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Post-Session: 34

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 34.

Story - Moving Day

Game Date: 10/24/2006
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Judah asked Melinda to conduct a comparison search to find out the identity of his pursuer using all criminal, governmental and public records databases accessible by the Wardens. He added to have the search concentrate on passport records, if this person was traveling overseas he must have a passport.

Judah took a break from the search to stretch his legs. He grabbed the gifts he had picked up on the trip and placed each in the mailbox of the appropriate Warden with a note. He found a report file in his inbox from the Knight. A note on the front of the file read, 'I didn't know when you would be in, so I left this file in your inbox.' Judah returned to his quarters to read the file.

The file contained the details of the Knight's investigation into Judah's request to try and identify his pursuer. A summary of the investigation shows that the sketch matched the previously given description of a non-descript Latino that had been 'identified' as Lazarus' pursuer when he had first arrived in San Francisco. The suspect bore a remarkable resemblance to the male clones the Wardens had rescued from a Grand Empire base. A comprehensive search could not be completed due to an issue with the FSS and data access restrictions. An 'all parameters' search was not authorized at the Knight's orders as it might cause further issues with the FSS while the arbitrator is reviewing their case.

The file also contained a note about assigning a security detail to key a watch on the doctor. It also states that a security detail is probably not a good long term option as it is likely to draw more attention to her which is counter to the desired result. It makes a recommendation to consider relocation to a more secluded location as an option for a more long term solution, at least until the pursuer is captured and questioned.

He reread the report from the Knight about the situation with Dr. Miller. Judah frowned and considered carefully the options available, he could not protect her if she were too exposed but impeding her freedom was also not an option. He sat and thought carefully taking up his easel and paint, he began to do what he did best. Create art... and create he did, for hours he painted but to him the time meant nothing. After a while he stepped back from the canvas and looked at the completed work then glancing at the clock he saw that it was four in the afternoon. Wow, he thought, there is only one option.

Judah went and freshened up a bit. He showered, changed clothes and splashed on some cologne. After all this he went down to the infirmary to find Rebecca looking over some test results. He snuck up behind her and placed his hands over her eyes.

"Guess who?" he queried.

She giggled and said "No idea"

"Well, I am tall dark and handsome"

"Then you must be the Knight," she replied with a laugh.

He spun her around into is arms and gave her a kiss.

"Rebecca, we need to have a talk." Judah said in a semi-serious tone. "I want you to move in with me. I know it is sudden but I have a reason. There are people out there who have been following me, if they find out you and I are involved... well I am sure you get the idea. The idea of losing you is not something I am ready for, please stay with me here at the base, at least until we figure out a way to make sure you are safe."

Rebecca looked like a deer caught in the headlights as she pondered what he had said.

Judah looked deeply into Rebecca's eyes, "I can't imagine a time where I would want to be without you. I know this is a lot, please think about it. It would be no problem to have my quarters enlarged, or we could get a place in town where I could stay with you. Your safety is the only thing that matters to me. I have just found you... I don't want to lose you before we have had a chance."

Rebecca said she would need some time to think about it and Judah said he would wait for her answer.


Judah walked into the gallery to be greeted by Roy wearing an enthusiastic grin, "Eon, welcome back. How are you doing? Can I get you a drink? Coffee?"

"Yes that would be fantastic. Cream and sugar please. I need to speak with you Roy, do you have a moment?"

Roy led them to his upstairs office with a large window looking down on the gallery. "What is on your mind Eon?"

"I have more work for you to look at and I need to know what people are wanting? Are there any requests or special orders that I could take on? You said the reception to my work was well received, how well? The bottom line is I require a steady income and this would appear to be a good source. You tell me what the public is wanting and I can do it."

Roy considered the words for a moment. Then going through papers and checking the computer for emails he handed Judah a stack of papers. "Here are notes I made from people that were at the showing, I believe we could get more if you are asking."

