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Post-Session: 35

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 35.

Story - Spirit of Giving

Game Date: 11/25/2006

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Rebecca awoke to the sun filtering in through the bedroom window. The blurry edges of vision cleared to see a tall, dark, form with blue hair placing a tray on the bed in front of her. "Good morning, I thought you might enjoy some breakfast." The meal consisted of poached eggs, strawberries, toast, and orange juice. To complete the setting was a single red rose. She picked up the rose and smelled it briefly before setting it down to smile at Judah.

Judah smiled back and gently kissed her on the forehead. "I see it meets with your approval, good. Once you are done I thought we might go for a walk in the park today, if you like?"

She sat up and began eating, "Sure that would be nice, I have some work to do today but it is stuff I can do here. Reports and administrative work mostly, I am still waiting to hear from the Evory-Whitehurst Foundation about funding for the clinic, I hope they go for it."

Judah nodded, "Well I am going to get cleaned up. Let me know if you need something."

Judah went downstairs to shower and dress. After he placed the envelope he had been concealing in his jacket pocket. Rebecca came downstairs, she was angelic to the point of nearly floating. "Ready?" he asked.

They walked for a couple of hours talking about everything; the amazing thing with Rebecca was she was always fascinated by Judah's perspective on the world and his past. It seemed history was a kind of hobby to her. Judah guided her to a bench where they sat under a tree taking in the calmness of the day.

"Rebecca I have something I need to tell you."

She turned with a nervous look on her face.

"Relax, it is not bad. You know that clinic you were wanting to start, well I have been thinking about it and decided it would be a good gesture to do this. Since I have no real need or use for money I want you to have this." He handed her the envelope with a cashiers check in it.

The total on the check was $575,000, she gasped and choked for a second.

"Judah!!! Where did you get this? "

"I have been painting and selling my work as I complete it, some rather wealthy enthusiasts have paid me obscene amounts of money to recreate art for them. Amazing how the rich love to flaunt their wealth. Well I have saved it up and figured you can use the money for your clinic. It is not much but it would be enough that the Evory-Whitehurst Foundation would see you investing your own funds and that could be a huge advantage to getting the their support."

She hugged Judah tightly and then planted a deep passionate kiss on him. "You are amazing Judah, thank you. I know I have been hesitant at points in our relationship but I want to take this very slowly and not rush it." She kissed him again with a tight embrace.

Judah was glad he did not have to breath because she could have crushed him to death. "You are welcome Rebecca, I love you and will wait until you are ready to open up someday. I mean if anyone can wait for you it's me."

She laughed at his dry humor, "I promise it won't be forever but when it is time it will be special, very, special indeed."

She leaned in close to his ear on the last part of that and almost purred. The sound sent shivers down Judah's spine and made the hair on his neck stand up.

"On that note I believe we should get back so you can work and I need to do some work on two orders. I would have never imagined anyone would want a portrait of Hitler. Who am I to judge as long as they are willing to pay, you really can't use a painting for a bomb or something."

They returned to the townhouse and with a brief kiss went off to do their respective work.

The next couple of weeks were kind of hectic, Rebecca found a place that would be an ideal place to set up the clinic, it was a couple of blocks from the community center and had previously been a doctor's office. It had closed when he passed away and his heirs had defaulted on the property taxes. As a result, Rebecca was able buy it from the city at a fraction of its appraised value. Some of the equipment had been left behind, lights, examination tables and some office furniture. It needed some maintenance and repair but would be good start without having to buy new. What equipment the clinic lacked, Rebecca was able to get via arrangements and donations from the university and her colleagues at UC-Berkeley. A large monetary donation from the Evory-Whitehurst Foundation, the funds from Judah and a substantial amount of her personal savings would allow her to get the equipment ready and finish outfitting and stocking the facility. If things remained on schedule, the clinic would be ready to open shortly after the first of the year.

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