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Post-Session: 36

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 36.

Story - It's Like Learning to Walk, Again

Game Date: 12/13/2006

Who: Eon (Lazarus), Karex, Knight of Saint Michael

Karex heaved the last of the two hundred-pound spray-painted rocks into proper position along the shoreline of Alcatraz Island, and then flew up a quarter mile to review his handiwork. Perfect. It had taken all day, but he had managed to spell out that a new sentient life form, Eon, had been discovered on the island. Written in Yrician, of course, so the humans wouldn't realize what he was doing. Hopefully, his race's cloaked satellite would notice the message and tag it for council review.

Karex flew back down to the island and trudged wearily back towards the base, picking at the spots of paint dotting his arms and wings. It would have been so much easier if they had just left him a communicator...


Judah walked into his room and shed his clothes, donning a typical training jumpsuit. He walked to the training area and found it vacant outside the on duty attendant. He nodded to the attendant who did a double take before responding to him.

"Uh... sir, who are you?" queried the attendant.

"Oh I forgot, yes... it is Eon. I need to use the training facilities. Could I please get your assistance?"

"Eon, uh... sure, are you positive one of the other Wardens would not be better suited to assist you with this?"

"Maybe, but until I am sure... I will not bother them. I just need someone to spot for me and help me do some tests."

"Yes sir," responded the attendant.

"Adam, please prepare to record all data from this training and testing session; record audio, video and all sensor readings for analysis. File under the Eon catalogue, title Power Tests, cross-reference by date. Begin once we enter the training room."

He walked over and looked out the observation window at the training room floor below. It was setup in one of the standard urban configurations.

"Okay lets start simple. Hey, what's your name?"

"Tony Marcano, sir."

"Tony, first stop calling me sir, its Judah or Eon. Not sir got it?"

"Okay sir, I mean Eon."

They walked downstairs and entered the training room.

The session started pretty simply with Judah testing his range of motion, physical proportions and senses. The tactile feel of his new crystal body was different than flesh but to his perception it translated the same.

"Alright let us try the teleport thing. It seems pretty simple, Adam dim lights 25%."

The room dimmed a bit providing much more pronounced shadows.

Judah walked to a nearby shadowy area and focused on getting to a point down the 'road.' In an instant, Judah was enveloped by darkness then like a tunnel the darkness slipped away to present the shadowy patch near the wall he had been focusing on.

"Whoa, that was fun. Let try it again."

He repeated the process and returned to where he had started.

He paused for a second, "Okay we are going to try something a little farther, he thought of the alley behind the coffee shop he loved so much. Stepping into the shadow he felt the same effect and found himself looking at the back door to the coffee shop.

"This is very cool."

He was distracted by the gasps of people from the street, one woman screamed.

"It's okay folks, nothing to see here. Official Wardens business."

The volume of the street crowd began to build and Judah thought that it might be better leave before the issue escalated, he concentrated on the gym and stepped into the shadow. In a second he was back in the training room.

A bewildered looking Tony blinked in confusion and asked, "Where did you go Eon?"

"The coffee shop across the river, that was incredible."

Judah realized he was a bit winded. He stepped into the light for a second and began feeling stronger.

"Alright light feels good, this must be because of the recharging effect like their home world. Okay let's see if we can do anything else. I wonder if I can project energy."

Judah walked over and set up a target towards the end of the range. He walked all the way back to the other end and focused on the target.

"Okay, lets see... Boom! Shoot! FLAME ON! BANG!"

Tony began to snicker under his breath.

"Okay you got any ideas Tony?"

"None sir, I have to admit I have never been able to shoot energy," confessed Tony. "From the comics I have read and observing the Wardens in training, it seems like the person using energy bolts just looks at the target and thinks about it blowing up."

Judah calmed himself for a moment and retreated into the internal voices, "Can I project your energy at something?"

"We know not what project means," came a chorus of replies.

"You know, shoot, go towards fast."

He pictured something blowing up then remembered Prime could shoot energy bolts. He concentrated on an image of Prime firing an energy bolt.

"Ah, yes," came the chorus. "If you focus your internal energy in one point then think of loosing it at a target. This is not the most accurate explanation but there is no other for it."

Judah opened his eyes, stared at the target then thought hard of concentrating energy in his hands and pushing it towards the target. The target erupted in a cloud of dark energy then disappeared.

"Whoa, okay time to get some Wardens in here. Knight, Amethyst, Delta-Vee or Karex come in please, anyone there? I need some assistance in the workout room, please respond. Tony go and see if you can locate the Wardens, I am going to need some help with this."

"Concentrating would help, Eon," said the Knight from the corner.

It slightly amused him that for one who could now travel in shadow, Eon still missed an awful lot. Then the Knight furrowed his brow under his helmet as he considered what might happen should Eon teleport into a shadow Sir William was already occupying.

"I have to concentrate on that as well, only I have to use a weapon to focus, I think." Sir William closed his eyes and sent a quick prayer to God to clear the issue up. A series of scenes pass through the Knight's mind and in each he sees that he has had a weapon in his hand when the holy light manifested.

"When do you think you can train again?" queried the Knight. "I should have some time after I figure out why Karex has been spray painting rocks."

Karex paused as he heard Eon's request over his communicator. Eon needed help! Karex lifted off the floor as his wings sent him hurling down the base's corridors towards the workout room. By the seven rings of his Homeworld, what fool decided to allow Eon to enter the workout room of all places...

Did no one remember that Eon now radiated cosmic energy? Which appeared to have a dimensionally destabilizing effect and that Prime had ripped a monstrous tear in the dimensional fabric in that very room just a few short months ago? Karex wondered just what sort of monstrous interdimensional entity had been released into the base... or whether the base itself was about to be transported to some other reality!

