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Post-Session: 35

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 35.

Story - Karex and the Barbarians

Game Date: 11/10/2006

Who: Karex

The rotting roof gave way as Karex plunged down into the foreclosed house. Angular beams of light shone into the room through the crooked planks nailed over the broken windows, illuminating rickety card tables laden with guns, rubber-banded stacks of small bills, and brown-paper-wrapped brick-size packages.

Karex grinned, showing his long rows of pointed teeth. His many long days of spying on the local criminal element from the safety and security of his cloaked saucer had just come in useful. His train of thought derailed as he felt a series of sharp pains in his left wing. Turning, his eyes narrowed as he spied one of the owners of the gathered loot spraying him with, thankfully, low-caliber ammunition. A quick snort of water was enough to send the gunman slamming back against the far wall.

Karex casually pulled out a pair of large sacks and began shoveling guns, money, and the drugs within. When he felt hands grabbing hold of one of his wings, he batted them easily away with an idle swipe of his hand. The thump of a crowbar across his back was a little more annoying, so he used a tail swipe to send his attacker sprawling across the floor.

By the time the sacks were full, a dozen of the residents lay sprawled in various stages of consciousness. Karex picked one of the ones most likely to remember and raised him into the air with one hand. Karex then, recited in slow clear English, "Barbarians. You now serve the mighty North American Empire of the Unified Statians. This tribute is mark of your subservience and obedience to the mighty Emperor Busch. Obedience is life. Service is duty. You will give up your worship of false values or face the unstoppable might of human civilization." With that, he tossed the criminal down, picked up the other sack, and flew back up through the gaping hole in the roof.

When he arrived back at the Wardens base, Karex happily deposited the two sacks with security, informing them that it was "tribute from one of the local barbarian tribes" before returning to his room for a nice long nap.

Record Last Changed Date: 10/24/2009

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