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Crystals of Darkness - Stories

Post-Session: 36

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 36.

Story - Rebirth, the Aftermath

Game Date: 12/10/2006  -  12/12/2006

Who: Eon (Lazarus), Karex, Knight of Saint Michael, Dr. S. Alon Sloan

After leaving Eon's room and heading towards the exit, Karex offers an observation. "Reading over past mission reports, in particular the numerous problems the Wardens seemed to inflict upon themselves through uncontrolled interactions with crystals, I am surprised that no established protocols have been established for unknown crystal containment and evaluation. Perhaps that would be a wise precaution for the future."

The Knight pauses for a moment then replies, "As for crystalline protocols, Karex, they all begin and end with 'don't touch it', which I stated several times. Also for the record, the only things on Earth that require pliers are wall hangings and engines, of which Eon is neither."


After stepping into the hall, S. Alon proceeds to the nearest computer kiosk. After relating the situation to security, he is advised to leave the area and it will be locked down. S. Alon shakes his head as he walks past the security door, he truly wants to help Judah but that is no longer possible for the time being.


Karex and the Knight are leaving UC-Berkeley medical center when they hear an alert on the center's security channel. It indicates that the patient in examination room E maybe under the influence of an outside entity and that the area was being locked down until security could consult with the FSS.

Examination Room E is the one that Eon is in.


Judah opens his eyes when he hears the security locks engage on the door for the examination room that he is in. He looks out in the hallway and sees that the security doors are closing. "Oh boy this is not good."


The Knight calls to the security team at UC-Berkley and states "When you get contact with the FSS, I am to be informed immediately. Absolutely no one is to speak to Eon before I do. I am on my way to Examination Room E. I will sort this all out."

The security chief reports that the FSS has been contacted and the following information was reported to them.

Eon confessed to Dr. S. Alon Sloan about the 'pre-event' dreams and having a presence in him that was associated with the crystals. Eon also said he did not know how much longer he could remain in control.

Seeing as how another individual under the 'influence' of the crystals had exhibited paranormal abilities and destroyed the isolation room as well as produced a second physical body with similar paranormal abilities, Dr. Sloan acting under law was forced to report Eon's possible 'possession' as he represented a possible grave threat to himself and/or those around him.

Karex turns to his fellow Warden, "It appears the medical tests supported an external influence... While it would be appropriate for me to monitor humanity's initial interactions with a new form of sentient life, I do appreciate that this new life form is potentially capable of assimilating or perhaps even exterminating humanity. As such, I will not make any suggestions as to an appropriate course of action in dealing with your long time friend and teammate."

Karex pauses a moment, then adds, "While the crystals taken into the Warden's base exhibited properties quite similar to the omnivorous crystalline life forms of the Onri System, I can provide no clarification as to the origin of the seed crystal that bonded with Eon. In particular, I cannot confirm that it is extraterrestrial in nature rather than interdimensional or even the result of deliberate fabrication by a human paranormal."

Karex waits for Knight to make a decision regarding what action, if any, they should now take.

The Knight turns to Karex. "An Ambassador's role in these matters is to observe. The Ambassador does nothing and says nothing without being requested. I expect you will stay within these bounds." With that the Knight begins striding toward Examination Room E.

Karex nods politely and follows along behind Knight. A most intriguing moral dilemma, how will the Knight react to the transformation of his comrade?

Karex suddenly realizes he has forgotten something very important! He quickly opens a communication channel to the Wardens that aren't currently present and announces, "The Knight and I are currently at UC-Berkeley medical center. We have just been informed that there are indications that Eon maybe under the influence of an outside entity and he has been put under lockdown until security can consult with the FSS."

Karex then contacts the base computer and requests, "Computer, please scan all available Warden records for any incidents where Wardens may have come under the influence of an outside entity after contact with a crystal or cosmic energy. Please compare those incidents with the current situation involving Eon and provide a thorough analysis. Speculation is encouraged. In particular, please provide a probability that the Wardens are being deliberately targeted for subversion. Oh, and make sure Johan Doyle is currently present at the base and in safe condition. Um, also, make sure medical checks are performed on all Warden's staff who were either present during the explosion or visited the explosion site prior to complete clean up of the hazardous materials." The Knight speaks into his communicator. "What Karex has suggested seems to be sound, but we shall see. Meanwhile, I get all information that he gets. I also need all current reports on everything I am monitoring sent only to me over secure channels for evaluation. Lady Amethyst and Delta-Vee, please stay at Alcatraz as paranormal security until we are absolutely sure you're not needed there. Please let me know of any developments."

The Knight and Karex are admitted to the paranormal medical wing as the security chief allows that the duo would have a better chance of stopping a rogue paranormal than his security team.

The security chief relays to them that the FSS is sending an SOS team and transport van as the isolation room at Berkeley had been damaged in the incident yesterday and is no longer capable of restraining a rogue paranormal. The plan is to move Eon to the FSS infirmary at the Presidio where he can be examined and treated as well as restrained, if necessary.

