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Jeers to Robot Joe... Uh, Ted - Stories

Post-Session: 39

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 39.

Story - A Lost Brother and Lost Memories

Game Date: 2/9/2007  -  2/13/2007
Location: France and Wales

Who: Eon (Lazarus), Indigo

It was chilly that morning in Golden Gate Park as Judah walked along the path. Beside him was his companion Rebecca who hung on his arm as if there was no other place she belonged. The sun had just begun to breach the horizon a few moments before and no matter how many times he saw it, the sunrise always gave Eon a sense of renewal and reflection. The sun always rose and with it a new chance to do something in the world.

Rebecca and Judah walked quietly just enjoying the morning sounds eventually making their way back to the place they shared. Rebecca went off to the kitchen to begin some coffee and Judah decided to touch up a painting he was working on.

This one was inspired by the arrival of the beast they had found out was a demonhound. Judah had decided it was worth immortalizing with a portrait of sorts, in the background was a castle from his past. The image of this castle was rather unclear as it was with many of his memories. They came and went like the tides, sometimes clear as glass, mostly foggy and distorted like looking through a fogged up mirror.

The castle nagged at him for some reason that he could not fathom. It held an importance that was almost tangible now but was still a mystery. Judah was not even sure where the castle was from, it was European almost an earlier part of the 16th century he guessed. Whatever it was he needed to see if he could get to the bottom of this memory and why it was important now. This seemed a strange coincidence because the lead on Indigo's brother was also leading them to England. It was as if some unknown element was drawing him to the area. If there was one thing Judah had learned in his many years, it was that he did not tolerate being controlled or manipulated.

Judah walked into the kitchen to find Rebecca scanning the morning paper, reading more details on the encounter in the park. It would appear they were still in the news as it seemed destined to be.

"You know the information age sometimes leaves something to be desired. I long for the days when we had anonymity and privacy again."

She smiled as only she could and nodded her understanding.

"Rebecca I need to go on a trip, there are some leads on the case with Indigo's brother that bear following. It may take some time to follow them all."

Rebecca stood and looked at Judah, "Well I know you have your duty to the Wardens but something else is going on Judah, I know you. What's wrong?"

Even his crystalline face could not hide the concern for his future. "Something very odd is going on and I can't put my finger on it. All the followings and surveillance, now I am getting memories of a castle which feels important. The only way I can explain it is like when you know something but you can't articulate it. I must find out the truth behind what is happening and get some answers. In order to have a future I must make peace with the past. Do you understand?"

Rebecca stood with Judah and embraced him; they shared a long kiss and simply held each other. After what felt like an eternity, Judah whispered he would call and try to stay in touch but remember that he loved her more than anything.

Judah contacted the base and requested transport to the base then sent a scan of his painting to the Melinda for analysis. It would be a simple task to isolate images of known castles on the Internet and compare them to his painting. He might get lucky. He also checked to make sure that transport had been arranged for the duration of the trip. The agent on duty, after a quick check of the requisitions log, advised that the transport was available and arrangements had been made with the proper authorities.

Judah gathered some extra suits and changes of clothes. His comm unit beeped signaling they were at the door waiting for him. Judah handed his bag to the driver and asked for a moment. Looking through the house, he found Rebecca standing in the rear bay window looking out into the garden. She was almost heavenly with the glow of sunlight going through her. Walking over he came up behind her and embraced her, planted a kiss on her neck and then slowly turned her to face him.

"I have to go, love you, don't worry I will be back before you know it."

She smiled and nodded as she knew that was what was expected being involved with a Warden. She also knew there was nothing else on the planet she would want more.

The trip to the base was about getting the details straight before departing; he checked with Melinda and the analysis of the painting was still underway. Once at the base, he gathered some supplies and basic gear in case they ran into trouble. He also grabbed some recording gear for detailing the findings should they come across anything interesting.

Judah hit the communicator and asked for Indigo, the mage finally responded, "Good morning Indigo, how are this fine day?"

"I am well Eon, what do you need?" she sounded as if he still made her slightly uncomfortable.

"I was wondering if you were ready for our trip. We are going to Europe to do some sightseeing and look for leads on your brother."

There was a momentary pause, "Just you and me are going?"

"Yes just you and I will be making this journey; I think we can handle something this mundane. Please meet me in the hangar in thirty minutes. "

Judah called up Melinda's castle search data and reviewed the information then asked for a print out of the search data and the information on the lead on Indigo's brother. After getting organized, Judah walked to the hangar to find Indigo standing there with her backpack and staff. She nodded to the armful of papers and other gear in Eon's possession.

