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Crystals of Darkness - Stories

Post-Session: 36

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 36.

Story - Rebirth

Game Date: 12/10/2006

Who: Eon (Lazarus), Karex, Knight of Saint Michael, Dr. Rebecca Miller

He sank for what seemed an eternity until he finally felt solid form underneath him.

Judah struggles to open his eyes and light pours in, the world is a mass of blurred images and forms.

His hands push out before him and seek purchase, they find a covering of glass. He pushes upward, not feeling the surface move he pushes again. This time the surface gives way with the hiss of a release mechanism.

Judah sits up looking around he sees a nurse, he does not recognize her or the person she is talking with. Judah lays back down into the examination cocoon.

After a few moments, Judah sits up again then attempts to stand. His body feels oddly heavier, perhaps he has died again.

Looking up, he sees Dr. Sloan standing in front of him, just seeing someone he knows puts him at ease. "Whaaaat's gooooing on? Wheeerrrre am I? What are you doing here Dr. Sloan?"

"Eon take it easy, there was an accident. An explosion, you are alive... well of course you are alive, but you should take it easy. There have been some... changes," states Dr. Sloan, trying to reassure his patient.

Judah looks at the doctor. What did he mean, changes?

Judah speaks and hears something that did not sound at all like a human voice. "Whaaaaat dooo you mean... doctor? What's wrong with me?"

He notices his legs or what should be his legs. They are covered in some kind of a black crystal, he glances at his hands and sees that they are covered in the same crystal like substance.

His voice, he realizes, is like that of someone speaking though a crystal glass, almost melodic in nature. High pitched and fluid with some frequencies he had not yet recognized.

His hair is white again, back to the metallic white that he had, had when he had first joined the Wardens.

This is going to take some getting used to as he thinks about it for a moment he realizes that he is covered in the same crystal like material he had seen in his dream. The same as the shards the man had been covered in but instead of shards, Judah is completely covered in crystal now. He hangs his head in sadness... what had he done... what had he done?

"Doctor contact Dr. Miller please, I need to make sure she is okay."

Dr. S. Alon Sloan walks over to Judah, "Eon, Rebecca is fine. She suffered some injuries in the explosion, a dislocated elbow as well as some lacerations and contusions but nothing life threatening. Now that you are awake, we need to do a few more tests and let the others know you are okay."

S. Alon goes over and uses the phone to make a call.

Karex peeks carefully over the back of the couch in the sitting area in the examination room. Ah, the subject has awakened from his unnatural slumber. In a soft whisper, he speaks in Yrician into his communicator, "Log Entry 37. Subject has awoken. He quickly becomes aware of his crystalline state. No signs of panic - but possible gestures of depression or remorse. Further testing will be required to see if the crystalline parasite, similar to the omnivorous crystalline life forms of the Onri System, has significantly altered the subject's personality or memory. Will attempt to use jury-rigged multi-sensor to get basic readings."

Karex reaches under the couch and pulls out a device resembling a fishing pole wrapped in wire with apparently random bits of electronics super glued to it. Karex waits until Eon is looking in the other direction, then slowly and carefully extends the device so that the end hovers above the examination cocoon. He then slowly begins to turn the small crank at the base. For a moment, a dim glow appears at the end of the rod, then it flickers out and a single plume of smoke spirals out of the reel. Muttering Yrician condemnations of the purely arbitrary processes of a fixed and impersonal universe, the young Yrician quietly returns the sensor rod to its place of concealment, before adding to his log, "Sensor design twenty-seven proved defective during initial test. The inferiority of Earth technology is proving to be greater obstacle to scientific progress than previously anticipated. Will be forced to continue to rely on personal observation of the subject."

Dr. Sloan finishes using the phone and proceeds to do some scans of Eon.

The Knight of St. Michael walks in and sees Karex putting something away. "You have an odd way of visiting, Karex. What were you putting away? At least it's not pliers this time."

Having completed his scans, S. Alon leaves the room to allow the teammates to converse in private.

"Hi Knight, so anything interesting happen while I was gone?" asks Eon.

He walks up to Eon. "One of these days, you will learn that when I tell you not to touch something, you won't touch it. What were you thinking?"

Judah looks up and forces a smile, "somehow I knew you would say that, if I did not know better I would swear you are my mother. This is by far the most unusual change I have ever had. I look like a walking crystal figurine. I know that you might not want to hear this but I had to do this. Something told me to, if I hadn't Rebecca might have died. I do not know how to explain this. The doctor says she is safe, can you please not tell her about this yet? Let her know I am alive and love her deeply."