The Knight and Karex are admitted into hallway outside of Examination Room E to meet with Eon. The Knight stops short of entering the secured room and stops Karex, too.

Judah still peering out the window in the door to his room sees his teammates stopping outside the door.

"Sir William you are back a little soon? Do you have the Calvados?" Questions Eon before continuing, "Can you explain why the security lockdown? Where did Dr. Sloan go? This feels very wrong here William. What is going on?"

The Knight replies, "Eon, the thing that is apparently wrong here is you. The staff thinks you have been taken over by an unknown presence. So, you're not you, thus the lockdown." He looks at the bottle of Calvados. "I don't know whether what took you over can handle alcohol, or whether you will be the one enjoying it if you actually drink it, so Karex and I will wait here until things sort themselves out or the FSS takes you to a more secure facility, whichever comes first."

He turned to Karex. "Now that we are covering all of our concerns, we shall wait here and wait until things have sorted themselves out or the FSS comes, in which case we will accompany them."

The Knight turns to Eon. "Any insights or help you can provide concerning your current condition and state of mind will be extremely helpful, Eon."

Judah looks at Karex, then the Knight, then Karex again, then the Knight.

"Okay. First, I am in full control of my faculties as it were and am under no influence of any kind. Are we COMPLETELY clear on this point? Karex? Knight?"

Eon waits for them to nod their heads then continues, "Can we please secure the room? Turn off all communications and surveillance please?"

Eon waits a few minutes to give security time to deactivate the communication and surveillance equipment in the room.

Eon begins his tale.

"Okay, here's the situation as it stands. Apparently, Karex's wild ramblings about being possessed by aliens were not entirely wrong but there were some very big inaccuracies. About four or five days ago, I started having dreams of what was to transpire. Images, with vague meanings, it is hard to explain. I will go into the imagery in detail later."

Karex blinks in surprise. That... wasn't quite what he expected.

Eon continues.

"When I touched the crystals embedded in the victim the living energy within them used my body as repository to give them a physical form. Their race is called the Xenexis and in simple terms they are a life form that only exists as energy with no physical form. The crystals that were embedded in the victim were the closest things to a 'body' that they had. They are extraterrestrial in origin and from what I have been able to deduce, a large fragment of their world impacted ours many millennia ago. They depend upon light to survive, it appears when the victim found the 'crash' site their crystal homes were exposed to light and that allowed them to 'awaken.' My unique physical properties somehow attune me to them and they attempted to contact me through my dreams."

Eon goes on to explain.

"In simple terms, they are stuck here now and have no way to return to their home. Their communicated to me that their intention is to simply observe and experience our world through me, they will not attempt to control or influence me. If I had to describe them, the best word would be childlike. They are insatiably curious."

Eon continues to present his case for his somewhat rash actions from earlier that day.

"My physical body is the first experience they have ever had senses like ours and they want to learn what the sensations we feel are like. I can communicate with them if I like and have explained that to be controlled or manipulated by them is unacceptable to me. From what I gather they are desperate and alone like an orphan and they need someone to help them."

"We are heroes are we not? That is what we do, help people, well this is a chance to help something extraordinary."

Karex thinks a moment then stealthily reactivates his communicator and quietly whispers, "Computer, review all the records regarding Prime and the periods in which he is suspected or claimed to have been under external influence. Analyze and determine whether those experiences would have been compatible with possession by the alien energy-based life form identified as Xenexis. Expressed perimeters of the Xenexis personality include being childlike and insatiable curiosity. Did Prime express such personality traits during the period in question?"

Eon concludes.

"Besides the energy they have transferred into me is incredible, I can feel the power now. I just don't know what I can with it. They have never seen anyone like me either so it is as new to them as it is me. Okay now you two can discuss, I am going to have a drink."

With that Eon takes the bottle of Calvados from the Knight walks over, pours some into a medical cup and downs it. The response from the Xenexis is immediate and intense; they are fascinated with the sense of taste.

"Wow I forgot the wonders of being a child," thinks Judah

Karex listens quietly to Melinda's response, muttering to himself. "I see. Initial episode of control ended following a hot dog eating contest and visit to an amusement park. Located during second period at a laser tag arena. Yes, computer, I would agree that those activities meet the expressed parameters, thank you."

The Knight frowns at both Karex and Eon.

"First, Eon, you should not be feeding 'children' very strong apple brandy. I think I see your crystalline brain cells going haywire as we speak."

He then turns to Karex and says, "You need to let Eon exhibit more behavior before you draw any conclusions."

After another pause, the Knight says, "Actually, until further notice, I will be making all meaningful conclusions. We need to do what we haven't been doing lately: slow things down and make more considered and thoughtful decisions."

He turns back to Eon. "How do you know you're in full and total control of you? What can you do if your 'agreement' goes badly?"

