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Post-Session: 36

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 36.

Story - A Practical Application of Abilities

Game Date: 1/15/2007

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Judah had completed his routine for the morning and was cleaning up from a workout in the training room. It had been a long trial but his new abilities were almost second nature now. He showered and donned his typical attire, black on black with his trademark trench coat.

He had gotten an order for a rare Renoir and when he had found out that it was on loan the Honolulu Academy of Arts, he had convinced Delta-Vee to fly him out to Hawaii. He could do a study of the painting while Randy got in some tourist time.


There was a bit of disturbance at the museum until he presented his FSS credentials showing that he was Eon, a member of the Wardens. He had even got a private viewing for about thirty minutes while order was restored in the gallery area. He finished his study and had some good reference sketches as well as a few pictures he had snapped with a mini-camera he had hidden in one of the buttons on his coat.

Eon decided to get some coffee and maybe a snack before rounding up Randy and heading back to San Francisco to do some painting. He found a quiet cafe on a side street near the academy. There were a few people having lunch. He sat down at a corner table and waited for a server so that he could order some Kona coffee. While waiting he looked over an orphaned newspaper, glancing at the stories for something interesting. In the background there was a hushed conversation and when he looked up he noticed everyone's attention was locked on the television.

"What's going on?" he inquired as his server arrived at the table.

After getting over the initial shock of Eon's appearance, she replied, "Some terrorist group has hijacked the plane of some political official from one of those civil war states in Asia. They want a ransom, like ten billion Euros or something or other, for his safe return."

Judah watched the news report for a few moments; the Prime Minister of Pameer Badakhshan had been in the United States with his family for a meeting with the President. His country was only ten years old and its major stake in the world was that it was the only place that 'Pameeri rubies' were mined. The country had made a fortune off this mineral which was in high demand for use in laser communication systems. According to the Cable News Alliance report these terrorist were 'Pameeri patriots' claiming to represent thousands of workers unfairly compensated for their work in the national mines.

Judah shook his head at the senselessness of it all. The plane was sitting on the end of the reef runway at Honolulu International Airport and the deadline the hijackers had set was forty-five minutes away. The kicker was that these terrorists wanted the world to see what was happening to the hostages and were somehow sending a video feed of the happenings in the plane's cabin to a source that was streaming it live on the Internet.

Judah knew something had to be done, the military could not storm the plane without being seen by the hijackers long before they were within striking distance and such a tactic would most likely end in lots of bloodshed. The Prime Minister did not have adequate security it would seem but it was not surprising considering the small size of his country.

Judah tossed a ten on the table and walked out of the café. His calls to Randy went unanswered. Adam was not able to get a GPS fix on him and the other Wardens were thousands of miles away. Judah considered having an alert signal sent to Randy, but decided against it.

Eon ported across to Sand Island and then one of the tiny reef islands off the point of the reef runway. He could see the plane across the water on the runaway and the authorities' positions at both ends of the runway. Eon had Adam send the Internet video feed to his heads-up display and studied the interior of the plane as well as the hijackers' positions and armaments. The ones he could see were wearing body armor and carrying what appeared to be blaster weapons; well equipped for simple 'patriots.' He was also sure by the way they were stationed about the cabin and their reactions to activities the camera was not showing that there were more terrorists that he could see. Unknown number of adversaries with good equipment; this was going to be risky but it would be far riskier to wait out the deadline to see if they would carryout their threats.

Eon checked the chronometer display on the HUD and saw there were only twenty minutes until the deadline. With Adam's help, he was able to locate the tactical channel that the authorities were using for communications and broadcast a message to let them know he was going in.

"Attention all authorities at Honolulu International Airport monitoring the hostage situation on the reef runway, this is Eon from the Wardens. I am going to attempt to subdue the terrorists in the plane and free the Prime Minister. Eon out."

Eon teleported and found himself in the back of the aircraft behind a bar. He glanced down the aisle of the airliner and saw seven men with blasters and another guy who was giving them instructions. Three more adversaries than had been visible in the video feed.

Once again with Adam's help, Eon scanned communications channels trying to find what channel the terrorists' radios were using and how they were sending the video feed. After a few minutes without results, he decided it was time for action.

