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Post-Session: 36

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 36.

Story - From Another Time and Another Place

Game Date: 12/22/2006  -  12/30/2006

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Judah checked his personal email he had 11 orders to fill.

Once completed he would begin work on a new series, based on the images from his gues... companions. Maybe they could learn more with sight.


Judah looked at the finished results of his efforts, many were still drying and with this series of orders filled he had been able to accommodate the requests. He called the art gallery and arranged to have the pieces picked up. He spoke to Roy for a moment and explained he had gone through a transformation of sorts and may appear different. Roy was curious but did not pry, his goal was to sell paintings, Eon informed him that he has some new stuff that was going to be original for the gallery and that all opinions on it would be welcome.

Judah looked back at the final painting; its colors and contrasts made for a stark image. The energies gave the illusion of life on a desolate crystal landscape; it mocked the beauty of the aurora borealis but was closer to the ground almost within reach.

"Is this your home?" he thought inside.

"Yes, it is as close as you can understand or visualize. Your senses are different than ours but that is were we came from," came the chorus of voices.

Judah looked at the image and tried to place himself there, understanding their existence.

"Do you know the sky? The stars? Can you show me them in the sky of your home?"

An image formed in his mind, again he was standing on a crystal field, looking up at the sky, with no atmosphere to speak of the stars came through without interference.

"This is your home sky? Amazing. Hold this for a moment please." Judah quickly scribbled the image in a large sketchpad with a sketching pencil. He did his best to reproduce the image as accurately as possible. After a few minutes the image faded from his mind.

"Thank you. Your home is very beautiful to me. Would you like to return? Would you like to go home again and rejoin your people?" inquired the artist.

There was a long pause. Almost like deliberation.

"We cannot so it does not matter, if we could go then we could consider this question. We miss our home," the voices said.

Judah felt their longing and for once understood how alone his companions must be. He wondered if there really was no hope, the Wardens were housing someone with access to space travel in their complex. He had to at least try.

Judah let Rebecca know he was going to the base and for her to rest.

She had recovered enough to leave on her own now.

At the base he used the advanced computer equipment to scan his image into the system.

He sent a copy to Karex.



Attached is an image that I conceived from the Xenexis. It is a picture of the star configuration their world as viewed through their perceptions. See if you can get any idea of the location of their world based on your knowledge of the universe please. When you have time we need to talk.


Record Last Changed Date: 12/27/2009

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