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Post-Session: 36

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 36.

Story - Coming Home

Game Date: 12/17/2006  -  12/21/2006

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

It had been seventy-two hours since Judah had walked into the training room, in that time he had fired at least 500 bolts of dark energy, trying many different intensities.

One new trick he had learned was using his shadow porting powers to assist in surprising an enemy. He tried this once in some combat drills with a squad of security force members, running at them full speed while feigning attack. His port placed him immediately behind them with an advantage that allowed him to down three of them before they could reform to provide coordinated resistance.

Judah was finding the flexibility of these new abilities quite useful. He worked on testing the limits of his teleports and found that if he tried without the aid of a shadow, he could actually gate rather quickly across short distances.

Part of his time, while recharging using sun lamps, Judah would talk to the Xenexis and answer questions about the things they did not understand. It was rather like attempting to teach children about a world that was totally foreign to them. They were naive, benign and the best part they were honest. There was no lies, subtleties or hidden elements, Judah could see them and they Judah.

Still he felt empty to a large degree. His thoughts went back to Rebecca.

Instantly they were asking, "Who is this one? Her image is in your head often, is she important?"

"Oh yes, she is very important, she is my friend. My mate."

Judah heard a beep from the intercom.

"Yes this is Eon, what is it?"

"Eon, we have an incoming message for you at the desk," responded the security force duty sergeant.

"Please forward it down here. Thank you."

Judah looked at the screen, the message popped up instantly.



I am getting released tomorrow and would like it if you could pick me up and take me home. I am being discharged at nine in the morning. See you then.



The message had been time flagged as arriving the previous evening. Looking at the clock, Judah saw that it was six and that had three hours before she would be discharged.

He walked down to his apartment suite and cleaned off in the shower, the sensation of water on him was very weird now. He dried off and got dressed wearing his best suit, coat and hat. He sent a request to the security force OD requesting someone to drive him to the hospital then to Rebecca's home.

In thirty minutes he was on the mainland, riding in the back of an Alcatraz Foundation Security Force SUV. It was a quiet and reflective ride to the hospital. Judah turned on the television to occupy his mind; his bank rescue was still a huge topic with the local media. The Mayor had expressed his appreciation in a press sound byte; and the Wardens' PR office had been doing damage control with his new body he was definitely making news. The fact that he had been unaware he had lost his pants and flashed his manly nature was the blooper of the week. Great, never go teleporting with out your pants on. Lesson learned, he thought. He had been practicing a lot after the incident and his clothing and gear were always arriving with him now.

The SUV arrived at the hospital and the driver asked, "Around the back sir?"

"No front passenger pickup please. Keep the vehicle running and wait here. I will be back shortly. Thanks."

Judah walked into the hospital, through the lobby area and down a large hall before he reached the elevators. His excitement was overwhelming, almost to the point that all reality was drowned out. The elevator was taking forever it seemed, looking around Judah became acutely aware of just how quiet everything had gotten. He checked for people and saw all the people in the lobby staring, whispering, or frozen in their tracks.

He nodded and waved, "Morning folks, nothing to see here, move along please." He turned his attention back to the elevators. Another endless time period passed as he waiting punctuated by much shuffling take place behind him.

The elevator ride was brief and upon reaching the fourth floor, Judah stepped into the hallway and headed towards Rebecca's room. Judah walked into Rebecca's room and found her sitting on the bed placing her last few items in her bag. She reflected light like an angel and at that moment he thought she definitely needed wings.

"Hello, you ready to go?" queried Judah.

"Hi Judah, oh yes I am SO ready to get out of here. I just have to sign some papers for release."

Judah smiled and helped her finish packing her bag, in the midst of packing a nurse came in and walked up to Rebecca.

"If you will please sign these, we will be ready to wheel you down Dr. Miller."

Judah turned around to greet the nurse who finally got a glimpse of him. Her reaction was quite typical at this point. A small muffled 'eeepp' and a quick step back.

"Good morning nurse. Thank you for being so prompt, would you mind bringing a wheelchair for the doctor?"

The nurse stared in shock for a moment, "ah... um... ah... sssure, Dr. Miller do you know this... man?"

"Yes Betty I know him, this is my boyfriend, Judah. Judah this is Betty. She has been extremely helpful during my stay."

With that Judah extended his hand and waited 10 seconds for Betty to take it, she was shaking like a leaf.

"Don't worry Betty, I do not bite, well at least not in the daylight."

She let out another small 'eeepp.'

"Kidding Betty, just kidding. Rebecca why don't you finish the papers and I will take your things to the car. Then I will return and walk you down?"

"Okay Judah, but you really do not have to go to all that trouble."

"No trouble at all really. Be right back."

Judah gathered all of the belongings in the room including her bag until he was almost toppling over from the load.

"Okay, be back in a second."

He stepped into the shadows of the closet and disappeared. His teleport startled nurse Betty enough that she gave out another gasp of surprise. Rebecca looked at where he had stood and stared in disbelief. This was going to take some getting used to she thought.

