did notice a certain loss of attention on the part of the younger members of the audience whenever the speaker began referring to a time period called the 60's.

When the speaker had finished and returned to his place among the other administration officers. Karex approached the podium and began his own speech, "Students of San Francisco State University. I was honored to accept the invitation of one of your 'student organizations' to speak to you today about that organization's efforts to raise awareness of dolphin sentience."

Karex paused and stared quizzically as one of the administrators snorted and said loud enough to be heard even in the audience, "Ridiculous. As a biology professor, I can tell you dolphins are no such things. Their unusually large brains are merely to generate the heat needed in such a cold environment."

Karex peered closely at the rude individual for a moment while reading his name tag, then responded, "Professor Newton, I am afraid you are quite wrong. With the aid of an Yrician universal translator, I have had a number of long discussions with a variety of your planet's dolphin tribes, including with the bards who have carefully preserved thousands of years of their race's history through a complex oral tradition. Indeed, their lore dates back to the Golden Age of Dolphin civilizations when a psionic subspecies of their race was capable of crafting complex machinery with the power of their minds alone."

There was a moment of hasty conversation at the administration table, before the head of the science department at the university, Dr. Robert Corrigan, queried, "Now, Mr. ... Karex is it? We were informed that a member of the Wardens would be speaking at the university today. But Green Unity was not entirely clear on who exactly you are. Could you clarify that and how you came by this rather... unorthodox information?"

Karex cocked his head slightly to the side, "Why, I assumed you were already aware. I am Karex the Watcher, representative of the Yrician Confederacy of Independent Worlds, and the first authenticated extra-terrestrial alien to visit your planet. My diplomatic credentials and visa will be available for viewing if any of you wish following my presentation. However, I came here today to speak of my experiences with your planet's other sentient species, not provide information on the other sentient races inhabiting nearby stars."

Corrigan asked in surprise, "There are more than one?" as a general murmur of confusion and disbelief began to break out.

Karex hesitated a moment, "Well, aside from the Yricians, there is also a peaceful race of sentient herbivores known as the Hughonians inhabiting this region of space. But, as I said before, it is the dolphins that I came here to speak to you about today. As a fellow sentient species, they are deserving of the full legal protection of your human cultural traditions. Which is why it was so distressing when I found a fishing boat in nearby international waters had senselessly killed a dolphin youngling and learned of the unfortunate lack of respect they are currently being shown by the major human tribes."

A shout of "Why are you here?" rang out from somewhere within the increasingly noisy crowd.

Karex politely responded, "I was sent here to await the conclusion of humanity's civil war. Once you humans have stopped killing each other and have joined together in a single world government, you will finally be ready to receive the wondrous knowledge and technology we have to share. In the meantime, I am doing what I can to ensure that your world's other sentient species, the dolphins, are not unduly harmed by your prolonged conflict." While not technically true, that statement should serve to ward off any unpleasant questions about his disobeying standard protocols and being, essentially, stranded on this planet. While there was a slim chance that humanity might actually become peaceful and civilized in his lifetime, it would seem a sufficiently low probability based on his study of human historical records.

However, the statement did not seem to have the desired pacifying effect on the crowd. As the shoving began in the audience, Karex outstretched his wings. "My apologies for the unintended disruption of your social gathering. I shall remove myself from your presence so that appropriate levels of tranquility may be restored by your duly authorized enforcers of cultural traditions." With that, he took off up through the air.


When Karex returned to Alcatraz, the Knight of Saint Michael had already heard of the disturbance. "When attending other lectures, it would be wise to just sit and listen. It will most likely be a long time before all humanity recognizes dolphins as sentient." The wryness across the Knight's face could even be seen through his helmet. "People will probably not think of each other as sentient beings in anyone's lifetime." The Knight started to walk away. "You will need to work on being more unobtrusive," he said over his shoulder. "Your life here will be smoother that way." The Knight went on his way, hoping Karex would find a way to better fit in in his time on Earth.

Record Last Changed Date: 4/26/2009

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