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Post-Session: 36

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 36.

Story - Field Test

Game Date: 12/14/2006

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

It had been a little over twelve hours since the trip to the burger joint and Eon was anxious to begin his experiments again. His new body came with some exceptional abilities; although he was no longer able to heal anyone else, he was now able to wield significant force against an opponent.

Eon used the same recording protocols for his new series of tests as he had used in the first tests.

First were the teleportation tests, Eon experimented with carrying items when he teleported. He found that the larger the mass, the more difficult the teleport was and it also appeared to cause a significant drain on him if he tried to teleport something larger. He started with inanimate objects, first an empty coffee cup, then a book, finally a chair, each time it got more challenging to complete the port. He decided to determine if he could take biological material with him. He took an apple with him with no problems. Next he tried a plant and after failing three times to transport the plant with him, he finally completed a port without issue while carrying the plant. For the final teleportation test, he attempted to teleport with a small laboratory mouse that he brought along for the ride in the coffee cup. He did this without issue and was amazed. He needed to try tests with larger items and animals in the next series of tests.

Next Eon tested his energy projecting abilities. He found that the energy output from his blasts generated enough force to pierce several different types of armors of varying thickness.

During one of the energy output measurement tests, he misfired his blast and it enveloped the target rather than damaging it. After several hours of practice, he was able to recreate the effect at will.

With the help of his guests, he monitored his energy levels during the tests trying to determine how much of a drop his exertions caused. The workouts definitely drained him and when his energy levels dropped the resulting condition felt a lot like the fatigue his body suffered prior to the latest transformation.

He also was able to confirm that standing under a strong light source or in sunlight recharged his energy levels in a relatively short time, like a walking photovoltaic cell. He knew that this would make combat at night challenging at best and started considering the development of some type of high output portable lighting unit. Some sort of super flashlight that would help him recharge in darker environments and times of day.

Eon smiled as he reviewed the new data, he was beginning to feel very comfortable in his new skin. Ah, skin... that was the one thing he needed to do most, find some way to regain human form without losing his ability to assume crystalline form and without harming the Xenexis.

He longed to field test his new abilities. It was the middle of the afternoon and checking the weather found that it was sunny outside. Perfect.

Eon walked over to a computer console and activated the communication interface, "Adam, scan the local police bands and emergency channels. Display current alarms, alerts and activities order of distance from the Wardens' headquarters"

He quickly scanned through the list and found a just reported silent alarm at a bank a couple blocks from coffee shop.


Eon asked Susan to send an email from him to the other Wardens and started dictating.



I am responding to a silent alarm at the bank listed below.

If I need assistance I will contact you via communicator.

Talk to you soon.



Eon went over to the closet and changed into combat gear along with his trench coat and hat. After doing a quick check in the mirror, he walked to the corner shadow and in an instance found himself in the alleyway behind the coffee shop again.

He stepped into the street and looked down the block. Stepping back into the alleyway, he ported appearing in the back of the bank. He held himself in the shadow veil for a moment to recon the area. He saw four perps and it appeared a person who might be an off-duty police officer had interrupted the robbery; the guy was alive but wounded in the shoulder.

Eon looked at each of the robber's locations and focused on the one watching the back entrance. He decided it would be best to take them out one at a time. He ported over to the corner behind the man guarding the back entrance, clad in military gear and obviously scarred. Silently materializing behind the guy, Eon reached up and grabbed the man by the back of the neck covering his mouth. The man went limp almost immediately without firing a shot.

"One down, three to go," Eon whispered under his breath.

Eon hid in the corner for a moment looking about then he scuttled along crouched down behind the counters and quietly took up a position behind the second man. He stood up behind him and a quick punch silenced him in one quick motion but not before the other two robbers spotted Eon.

Eon dispatched the third one quickly with a dark energy blast but the last one, who appeared to be the leader, grabbed a woman hostage before Eon could get off another blast.

"Okay, donít be a hero get on the ground now or the woman gets it."

Oh god how cliche, thought Eon.

Eon slowly knelt down on the ground and began to lay down. Looking to his left, he eyed the person laying on the ground and saw his answer. He gently leaned toward her, fell into her shadow and was gone porting into the shadow below a table on the other side of her.

Eon's disappearance obviously confused the leader, who nervously walked over to find where he had gone. The robber looked to the left and right of the woman on the ground. Eon watched from a shadow veil in the shadows beneath the table as the robber continued to get more and more nervous. Following the angle of the light and seeing a shadow behind the robber, Eon smiled. He had to time this right and quickly ported behind the robber yanking the man's gun arm up into the air. The woman he had been holding fell down to the floor. Eon subdued the leader with a dark energy bubble before chastising him.

"That was not polite young man."

Eon reached down and extended a hand to the fallen woman, from her name badge he determined that she was the branch manager, Helen Reece.

"Hello, Helen. My name is Eon and it has been my pleasure to be your hero today. I hope you have been satisfied with the service and I look forward to being your hero of choice in the future."

Helen stood there stunned and still recovering from the adrenaline rush.

Eon quickly went to the doors and opened them; the officers arriving on the scene aimed their weapons at him.

"Freeze put your hands up! NOW!" came the call from one of the patrol cars' bullhorn.

"Umm, I am one of the good guys... Helllllo??? I just saved these people."

"I SAID FREEZE, GET ON THE GROUND NOW," echoed from the bullhorn.

Great, just great, very nice. Fine, I am getting frisked today thought Eon. He stepped to the side into the shadow of a planter box and laid down on the ground. Once he reached the ground, Eon teleported back to the alleyway behind the coffee shop.

The sound of the officers' shouts could be heard all the way down the street at the coffee house.

Using the shadows of the alleyway, he ported back to the base workout room.

"No good deed goes unpunished," muttered Eon as he stepped out of the shadows.

Eon asked Susan to bring up the local news feeds on a viewer wall.

The news reports showed clear footage of him at the bank entrance and his disappearing act with a bit of blurring around his midsection. Eon looked down and found, much to his chagrin that he had lost his pants somewhere during the action and although he was crystalline in form, he was not some neutered male doll but was an anatomically correct male.

To her credit, Helen, the branch manager, reported that Eon had saved her and the other hostages. Eon hoped that her story would mitigate the damage to both his public image and wounded pride.

Eon walked over to the mirror and looked at his reflection.

He was still a freak regardless of how many people he saved.

He needed to get his love back... it was time to go see Rebecca.

Record Last Changed Date: 12/27/2009

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