Eon reached up and grabbed a small metal mixing rod from a cup sitting on a shelf behind the bar. He tossed it against the rear exit door on the other side of the cabin. The galley station screened the area from view but one of the hijackers standing closest to the rear of the plane reported hearing a noise to the leader. Voices became louder as the leader shouted orders for the two closest men to check it out.

It was the first time Eon had heard them speak as the video feed had no audio; They spoke a dialect of Persian and he had heard it before when he had traveled the Silk Road with Marco Polo. They were from an area just south and west of Bukhara.

Eon blended into the shadows and waited. The two men walked past the bar, through the galley station to the rear exit door. Taking advantage of the fact that they were not wearing helmets, he took his time and concentrated on hitting them in the head. Two quick black flashes accompanied by low moaning sounds spelled the end of consciousness for the pair. Within fifteen seconds Eon had secured their wrists and ankles with zip cuffs and dragged them behind the bar.

When his men did not report in, the leader got impatient and called for his men. Eon decided to improvise he grabbed the radio from the collar of one of the downed hijackers and shrieked in the highest frequency he could muster. It had the desired effect as the frequency was amplified by his altered voice and sounded like an electronic version of nails on a chalkboard.

Screams and yells came from the forward part of the cabin; the sound of footsteps grew loud quickly. Three other armed men walked into the rear galley area and found nothing but an empty compartment. Two stood guard while the third checked the rear exit door to determine if it was still secure.

Eon stepped from the shadows directly behind the two standing guard and with a quick blast of dark energy introduced both to unconsciousness. The other whirled around as his comrades hit the floor, his jaw dropped at the site of Eon.

"Boo. It's not nice to stare," quipped the ebon glass warrior.

Eon's hesitation cost him the advantage of surprise as the terrorist was able to squeeze his blaster's trigger; the impact of the blast stung quite a bit and several more narrowly missed Eon's head. He struck the man with a swift spear hand to the solar plexus and grabbing the shoulder pads on the man's armor used the extra leverage to drive the man's head into his rising knee. The result left his unconscious opponent in a heap on the floor bleeding from the mouth. Eon decided it was pointless to drag the trio behind the bar as he doubted they would all fit, so he secured them with zip cuffs where they laid.

Eon stepped around the corner and looked down the aisle into the main cabin. He saw the last of the hijackers standing guard; his blaster pointed at the hostages sitting tied to their seats. The leader was no where to be seen.

Eon teleported in front of the armed man blocking his line of fire to his intended victims. The startled guard pulled the trigger on his blaster and a barrage of low-energy blasts peppered Eon's torso. It was at that point that Eon recognized the weapon, a Da Shan auto-blaster. They were using plastic blasters that could be charged to a low energy level from a standard power outlet. No wonder they were able to get past security, the plastic weapons would not have registered on scanners with uncharged power cells.

The previously tried technique of spear hand to the solar plexus followed by a knee strike to the head had the desired effect of rendering the man a non-threat. The hijackers been no challenge at all, the low-energy blasts had had no real effect on Eon's crystalline shell but they would have done the job against one of the unarmored hostages.

Eon looked about but still did not see the leader.

He walked to the cockpit and opened the door. It was dark as the window screens had been pulled down. He peered in and saw that all three of the crew appeared to be dead. A closer examination proved his original assessment of their condition as fact. There were no visible wounds but each had bled from their ears.

Eon was about to ask Adam what type of weapon could have caused their deaths when the high pitched squeal gave him the answer, a sonic screamer.

The sting to the back of his head was considerable; the harmonic oscillations rang through his crystalline skull and screamed through Eon's brain like a raging fire, he slumped to his knees in agony. The attacker pressed his advantage and fired again, the pulse stung quite a bit more now but the screeching vibrations where the real threat and caused Eon to fall to the floor. He tried to think through the ringing in his head for an option, something to help him gain a foothold in this fight.

The leader walked up and looked down at Eon.

"You shaitan, you think you can deny us our rights? We deserve to benefit from the gifts of our homeland, our brothers, our fathers, our families are robbed of their birthright because of him. He sold us and the bounty of our land for nothing. We only ask what is ours. You, you have chosen to protect him. It is with sorrow that I declare that for this crime you must die."