"Ah well if I am going on a trip I always need a few things. Just tilting at windmills again, you know me."

Indigo looked at Eon with a puzzled look, "Why would you tilt at windmills?"

Judah shook his head for second, "So how are you getting on here? Do you like our little planet?"

"It is quite different than mine," replied Indigo. "I am still unsure about your metal carriages that move without horses, live or clockwork, and the screaming metal dragons you have in the skies, their wings do not move. How do they say aloft?"

Judah saw that she was out of her element here and hoped that getting her out of the base would help her get acclimated.

"Indigo are you ready to go?"

She simply nodded an acknowledgement as getting into the metal dragon made her nervous. He walked up the ramp on the transport and stowed his gear.

"I will go with you on one condition Eon."

Judah turned his head her way as he found her staring at the bottom of the ramp still.

"Only if you promise to explain to me what a crapanchino is."

It was to be a long trip but the small corporate jet that the Radley Foundation had lent them was very comfortable. Besides, taking a commercial flight with his appearance would have been problematic at best.

Judah further reviewed the results of Melinda's search. It had found five castles that could be a possible match. They were mostly in northern France with one in western England. Looking at the locations Judah sent an email to the group explaining that Indigo and he were going to do some sightseeing in Europe in addition to trying to find some information on her brother.


Good morning fellow Wardens,

Indigo and I have left to investigate the leads on her brother. Hopefully, the investigation will bear fruit. We will be using the Radley Foundation jet for sometime and will be contacting you regularly.

Please try not to destroy the world while we are gone.

Knight, please keep an eye on Rebecca. Something very odd is going on as images of a castle have been appearing in my paintings recently, it has some importance but I am unsure as to what yet.

Safe travels all.

We will see you soon and I will take good care of our visitor.

- Judah


The flight proved useful as Judah took time to explain to Indigo how many of the 'strange' things of this world worked. It was like teaching a child as her understanding of physics and sciences were quite different due to her culture. She understood the principles enough to grasp the concepts. Her intellect was very keen for someone who grew up in a fishing village.

Judah also took some time to brief Indigo about the cultures of France and England introducing her to various cities and their local nuances. She was always amazed at how quickly he seemed to know something about a place no matter where it was. It was as if he had been everywhere on this world.

During their discussions, Indigo changed the topic to Eon. "Judah, why do you look like you are made of glass? Are there more like you?" she asked.

Judah paused for a moment, "Well no, I do not believe there is anyone else like me, there are others similar to me on another world but no one like me. It is difficult to explain; I was in an accident and fused with otherworldly energies that transformed me into this."

Indigo looked at Eon and nodded her understanding, "What were you before this? You were human?"

Judah shook his head, "Human, well for the most part, I am what you could call an immortal."

Indigo shifted uncomfortably and inched away from Eon. "So, you can't die? That is not possible everything dies, except for the gods."

"Okay, well I do die I guess but I have an ability which allows my body to heal, a lot," responded Eon. "So, I have died but I have also come back. It is hard to explain but yes, I used to be human at one point. I still am I believe, this is just a period of strangeness, not sure if this is permanent or temporary."

Indigo looked at Eon with uncertainty, "What did you look like before?"

Judah used one of the on-board systems to access the Warden's data, he called up his file and images of his previous incarnations, the five they had on file filled the screen. Him with his white hair, then with black hair with a red stripe down the middle, then the John Battle look-a-like form, then with red hair with the yellow lightning bolt down the middle and lastly, with blue hair. They were all there.

Indigo blinked and then turned to Eon, "These are all you? You have strange hair. How is it possible for you to look so different?"

Judah cleared the screen, "It is me; I change appearance when I die. It is something I do not like doing it but it has happened more regularly as of late."

Indigo looked at Eon and then back at the pictures. His ever-changing appearance was like that of a deceiver from her world, an evil creature that tricked people by changing its appearance so it could kill and eat them. She made the excuse that she was tired and sat back in her seat closing her eyes.

The flight finished in silence.


Their first few days in France, they went from castle to castle looking for the one from Judah's memories. He had noticed they were being followed and suspected it was not her, that they were after. Rather than cause her unnecessary concern, Judah decided to keep the information private. The pursuers were not attempting to interfere but simply observe.

