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Post-Session: 34

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 34.

Story - Calen's Case

Game Date: 10/23/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Amethyst (II)

Karalyn continues to consult with Oscar and Purvis on the Calen Adams case.

When she visits with him at the juvenile detention facility, Karalyn finds Calen to be very angry that he was accused but he refuses to communicate further with her.

Karalyn visits with Calen's mother to discuss the case. Mrs. Adams says that Calen has not communicated with her or anyone else about the matter. She goes on to say that in the times she has tried to communicate with Calen, he seems to be more upset that he was accused that want he is being charged with. Mrs. Adams says she is sure that Calen did not rape the girl and hopes than Karalyn can get everything cleared up.

Karalyn files a petition with the District Attorney's office to interview the victim. Shantel Crowley, the prosecutor assigned the case, says that she will refer the request to the girl and her parents. The girl and her parents agree to an interview as long as the parents are present and the questions to be asked are submitted for review prior to the interview. Karalyn agrees to the conditions and after she submits her questions an interview is scheduled.

At the interview when she shakes hands with the girl, Karalyn is overwhelmed with feelings of fear and shame so powerful that she almost collapses. Karalyn sits and says she feels a little faint. She pours herself a glass of water and while she is slowly drinking it she keeps an eye on the girl. Karalyn then asks one question, "Did Calen Adams rape you?" After watching the girl's reaction to her question, Karalyn says "There is no need to answer the question because we both know the answer." Karalyn thanks the girl and her parents for their time and leaves the interview.

Karalyn goes to the juvenile detention facility to meet with Calen. She tells him that she has a good idea of what happened. He and the girl had sex. Then she had second thoughts and now is saying he raped her. Karalyn says that she now knows why he is so angry about being accused. Calen looks at her and nods his head. Karalyn tells him she will do her best to see that the truth comes out but she needs his help. She says that he must set aside his anger and tell his side of the story. Calen agrees to tell his side of the story if Karalyn will act as his interpreter. Karalyn says that she will.

Record Last Changed Date: 4/26/2009

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