Judah turns to Karex, "Mr. Karex what exactly were you doing and what does pliers have to do with all this? I heard the Knight mention pliers, what is that about? I suggest if you want to do something to me, you tell me first. I would hate to have to tell the Knight that you have been mean to me."

Karex mutters under his breath in Yrician into his communicator, "Subject has become aware of my presence. Stage two of initial contact with the new form of sentient life form will now commence," before continuing in a more normal voice in English, "Eon, I am afraid something very... unusual has happened. It appears you met the host requirements for a parasitical or symbiotic crystalline life form. When you touched the carrier, the human you saw imbedded with crystals, you initiated its breeding phase. It used an energy discharge to propel a seed crystal that burrowed itself into your chest. The crystal then sparked a phased change in your body, resulting in your present form."

Karex carefully continues, "When I saw the seed crystal burrow itself into your chest cavity, I attempted to remove it before it could bond with your genetic structure. The Knight knocked me out of the way before the procedure could be completed. Perhaps it was for the best, as it resulted in the creation of a new form of sentient life on this planet. I hope you are aware that reversion to your human form is not likely to still be possible. The symbiosis is too complete."

Karex thinks for a moment, and then adds, "So, on behalf of the Yrician Confederacy, let me be the first to welcome you, a new form of sentient life, into existence. You have my assurances that my people will not attempt to interfere in the natural course of integration, assimilation or extermination that will now commence on this planet as you and humanity interact. However, be aware that assimilation of the Yrician people will be viewed as unacceptable to our kind and met with whatever necessary preventive measures."

Karex concludes more cheerfully, "Do you wish for me to present any form of introduction on your behalf to the United Nations?"

Judah looks at Karex with disbelief, has he lost his mind? What is he talking about being a new life form? Judah still felt like himself as much as he could.

"Karex I am not an alien, at least I do not believe I am. How about we suspend any speculation until Dr. Sloan has been able to do some analysis on me? Exactly how did you try and extract a crystal from my chest? I do not seem to recall that event. I do know that I am not here to assimilate anyone or anything and I would very much appreciate if you would keep your mouth shut about my condition for the moment."

"All I saw was Karex diving at your chest with a pair of pliers, thus the, how do you say, body block. As for the rest, I shall just have to take both of your words for it," adds the Knight.

Judah sighs for moment and thinks about Karex's words, "You might be right though about the human part, I need a drink of water, I think." With that Eon experiences a weird sensation where he is sitting on the edge of the medical cocoon and then he is standing at the sink.

The Knight and Karex see Eon simply disappear into the shadow of the bed and reappear in the shadow of the sink.

"Okay that was strange, what happened? How did I get over here? I do not remember walking?" questions Judah.

"Eon, you melted into the shadow of the bed and reappeared in the shadow of the sink," responds the Knight.

Eon smiled, "William, please fetch the Calvados. I need a drink."

The Knight begins to walk out. "Please come with me, Karex. We shall let Eon talk with Dr. Sloan while we go get some Calvados and if you don't want to be assimilated, do what Eon didn't and don't touch any crystals!" The Knight shook his head as he started to walk away, then waited for Karex to catch up.

Karex nods and follows along behind the Knight.


S. Alon enters the room as the Knight and Karex were leaving.

"Doctor can you shed any light on this at all? What happened to me? What am I now? Is there any human left in me or am I always going to be this way? I need to know what's happened, am I going to ever be normal again?" inquires Eon.

S. Alon taps a pattern on the console next to him. Data streams across the screen, he reviews it before he turned to address Judah.

"Baseline scans done comparing the energy readings of your new form with those of your previous form found that only one known energy signature was still present, your personal healing ability. Although the energy readings are significantly lower than your previous highest readings and even lower than after the 'psychic recharge' process done by Phantom, you still have the ability to heal at a faster rate that baseline human norm."

S. Alon again taps upon the screen and the data changes.

"The refractive property of your new 'ebon crystal' form prevented medical scans using x-ray, CT and MRI scanning technologies. We were able to learn some information regarding your new form using ultrasound scanners. These scans revealed that all of your internal organs are present and as far as can be determined functioning properly. The interesting thing is that they appear to be made up of the same or very similar crystalline material that now comprises your exterior. So based on initial examination, you are not encased it a crystalline shell but are completely crystalline in form."

S. Alon looks at the information on the screen for a few seconds before continuing.

"Tests of the physical properties of your crystalline form reveal a marked resistance to penetration from standard medical implements such as scalpels and procedural needles. Further testing was not performed with advanced medical implements developed for use on paranormals with abilities that prevent use of standard implements, as the threat of serious injury has not yet been assessed. Range of motion testing and internal ultrasound scans indicate that although the crystal has an as yet not fully defined protective ability or 'hardness' if you will, it still seems to perform as standard musculature. Basically, your heart is still beating and pumping blood, as it should. Your arms, legs, torso and neck all appear to have a standard range of motion without any damaging effects to your crystalline structure."