Judah appeared in back of the SUV and rapped on the tailgate. The driver looked up and hit the tailgate release. He walked around back and assisted Judah in placing all the packages, flowers, stuffed animals and even a fruit basket into the rear storage area.

"Women never pack light no matter where they go," the driver joked.

Judah looked at him and nodded. "I am going to get her now, I will be walking her down so it will be about ten minutes. Thanks."

Judah teleported back into the room, he had to stifle the laugh at Betty's slight jump in response to his entrance. The chair was waiting there for Rebecca who sat with a puzzled look on her face.

"Okay all set, you ready?" asked Judah.

Rebecca nodded and sat in the chair.

The trip down was a lot more eventful than the one up as an overzealous security guard confronted them in the lobby as they exited the elevators.

"Stop right there, sir. Release the woman and place your hands on your... head?" ordered the guard with one hand on his gun.

"Umm what exactly is the problem... officer?" queried Judah.

"You need to release the woman now," ordered the guard before motioning towards Rebecca with his open hand and saying, "Ma'am stay calm and everything will be alright."

Judah took his hands off the chair and raised them slightly in compliance with the guard.

"Sir I am picking up this patient. She is not under duress or coercion," explained Judah trying to defuse the situation. "She is with me of her own free will."

"Yeah, whatever. Keep your hands up," ordered the guard. "We will wait until the police arrive to figure this out."

Rebecca was obviously becoming annoyed with the entire event.

"Look officer, this is Eon of the Wardens and he happens to be a good friend of mine, they sent him to escort me home. If you want to be the person responsible for holding us up feel free but I am not sure your boss is going to be as understanding as we are."

The guard paused puzzled then looked at his backups who stood at the other side of the room obviously trying to keep from laughing.

"Ummm... well okay... fine, if you are sure you are not in danger..." stammered the guard.

"Yes, I am fine," responded Rebecca. "Thank you officer for your concern about my safety. Oh by the way, exactly what did you plan to do if he had not stopped when you ordered him to, I am really curious to know?"

The officer looked at Rebecca stunned.

"Well I, I, I, I am not sure what I would have done."

The officer looked back at his two coworkers who were now breaking up laughing at their colleague. Judah took that moment to port behind the nervous officer.

"Believe me officer if I wanted to take Rebecca out of here without you interfering I could have but there is nothing nefarious a foot here. You have my thanks for being courageous enough to confront us unlike your cowardly comrades," indicated Judah with a bob of his head in the direction of the laughing security guards. "Have a good day."

Judah ported back by Rebecca and began wheeling the chair out of the hospital, several groups had gathered to see what the commotion was and now the only sound in the room were their whispers and them shuffling out of the area. Judah reached the vehicle with out further incident and the driver assisted in helping Rebecca into the car. Judah slid in beside her.

"Where to sir?" inquired the driver.

"Doctor Miller's house please," responded the ebon glass warrior.

The car drove, after a time Rebecca looked at Judah.

"That was very sweet what you did back there. I have missed you Judah."

She scooted to be in Judah's arms, his embrace seemed to remove all her defenses.

"Driver would you mind if I put up the privacy window for a moment?" Rebecca asked. The driver acknowledged and in a few seconds the rear cabin was cutoff.

Rebecca turned in Judah's arm and looked at his face.

"Judah I need to tell you this, I thought a lot about us while in the hospital these last few days and realized something. I love you Judah. I love you more than anything I have ever loved in my life." Her face was a mix of emotions as she smiled broadly but tears welled up in her eyes. "I think you are the most amazing, intelligent, funny, courageous, compassionate man I have ever met."

Judah smiled at her.

"I love you too Rebecca, I just wish I hadn't been so foolhardy, yet I had to do what I did even though it seems like it was a random act of carelessness. I HAD to do what I did, to save you. That sounds very strange given the outcome of the events. Now, now I am in this strange body. I am not even human anymore." Judah sighed and almost felt like sobbing, he longed to be able to touch her hair with human hands. He stroked it with a child's touch, gently weaving the strands in and out of his fingers.

"Judah I do not care what form you are in, you are beautiful to me and that is all that matters. I know I was very angry and cross with you a few days ago but I am sure you can explain what happened when you are ready. I read some of S. Alon's reports and I would be lying if I said I did not have a million questions but for now I just want you to hold me and tell me again that you love me Judah, please."

"I love you Rebecca Miller... I love you, I love you, I love you."

The car stopped and the driver hit the intercom. "We are here, shall I take the bags in?"

"Yes, thank you," replied Judah and Rebecca in unison.

The car was unloaded and off within 15 minutes.

Judah got Rebecca comfortable and setup her laptop for her. Once she was online, he told her about the workout sessions and suggested that she review the footage.

Judah spent the next few days talking with her, helping her around and answering questions.

One morning he decided to go to the base. He spent a few hours training then some time reviewing records on the other crystal entities involved in the explosion and hospital incident. While out, he decided it was time to get back into his routine.

Upon reaching home, he gave Rebecca a kiss and told her about his decision to get back into his old routine. She agreed that it was time for some normalcy then quipped, "whatever that is."

Everyone laughed...

Record Last Changed Date: 12/27/2009

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