Eon looked at William for a moment then speaks, "You know of course there is absolutely nothing I can do to prove this to you. At best all we are able to really do is take each other at his word and have faith. I mean how many times did we have to follow Prime on one of his escapades not knowing who was in control or what they were doing. One thing I have done was to be upfront and honest about my situation. I believe the Xenexis and it is with full confidence that I tell you, I trust their word and their intent. Besides if they do have ill will, who better to observe me than the Wardens. You already know me."

Eon then turns to Karex and states, "Karex I have been alive for over five thousand years and can honestly say this is most unique experience I have ever had."

Returning his gaze to the Knight, Eon concludes, "William, you sir are my best friend, if anyone should be able to detect abnormalities or ill intended acts on my part, it would be you. The bottom line is the only thing you have to go on is my word and askance that you to trust me, please."

"You are right. I am somewhat forced to trust you. I am merely trying to get you to cover yourself, as they say, just in case. But," narrowing his eyes under the helmet, "you'd better not attend any amusement parks nor hot dog eating contests, lest Karex panic."

The Knight then looks to Karex. "However, pie eating contests should be perfectly acceptable."

He pours himself some Calvados, and says, "Now, we wait."

Karex's brow creases in surprise, "Wait? You wish to simply wait good sir knight? Perhaps instead we could ask Eon if he is willing to tell us a bit more about these Xenexis. For example, Eon, are they native to a planet or did they evolve in space - perhaps a nebula? Do they inhabit crystals as their normal 'bodies' or exist as free-form energy patterns? Do they, perhaps, have a servitor race that they inhabit to provide them with things like hands? How did they ever reach earth in the first place and how long have they been waiting here for a host? Oh, and do they know if the cosmic crystals that Prime encountered were their relatives or pets or something else entirely?"

Eon looks over a bit exasperated at Karex.

"Okay Karex, take notes. The Xenexis are, as I said before, an energy life form. From the images I have witnessed and the communications I have had with them so far, I believe their planet is somewhere on the other side of our galaxy. The entire surface of their planet is covered with a crystalline shell similar in composition to the form I have now. Some of the crystalline shell is made up of a dark form of crystal that the Xenexis inhabit. Somehow a large chunk of the dark crystal broke off from the planet and was flung across the Galaxy to land here on Earth. The energy beings inside were powerless to do anything. How long they have been here? Well, we would need to get data on the age of the crash site, but I would guess many millennia. They were buried pretty deep underground. When the light struck the crystals it provided enough energy to reanimate them. They reached out to the most receptive mind they could find and it would appear I operate on a level they are compatible with. This is why they chose me to join with and what exactly happens from here I am not sure. I know I must protect them, as they are a life form, sometime unlike anything else here on Earth. They are not controlling me. They are merely along for the ride, so to speak."

Eon takes a deep breath before continuing.

"I have not asked them anything about other crystals, Karex. I think it wise that we take this slow. I trust their intentions and do not want to overload them with information. Got it? If you want to prepare a list of questions, I will try to ask them and get an understandable answer, but given the amount of time they most likely have been here it is highly unlikely they know anything of the other crystals."

An FSS SOS team transport and paranormal transport van arrive at the hospital to pick up Eon and take him to the FSS infirmary at their headquarters on the Presidio.

Eon looks around the room considering his options; obviously breaking free would not look well upon him. Cooperation was the best avenue then, but to what end?

"Knight it would not seem prudent to allow them to place me in detention. I have done nothing wrong and am in complete control of my faculties, we must get them to allow me passage back to the base. I need time to figure this out. Any ideas."

The Knight says to Eon, "If there is nothing wrong, then go with them. I will accompany you and they shall see that you are in control of your faculties. I will vouch for you. Your detention should be short, and we will gain more favor with the FSS."

The Knight then turns to Karex. "Meanwhile, Karex, you will return to Alcatraz and inform Lady Amethyst and Delta-Vee of the situation. We shall all convene once Eon and I return. And yes, I do realize you have a communicator, but I need you to talk to Lady Amethyst and Delta-Vee in person."

Eon walks to the door and taps on the glass. Once the guard answers, he nods. A moment later a trio of guards opens the door flanked by another trio in the hall.

"Gentlemen I will go with you willingly and without resistance. Anything that can expedite the resolution of this misunderstanding is appreciated." Eon places his hands up above his head, "Okay guys... lets go for a ride."

The guards place Eon in restraints. He walks to the vehicle providing no resistance at all.

As per plan, Eon is moved to the FSS infirmary at the Presidio where Dr. Sloan performs further assessments of his condition. Very little is learned beyond what the initial tests that were performed at UC-Berkeley medical center discovered. The endoscopic internal examinations confirm that the transformation appears to be complete, as all of Eon's organs have been converted to crystalline structures that function as their biological equivalent.

Eon is released after 72 hours of observation knowing little more than he knew when he first woke in the hospital.

Record Last Changed Date: 12/27/2009

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