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Post-Session: 36

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 36.

Story - Rebirth, the Prelude

Game Date: 12/9/2006

Who: Eon (Lazarus), Karex, Knight of Saint Michael, Dr. Rebecca Miller

Judah woke to find Rebecca had already gone to the base.

It was rare he slept, usually he did not bother since he did not need it. He usually found it somewhat therapeutic, but this time he found it disturbing.

At first he thought the nightmares had returned but this time it was different, he saw the darkness, almost liquid like, flowing around him. He stood on a rock in the middle of a raging river of the darkness. Looking around attempting to make sense of the scene only to find no reason behind it. He stared deeply into the darkness moving around him. Over the roar of the current of darkness, he heard voices, they were but whispers. In the currents of the river, images began to flash. The sun going black. A man bleeding and dying. The Knight scrambling and yelling. Karex lunging at him with a weapon. Rebecca laying on the floor, twisted like a rag doll. Finally, Judah saw himself being stabbed repeatedly with a black crystal like object, the wielder was obscured from view by a shadow. Judah felt a cold icy presence suffusing his body, then at the moment his vision began to wane... he woke.

A cold sheen of sweat covered his body, his pulse racing he jumped from the bed.

Tapping his communicator he asked in a forced calm, "Susan can you please tell me the location Dr. Rebecca Miller?"

"Doctor Miller is in the infirmary," Susan replied in a monotone voice.

Judah sighed with relief for at least she was safe for now.

Was it just a dream? It seemed so real, so dark.

Judah walked to the kitchen and downed a large glass of cold water. It was more for psychological benefit than hydration, since he didn't really needed to drink.

He looked about the room then glancing at the clock, he found it was already 11:30 in the morning. He had slept almost 12 hours during which this strange new vision had invaded his sleep.

Judah decided to join Rebecca at the base after getting a shower and fresh change of clothes.

A little more than an hour later Judah had some fresh flowers, orchids this time, and found he was walking into the infirmary with a spring in his step.

"Good morning Rebecca, how is the good doctor today?" He asked as he handed her the flowers.

She accepted with a smile as he had now come to expect.

"Thank you Judah, they are beautiful. I saw you asleep this morning and decided to let you be, you looked so cute and I never get to see you sleeping."

Judah considered for a moment the perspective that she must have, since he rarely ever slept. "Yes well I was a little bored with painting and had not slept in a long time. I would like to say it was restful but that would be far from the truth."

Rebecca looked at Judah with concern, "So what happened? Are you having those nightmares again?"

"Nightmare yes, the same, no. This was very strange but I am not sure how to describe it. When we have some time later we can talk about it, but right now you have work to do and I have a training session with Sir William. See you later, love."


The training session went as it usually did, the Knight had become quite adept at fighting larger opponents and Judah had gotten more comfortable using weapons. He found that the staff was his best weapon as he was able to strike at long distances taking advantage of the reach his frame provided him. After a couple of hours of working out, the Knight called an end to the session. Judah showered and changed back into his clothes.

When Judah checked in on Rebecca, he found her working on a new project so he decided to paint in his studio. Hours went by as he lost track of time absorbed in his art.

He heard the klaxon go off, looking at the clock he saw that almost 14 hours had passed. Security was alerting them a mining accident of some kind that had left a man with strange crystals embedding in his body. He was in critical condition and needed immediate medical attention. The FSS wanted to route him either to the Paranormal Medical Center at UC-Berkeley or the Wardens infirmary. The fact that Dr. Miller was at the Wardens' base was part of the reason that led the Knight and Amethyst to have the patient brought to Alcatraz Island.

Judah saw the man as the wheeled him in the infirmary. Something was familiar about it all, elements from the scene kept tugging at his subconscious and it felt real and unreal at the same time. In his mind he saw the dream and tried to put together the pieces, the man on the stretcher, covered in black shards, the crystals looked like the ones from his dream. His mind raced with the permutations of the situation, what must he do?

He must protect Rebecca at all cost.

He stood by and watched as the medical staff did their work. The Knight shouted orders for no one to touch the man.

Judah felt a presence, something calling to him. It was not coherent, more like a feeling telling him to save the man.

It beckoned to his inner mind, "Join us, come to us, we need you, please help us."

Thoughts of pain and anguish flickered through his mind, he heard Karex say something to the Knight. Looking at the man surrounded by swirling black energies, Judah felt a compulsion to help him. Judah asked about moving the man to find his identification, he was not sure why he did that nothing made sense at that moment. It was far too dangerous, but also far too beautiful to resist.

In his mind he saw pictures of Rebecca again, bleeding, in pain, dying. Her limbs obviously at wrong angles.

"Only you can help us, please help us," the chorus of voices compelled him relentlessly, "please touch us and know what we are, please help us."

Judah moved forward towards the man. Looking down at him, Judah saw that the man was in pain. Judah stared at the dark energy flowing over the being, mesmerized by its patterns and form.

"Help us Judah, heal us please. Touch us with your power."

Judah saw the finger of the man stretching towards him, Judah extended a single finger to meet the man's. Their fingers slowly got closer until there was contact, a flash of light and noise, it felt like being born and dying at the same time. In the background there was pain, much pain, and then the world went black.

The nightmare began again, except this time he was no longer standing on a rock in the river, there was a landscape covered in multicolored crystals. The light reflected and refracted into a pattern of exquisite beauty, he could not turn away. When he finally looked about, he saw that one side was all colors and the other was diametrically opposite of that. The absence of all color and light did not shock him, it felt familiar somehow. The scene was almost like the terminator between day and night.

Judah began walking toward the dark an understanding was dawning on the symbiotic nature of the planet, the light fed the dark which provided energy to the light. Somehow the opposites worked as one to survive on this harsh world. He reached what appeared to be a cliff that overlooked an endless ocean, but the ocean was not of water. It was the same fluid energy he had seen on the man. Judah looked down in the water, it was calm for an ocean almost still. He saw his reflection, the blue of his hair standing out against the blackness.

The void spoke to him, at him, all around him. "Welcome Judah, embrace your destiny, become us, join us, accept us."

Judah recoiled for a moment, "Who are you? What do you want of me? Where am I? Am I in hell? Did I finally die and this is my final torment? ANSWER ME!"

"Yes Judah, you are dead and this is where you belong, among us, in the dark purity. Join us and become one. We need you to heal us, help us, teach us."

"What could I possibly teach you? How could I help you? I do not understand."

"We can not explain in words Judah, you must embrace us, we mean you no harm. Help us please, teach us to be human."

Judah dropped to his knees, "How can I do that, what do you want to know?"

"Join us, we will teach you about us and in turn you will teach us about you. Join us, please."

Judah looked again at the image in the water. He felt comfort and acceptance for a moment.

Then he saw himself and Rebecca in a house, the countryside in the background, the sound of peace was deafening. He longed for this serene place, reaching toward the image attempting to capture it, hold it, seize that moment in time.

His hand touched the water, he felt himself being pulled forward. The black substance flowed over his body until he was engulfed, he was moving being pulled downward then he was falling...

Record Last Changed Date: 12/27/2009

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