The leader once again raised the sonic screamer and pointed it at Eon's head. Eon was not sure if he could survive another pulse from the weapon. He laid still on the floor, the cobwebs were clearing; thinking was possible now. Eon watched closely as the man's finger tensed on the trigger and at just the right moment he teleported. Not a great distance just a couple of inches to the right, the blast effects on the floor made Eon's head bounce as if the pulse had hit its target. Eon closed his eyes and laid still, holding his breath not moving a crystalline muscle.

The tactic had the desired effect, Eon heard the leader turn and head back into the passenger cabin.

Eon waited a few seconds hoping to regain his strength. He looked for a strong light source to recharge but knew he could wait no longer when he heard the terrorist leader screaming at the hostages.

"You see Prime Minister, NO ONE is going to save you."

Eon fading into the shadows and crept back to the passenger cabin.

The leader kept the sonic screamer aimed at the hostages as he walked up to the camera and flipped a switch. The momentary feedback from the camera's small speaker made it obvious that he had just activated its microphone.

"You ignored us, you disrespected us and when we took action, you summoned a dark jinn to kill us? Your family was to be first so that you could watch them die and experience the pain that we have felt over the rape of our land and subjugation of our people but your actions have won you the honor of preceding them. You will be the first on the journey to hell, you die now and then they will follow"

The leader took a step back and positioned himself so that both he and the Prime Minister were visible to the camera then he raised the sonic blaster and pointed it at his target's head.

Eon knew he had to move and now, he threw a dark energy globe over the Prime Minister a second prior to the sonic screamer's pulse. The shield held and the dark energy swirled around the man like a cocoon.

The leader looked puzzled for a moment.

Eon stepped from the shadows.

"Ready for round 2 or do you want to surrender?" the sonic screamer rose towards Eon but was still rising when the dark energies at Eon's command struck the leader square in the chest. The blast threw off the leader's aim causing him to him Eon in the arm. The pain was intense and Eon's arm went numb as the vibrations rattled through it. He looked at the leader who looked to be shaking off the effects of the Eon's blast. In the blink of eye, the distance between Eon and the leader was nothing; Eon threw the man towards the bulkhead of the plane with all his might. Eon teleported and slammed into the leader as he bounced off the wall, with a thud the man slumped against the ebon glass warrior. The leader looked into the eyes of his opponent for the first time and saw the black energy coursing through them.

The leader looked at him wearily, on the edge of consciousness he spoke, "I give, no more."

Eon glared at the man with disgust, the leader flinched then passed out.

"Thank you for flying Air Eon."

Looking over at the Prime Minister, he released the energy bubble encasing him.

"Mr. Prime Minister, I am Eon from the American group known as the Wardens. If you sit tight for a few minutes I will have you and your family freed of your bonds."

After untying the hostages, Eon opened the door to be greeted by a contingent of soldiers who promptly secured the plane and the hijackers.

Eon thought about leaving but decided to check in with the operation commander. As he approached the terminal, he saw the news crews being held back by police and as he walked by the clicks, whirs and flashes of cameras were everywhere. Eon held his hand up trying to block the flashes and the questions from the crowd of reporters started.

"Eon what happened to you?"

"Are you the same Warden who rescued those kids from the bus?"

"Are you a part of an alien experiment?"

"What is with the hair Eon, does it give your powers?"

Eon turned to the crowd of reporters.

"Okay, okay... let me answer your questions as plainly as I can," started the ebon glass warrior.

"I am the same Eon as before, the one that rescued those kids from the bus. As for what happened to me, well I can't really go into it. I will say for the record that I am not a part of ANY experiment. You there with the toupee; does YOUR hair give you powers?"

Seeing the man shake his head no, Eon continued.

"Well neither does mine it is merely something unique about me and would take too long to explain. The important message you need to know is I am here to help however I can. I may look different but my resolve to help those I can help hasn't diminished one iota. Now if you will excuse me I have an appointment for dinner."

Eon held up his hand to shield his face then teleported away from the terminal.

Once away from the crowds, he called for Randy who arrived on the scene in a few minutes.

Seeing Eon's tattered clothes, Randy asked what he'd missed and Eon replied just hoards of my adoring fans.

Randy flew them back to San Francisco.


Back at the base, Eon donned a clean set of clothes and quickly composed an email to the other Wardens.


To: Knight, Amethyst, Delta Vee, Karex

From: Eon

Sorry about the press you will see, hopefully it is not too bad, will see you soon. Contact me if you need me.



After hitting send, he ported home with nothing but seeing Rebecca on his mind.

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