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Post-Session: 36

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 36.

Story - Confidant and Counselor

Game Date: 1/8/2007

Who: Amethyst (II)

One day after sign language class at the community center, Kimberly asked Karalyn how Calen was doing.

Karalyn replied, "He is doing okay."

Kimberly states, "He refuses to speak to me. All I really want to do is tell him I am sorry for what I did."

"Kimberly, you really hurt him," responded Karalyn.

Looking down at the floor, Kimberly signed, "I know."

Karalyn got Kimberly's attention and she looked up reluctantly.

"Why don't you write him a letter?" asked Karalyn.

Kimberly signed, "Because, he will just throw it away without reading it."

Karalyn paused, then making sure that Kimberly was still looking at her volunteered, "I will give it to him and ask that he read it."

"You will? Okay, I will do it," Kimberly answered.

Karalyn smiled at Kimberly while wondering what she had gotten herself into.


A few days after she had given him Kimberly's letter, Calen stops by the legal clinic to visit Karalyn.

"Kimberly says she is sorry... and that she loves me," Calen signed.

"What did you say to her about the letter?" Karalyn signed.

"Nothing yet... what she did really hurt." Calen signed.

Karalyn and Calen continued signing. She let him vent about the situation while responding every now and then when he asked her opinion on something. When he had finished, she waited a few minutes for him to calm down then offered a parting thought.

"Remember that helping people means you have to learn to forgive and forget. Forgiving someone is hard and forgetting is a lot harder. I learned this myself from my ex-boyfriend, Reagan," Karalyn signed. "If you don't want to see her then at least write her back and let her know you read her letter."

Calen nodded then signed that he would do that. He thanked Karalyn and then left.

Record Last Changed Date: 12/27/2009

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