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Post-Session: 36

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 36.

Story - Multiculturalism, Part 1

Game Date: 12/15/2006

Who: Karex

Karex swam quietly back and forth along the wall of his personal quarters, occasionally snagging one of the small brightly colored fish and popping it into his mouth for the satisfying crunch. Something was bothering him. It wasn't that one of his fellow Wardens was abruptly assimilated by an unknown silicon-based alien life form. After all, he'd been well trained to deal with just such occurrences. Besides, Eon was a human. Things happened like that to humans on a daily basis. Otherwise, there wouldn't be such an interesting array of paranormals.

Karex abruptly realized what had been nagging at the back of his mind all along. The Wardens now had representatives of three different sentient races among its members. But, the other major sentient species native to the planet was being completed ignored! Yet another slight by the humans against their dolphin neighbors - and this time he would do something about it!

Karex abruptly paused. But exactly what was it he would do? Hmmmm. Then he perked up perhaps computer friends would help! "Computer, please devise and execute a plan with the desired end result of inclusion into the Wardens of one of this planet's sentient dolphins. Let me know what actions I will need to take to support this goal. You are authorized to take any appropriate independent actions to support this goal."

Melinda replied, "Affirmative."

Adam responded, "Will do."

Karex relaxed and lay back into the water as the computers began processing his request. Hopefully, the inferior earth technology would be able to come with an effective plan, if he gave it a bit of time to think.

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