Karex slowed slightly perhaps prudence would be best.

"Computer, provide all Wardens and base security with the relevant files on cosmic energy's effect on areas of dimensional instability, records regarding the previous incident of instability in the workout room and all available data regarding Eon's cosmic energy signature. Perform full sensor scans of the workout room and access any available dimensional energy sensor readings. I want a full analysis of whether there is any danger of another dimensional incident in the base."

As Karex barreled into the workout room, he scanned the area feverishly. No signs of hideous creatures from beyond known space and time. No crackling fields of otherworldly energy.

He allowed his feet to drift to the floor, as he hastily asked, "Um. Knight. You do remember that Eon contains cosmic energy now? Um, and the Wardens have had prior bad experiences with cosmic energy activating latent 'gateways' to other dimensions and that Prime quite recently triggered such a tear in this very room according to the Warden files? Maybe Eon should slowly and carefully ease his way to someplace a bit safer on the base? You know, before we are all consumed by otherworldly entities whose mere appearance is enough to drive men mad or are hurled into a less pleasant dimension?" Karex thinks a moment, "Or, I suppose, both events could happen. One really isn't excluded by the other."

Eon looked over to Karex for a moment then steps into the shadow appearing directly behind Karex. "I will try not to do any ripping of the space/time continuum Karex. Now are you here to help or talk about me as if I am not in the room?"

Karex's jaw drops open for a moment.

He stutters as he replies to Eon, "You were practicing teleporting. Here. In this room."

He points to the far wall and commands Melinda, "Display visual log dated March 16, 2006 for this area. Just prior to the alert."

Karex waits a moment as the recording begins.


The recording begins with Prime saying he had opened a small dime sized opening into another dimension when the lab exploded. So the explosion gave you new powers asks Delta-Vee. Prime replies several new powers and that he can now manipulate dimensional energies. "That is why I am practicing," states Prime.

"Delta-Vee you can be a live experiment," interjects Judah.

"Let him do that, when he decides to try and teleport himself," says Delta-Vee.

"I'll give that a try," says a gleeful Prime and everyone runs for the exits. There is massive rush of air towards Prime and then away from him followed by a loud pop. The Wardens vanish.


Karex looks meaningfully at Eon for a moment and then politely asks, "Are you deliberately attempting to replicate each of Prime's errors in judgment?"

Eon stares at Karex, "You know if I had not been present for the actual events that took place I might actually give your opinion some credibility."

Eon continued, "There is a difference here though in that I am using an already existing threshold, namely shadows, to act as the medium for my teleport powers."

Looking at the Knight, Eon asked, "Knight do you feel we are being unsafe in these experiments? If so, then I will be happy to enact any safety recommendations either you or Karex requests?"

The Knight of St. Michael paused thoughtfully. "I believe that Eon is practicing thoughtful care in his experiments," he says. "If this were Prime, we'd be fumbling in another dimension by now, I assure you."

Eon nodded before stating, "Now to continue."

Eon looked at the Knight. "Okay so far I have been able to use my gating to go as far as the coffee house from here. I am not sure of the ranges yet but I have determined a shadow is required of some kind. I move through a focal point in the shadows when I gate, I wonder if I can control the speed as well as distance."

Eon walked into the shadows and visualized the other size of the room, as the gating process began he attempted to slow himself down until he was looking through the field of energy as if it was a curtain.

"Knight, Karex?" queried Eon.

Neither of the parties in the room seemed to be aware of him. He concentrated making a mental image of the other side of the room. The distance was traversed instantly with the focus on staying in the shadows, he again watched the room from the perspective of an observer. This would be very useful if he could learn to control it. When he reappeared from the shadows it was obvious by their reaction that the Knight and Karex could see him again.

"It would seem I can also become one with the shadows, this will be a huge help in convert surveillance. Very nice," stated Eon.

"I can teleport through shadows, become come one with the shadows and as you can tell from the target, I also have the ability to project my energy with very detrimental effects to the target." Eon summarized.

"I wonder what else I can do. My body feels heavier and harder now and given the properties of this energy it could provide some protection against damage. Knight hit me."

The Knight proceeded to hit Eon with varying degrees of intensity until the ebon glass target actually began to feel the impact to some degree.

"Wow that actually is quite resilient, it is quite stronger than I previously displayed," quipped Eon. "Okay Knight, what else should we try? Oh and Karex I have had Adam recording everything. Feel free to review but do not disclose this information to anyone. Okay? Let's forward all the information to Doctor Kensington, maybe he can design a sensor package to detect or measure this energy."

The Knight started to pace, shifted his shield on his back, and put his left hand on his sword pommel.

"As for your earlier question, Eon, I shall have to think of things to test and then devise some training exercises."

Then the Knight tensed, clenched his fist, then raised and extended his fist in front of his face and said, "But first we eat! I want burgers and fries. Eon, you choose where to go. But," the Knight extended and raised his right forefinger, "it must have apple pies."


Eon went with the Knight and Karex to the best burger place in the San Francisco area, In or Out Burgers. They enjoyed double burgers, large fries and large shakes. For desert, Eon and Karex had the homemade apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream with the Knight forgoing the ice cream in favor of two pieces of the apple pie.

The meal took a long time to eat, partially because Eon was learning to eat with his new body.

The Knight notices the stares and whispers but ignores them.

The trio discussed various options for testing and what other abilities Eon might possess.

After the meal, they sat and talked about various items, Karex continued his inquiries about Eon's new condition, namely about his guests. Eon attempted to answer as much as he can but there was much he had yet to learn about his new companions.

Record Last Changed Date: 12/27/2009

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