After not finding anything at the four castles in France, they headed for England.

Their first stop in England was to get information on the legend of der Berggeist, the Mountain Troll. The local paper actually had articles from the day of this creature. Judah was able to get the information sent electronically to Melinda; they could go over the details later. Using a local tourist directory, Judah was able to find a local historian who had knowledge of Operation Gotterdammerung. They met the elderly man and paid a fee for his time, the tour went through an old Welsh estate. The buildings were in serious need of repair. Their guide spoke in heavily accented English interspersed with Welsh-Gaelic on occasion. Fortunately, Judah was able to make out most of what he said but as a precaution, he recorded the interview. It turned out the 'troll' was a formidable warrior of considerable size and ability. As the stories gained in intensity so did the speed of the speech from their guide. Judah gave up trying to interpret all of it deciding he could replay the tales when they got back to base. In the end, the important fact was that the person who was the 'Troll' disappeared during the attack on the general's conference in Wales shortly before the D-Day invasion.

With the information on Indigo's brother in hand, their journey was coming to an end. Just one more castle to visit then back to San Francisco, they would be home before Valentine's Day just as Eon had planned.

The final castle, in an area known as Rhyllwyd, appeared deserted. It had been built by the Normans during their conquest of Wales. Brush and overgrowth had consumed the base walls and cutting through it was surely going to be a chore, but Indigo remedied the issue with a couple of waves of her hand. A blue wall of force plowed through the brush and undergrowth leaving a clear path to the open gate.

It was obvious from the look of the place that the only place that any clues as to why this castle was now at the forefront of his memories would be found underground. Searching through the ruins, Judah eventually found stairs leading to the cellar. With a couple of snaps and shakes, he activated a pair of chemical light sticks then handed one to Indigo to light the way. Judah walked down into the bottom level and began looking over the cellar.

The room lit up and gave substance to a partially disassembled laboratory. He was suddenly flooded with memories; there was a chair, something akin to an electric chair, and tables with restraints. The tidal wave of memories was too much and Judah staggered for a moment.

Indigo looked concerned and reached out a hand.

"I am fine, just give me a moment."

Judah remembered being tortured and experimented on here, there were men in lab coats, testing him, testing and doing something else but he could not tell what. One thing was certain his healing abilities interested them immensely. They had pushed his healing abilities to the limit and almost killed him.

It was only when they felt his blast that he was free.

It would take time to get the memories straight but for now, he knew where they were from. He requested the shoulder bag that Indigo was carrying. From it he took a camera and started taking video the entire room as well as pictures of anything that looked readable.

After a few minutes, the sound of heavy footfalls from upstairs interrupted him. Seeing shadows coming down the stairs, Judah grabbed Indigo by the arm and ducked behind a cabinet. A quick glance from behind their cover showed that their adversaries were armed with some type of rifle.

"I think it is time to leave," whispered Judah. It was something he had never tried before but not was as good a time as any. He grabbed Indigo's arm and reached for the shadows he had saw earlier on the south side of the castle. The power drain was greater than anything he experienced done before causing a chorus of high-pitched shrieks to go off in his head then they were standing outside in the shadow of a group of bushes.

Four ancient looking Land Rovers sat by the entrance. Judah snuck into the nearest vehicle and began looking for keys in the visor and under the floor mat. Indigo stepped in the passenger side staring at Eon.

She asked "what's wrong?"

Glancing up and with a brief sigh of resignation, Eon answered, "No keys."

The chorus sounded in his head, something is stopping a transfer of energy between the systems? Yes, thought Eon. Touch where, came the chorus. Eon placed his hand of the steering column. Once again he feels the power draining out of him and a pulse of energy flowed into the system starting the vehicle.

As they drove away, Judah caught sight of men exiting the castle. They all had features that resembled his long time pursers. He was close to something, what he did not know.

The jet was standing by to leave when Judah pulled up to it. Indigo with some encouragement from Judah boarded the plane; he then turned his attention to the vehicle for anything identifying it. No paperwork of any kind and the VIN plates had been removed; the vehicle was as clean

The flight home was quiet as Judah tried to sort the memories out from the flood. He began recording in his personal journal detailed accounts of their trip and the memories he saw. It was clear he was looking into something that was not supposed to be looked into.

On a better note, Indigo had gotten to see some of the world and when she got back home, she would tell the story about trying this thing called a crapanchino.

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