"I am asking Roy," said Judah as he looked at the list, most of the requests were pretty standard fare for the elite class, a reproduction of the Mona Lisa, Whistler's Mother, things like that. For techniques authentic to the original creators these people were willing to pay, and pay well. "I can get these to you in the next couple of weeks, if possible let me know what else you will want by then."

Judah left the gallery headed for Rebecca's place. She was working from home and they had decided to have lunch after he had finished his errands.

While they ate, Rebecca appeared distracted by something. "Ok I will bite, what is wrong Rebecca?" asked Judah.

Rebecca jumped, then looked up at Judah and feigned a smile, "I am sorry Judah. Since you mentioned the stalker, I guess I have been a bit jumpy. Look, I know you mentioned me moving in with you at the base... and that would be very nice but a little... well... cramped. How about you move in here for now? I have got plenty of room for you to paint and that way if anything happens you will be here to protect me."

Judah smiled and walked over to Rebecca, sweeping her up in his arms he gave her a big hug and a comforting kiss. "Well in the interest of your safety I guess I have to move in here, I mean it is the only responsible thing to do. Do you mind if I get my stuff and move in today?"

Rebecca lit up like a kid at Christmas, "Are you serious, you want to be here? Today? I honestly did not think you would be so... accepting. I think I am beginning to fall in love with you Judah."

Judah blinked at the sudden emotion, "Like I have said before, I can't imagine a time where I would want to be without you and that is something I have not felt for a very long time."

The two of the them spent the next couple of hours cuddling before dozing off.

Judah opened his eyes and smiled at Rebecca's sleeping form. He rose, put on his clothes, walked over to the window and looked out at the afternoon sun. He watched the beauty of the sun and the scene before him for a while, then remembered he had things to get done. He scribbled a quick note then left and hailed a cab to the base. En route to the base, he activated his communicator and asked to speak with the security officer on duty.

A voice came on the line, "Yes sir Eon, how can we be of assistance?"

"I am relocating and would like some help to do this in an quick fashion. Can you spare a few folks to help me out?" requested Judah.

There was a moment of quiet conversation in the background and then the voice came back on, "Okay, we can spare a few people to assist, since you really do not have any furniture it should not take too long." replied the officer on duty.

"Great, meet you at my quarters in fifteen minutes."

Twenty minutes later, Judah arrived at the door to his quarters to be greeted by three security men with boxes.

"Thank you again for this, gentlemen." stated Judah then proceeded to pack his things quickly with all possible haste.

Cartloads of the boxes went out to the loading platform via one guard as the remaining guards assisted him with packing. The most difficult would be his bulky easel, he looked and considered it for a moment before telling the guards, "leave the easel, I will pick up a new one. Besides, I am planning to use this as my studio for when I wish to paint in a secluded area."

The remaining art work and supplies went in last as they would be the first to come out. After almost an hour, Judah had gathered his possessions and was looking forward to sharing his life anew.

It was a little after seven in the evening, when the truck pulled up in front of the residence of Dr. Rebecca Miller.

She walked out then broke into a run and leap into Judah's arms. Gave him a kiss then asked, "are you serious? You are willing to move in just like that?"

Judah walked to the back of the truck and grabbed a box with his painting supplies. "You know how serious I am about my art, of course I am serious about you. Let's get this stuff inside." replied Judah.

He and the guards moved the stuff into the house storing a good portion in the basement. The art supplies were set up in the studio sized basement, Judah looked around and saw the possibilities of the space.

Going upstairs, he went to the security men and thanked them. He then handed each of them a hundred and told them to take their wives to dinner.

Rebecca and he watched the truck pull away. Once it was out of view, he stood and looked at the night sky for a moment.

Rebecca nudged him after a couple of minutes, "Where did you go Judah?"

Judah looked at her, "I was trying to remember..."

"Remember what exactly?"

"Exactly when I have been this happy..." With that Judah scooped up her in his arms and carried her over the threshold.

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