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Post-Session: 36

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 36.

Story - Multiculturalism, Part 2

Game Date: 1/5/2007

Who: Karex

Karex carefully reread the detailed instructions as he dumped the sack full of electronic parts out onto a large beach towel. The computers had been most helpful in response to his request and fortunately the parts had all been available in the base stores.

The waterproofing of the components had been a tedious process. It was obviously that the human's spend little time in the water and rarely accounted for it in their basic designs. That would soon change, thought Karex, if not for all humans then at least for the Wardens.

Karex clipped the appropriate waterproof tools to his utility belt, draped the large coil of wire around his arm, grabbed the newly refilled sack with his free hand and dived into the incoming waves.

Burbling a happy tune to himself, he drilled holes into the rocky side of the cliff wall just far enough beneath the water's surface to be comfortable to any visiting dolphins. Then he mounted the video camera, intercom and specially designed keypad. Next, he began stapling a strand of wire along the cliff face until he reached the nearest external access point for the radio relay and antenna.

Good thing the computers had been so helpful in providing step-by-step instructions, otherwise who knows what problems his fumbling attempts might have caused, Karex thought to himself as he completed the project.

His work done, Karex activated his intercom and checked, "Computer - is the new underwater intercom fully functional?"

"Roger that," came Adam's nearly instantaneous reply.

"Both of you have access to my research and proto-type Dolphin-English translation matrix?"

"Affirmative," replied Melinda.

Karex grinned to himself. Stage One of his plan was now complete. Briefly he wondered what Stage Two might be, but he was sure the computers would tell him when he needed to know.

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