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Post-Session: 36

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 36.

Story - Visiting the Hospital

Game Date: 12/13/2006

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

It had been 12 hours since the Judah's release from detention at the FSS infirmary. He had returned to the base and after having Susan re-register his voiceprint, he requests the location of Doctor Miller. Melinda reports that she is still in the hospital. He asks for a report on her condition.

Melinda reports, "The injury to her elbow, although not life threatening, did some real damage. The medical staff has just finished putting her elbow back together. She also had a forehead laceration above her left eye at the hairline. One of her plastic surgeon friends from the UCB Medical Center fixed that up for her. There will be a small hint of a scar but since it is at her hairline, once healed it will be almost invisible."

Judah goes to his studio. Opening the door, it feels like a lifetime since he had last saw the room. Browsing through the room he looks at his past; small things he has kept for memories, old and new paintings and finally a mirror. He walks over to the mirror and carefully studies his new appearance.

The smoky crystalline form looks like a living mannequin of his former self. As for his height, he has 'shrunk' back to a little over six foot. His wardrobe from the red hair with the yellow lightning bolt days will probably fit him with little alteration in this new form. The hair is the long white locks he had had when he first arrived at the Wardens headquarters. The face is the one he has always felt the most comfortable in, somehow it suits him even if made of glass. He smiles and looks at his teeth, or what used to be teeth, now they are like teeth but harder. His breath really has no odor to it, which makes sense because the bacteria that caused breath to smell would probably not be able to grow in his mouth now. He looks at the clock and sees it is 2 PM. It should be okay to visit her at the hospital. Gathering a set of his old clothes, he gets dressed. He also puts on a hat and trench coat trying to conceal his new form as best possible.

The guards are thoughtful enough to have a car waiting with a driver to take him where he wants to go. The ride over to the hospital is uneventful but uneasy. He has the driver order flowers from his preferred florist and has them bill the order to Judah's account. They stop to pick up the order then proceed to the hospital; Judah finds he is not ready for what lies ahead. Resolving his nerve and constitution, he exits the vehicle and steels himself for whatever may come.

He did not know which is worse, the glances, the stares, or the whispers. It seems he cannot hide being a standout now and it is not helping in a situation where he is trying to be low key. Judah finds the room with little issue as the hospital has kept the Wardens informed of any developments involving her. He looks in the window and sees Rebecca lying in bed resting, not asleep, but not completely awake. He opens the door quietly and walks in. Moving over to the window he places the flowers in a vase and looks at Rebecca laying there comfortably in her semiconscious state.

He picks up a pen and writes a note on the pad beside the bed.


My dearest Rebecca,

Words can not express my grief and sorrow for your injuries. I hope you can find the ability to forgive my negligence one day. It seems even someone with as much experience as I have still has much to learn.

You mean more to me than anything I have ever loved and because of that I am unsure how to proceed. It seems what I love always pays in the end with it's life. That fate I cannot bear for you, you deserve so much more.

The incident at the lab has left me with a significantly different appearance than anything I have ever been before. When you see me you may not like what you see this time.

Know that no matter what happens you will always have my heart, my soul, my love. If that means letting you go then that is what I must do. Please rest and recover. If you wish to see me know I will be here for you.

Your love always,



With that he folds the note and places it at the base of the flowers then kisses his fingers and touches her forehead lightly with them. He walks from the room quietly and closes the door.

The nurse at the station turns to Judah, "Are you a friend of hers sir?"

"I love her more than anything. Please let her know Judah stopped by and keep the flowers watered, thank you Miss."

With that Judah walks into a shadow in the corner and disappears. He reappears facing the door of the car. Opening the door he says to the driver, "Take me back to the base, I have work to do."

Record Last Changed Date: 12/27/2009

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