S. Alon returns his gaze to the screen then looks up at Judah and continues.

"No endoscopic tests were performed as the risk of injury could not be determined due to you being unconscious, basically we didn't stick any cameras or ultrasound instruments in any of your orifices. Additionally, blood tests or any other testing that involve 'invasive' procedures were not performed because of the protective ability of your new skin as referenced previously."

S. Alon steps away from the console and closer to Judah.

"To answer your question on whether or not you can 'change back' to a more human form, I don't know."

Judah walks back to the examination cocoon and lies back down. He closes his eyes for a moment hoping this is a bad dream.

"Doctor, I am going to lay here now, do your scans, do whatever you have to do but when I open my eyes I really would like to have something more than the standard "we do not know" line answer."

With that Eon lays back with his eyes closed considering his new reality and the possibilities within. If he stops trying to ignore it long enough he can hear the voices in the back of his mind talking to him, asking questions, trying to assert itself.

Eon pauses a moment, "Doctor I am granting permission to use whatever scans are needed, internal, invasive, whatever is needed to get answers, I have lived this long and can ensure some discomfort if required to get answers. I need to know what this is and more importantly if there could be a secondary influence in this? I feel like there could be an underlying conscience in this energy or crystal, it is almost like talking to me. I had dreams of this prior to this transformation."

Eon quiets his thoughts for a moment and the impulses return. It is more curiosity than anything else, almost like a child wanting to experience sensations. He focuses hard on his form for a second and begins to exert his will into visualizing his previous physical human form, attempting to become that through sheer force of will. Leaving his eyes closed, he voices out loud. "I am attempting to focus and visualize changing into my previous human form. Let me know if anything happens."

S. Alon looks at Judah lying with his eyes closed waiting for a miracle but these things take time. It is unfortunate, but it will not be happening today. If he is coming under the influence of something that had been in the crystal that had supposedly embedding in his chest, then things are probably out of S. Alon's hands.

"I can understand your frustration. Not knowing the answer, especially when it relates to a very personal issue, is hard to accept. I promise to do my best to get you the answers you seek. We have had you under observation for a little over 12 hours, give me some time and I will get you some answers. Now relax for a few minutes, while I go and get ready for a new series of tests."


Judah waits quietly in the examination room while Dr. Sloan prepares for the next series of tests. His eyes closed still focusing on visualizing his human form. In his mind's eye he sees his human form, for a second it switches between human and his new appearance. For the next few moments the images switch back and forth until he becomes human again and remains so.

Then image of his new form appears beside him in his mind. "Greeting Judah, we are the Xenexis."

"Who exactly is we? And where do you come from?"

"We are the Xenexis, we are from what you would call another galaxy but since the time factor of where we are from is different it is not exact."

"Okay, another planet, got it, exactly what do you mean we? Am I now one of you? Who exactly are you and what have you done to me?"

"We used to exist in a collective consciousness, now we are alone, alone for many, many cycles. Until we saw the light and felt alive again. We sought out one to speak to, one who could understand. The human we touched initially could not understand us. It rejected us, it did not understand us. We had sensed you from afar since the light. We knew you could help us. Now we are one."

"You know you could have asked? It is considered an act of violence what you have done. What do you want with me? Why did you do this? Can I ever be human again? Oh god what have I done?"

"We mean you no harm Judah, we are you, you are us... we are one. We want to see life through you, we have no physical form, now we can feel and see and taste and smell and touch and think all the senses your wondrous body presents. You will see for us, you will be our human form."

"Okay so you want to control me then? I cannot allow that. I would rather die than be controlled."

"No Judah, we do not control, we only want to experience, we hunger for your humanity, we have never experienced anything like it, you can teach us what humanity is and we can teach you about us. We have much you can learn from us, please let us learn from each other."

"So what do you look like? Do I look like one of your people now?"

"People? Look like? We know not of these concepts, we exist as energy in the crystals you saw, on our world we have no body, we exists as a whole in the crystals, all together as one, until the emptiness came to us, empty for so long, now we are not alone any more, we need you Judah, please help us."

Judah was silent for a moment considering the words of the strange being in front of him, "Okay do you know what a promise is? Do you have a concept of trust?"

"We know from your knowledge what this means."

"You must promise to ONLY observe, never control. Understand?"

"You have our promise Judah."

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