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Post-Session: 39

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 39.

Story - Wardens in Training?

Game Date: 2/17/2007  -  2/24/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Jaxton Gray and Thunder

The Knight emails Amethyst and Eon. He asks for input on training Trent, Katrina, Mei Lynn and Gianna, specifically keeping the training out of the public eye and what level of access they should have to Wardens facilities.

Amethyst's reply suggests giving them limited base access to the guest quarters and training room. She suggests that Jaxton could meet them at the tourist launch dock and escort them to the private entrance for members and staff. Then they can access the training facilities. She believes that this will keep them out of the media's eye. She also suggests the possibility of training at North Bay with Thunder and maybe even living there for a period of intensive training.

The Knight's reply indicates that he believes that there would be a media presence at the tourist launch dock.

Amethyst replies that the trainees should go to North Bay possibility living there and not train at the base with the team. A schedule can be put together for team members to go up to North Bay and help with the training there.

The Knight does some research on the media and there coverage of the Wardens' Alcatraz Island headquarters. He finds that they usually do not station themselves at the tourist launch dock but do sometimes hang out by the cottages where the publicly known entrances to the base are located.

The Knight calls a meeting to discuss the matter face-to-face.

Amethyst, Eon and Jaxton attend in person and Thunder attends via teleconference from North Bay. After the review of the email discussions, the meeting is open for comment.

Jaxton says he would be happy to help. He can take a car and pick the trainees up anywhere in the city then bring them over to the base in the Erne or Anhinga. Afterward, he can reverse the process and drop them off wherever they need to go.

Thunder says he will be happy to help as well. He can fly so if the trainees aren't afraid of flying, he can pick them up from anywhere in the area and take them back to wherever they need to go when the training session at North Bay is over.

There is some discussion about the trainees living at North Bay. It is noted that it would be easier for the older three as they would be graduating high school as well as turning eighteen in the next few months. For Gianna, it would be a different matter as she is only eleven going on twelve. They would need to provide for her basic educational needs in addition to training with her abilities as well as getting parental permission.

The Knight asks Thunder for a review of the training facilities at North Bay.

Thunder points out that the training facilities are not up to the level of the training room at the headquarters. He says that both the Cats and Kronians had trained at North Bay. There are workout facilities with exercise equipment that is upgraded to support low-level paranormal strength, reaction times and agility. There is also a firing range for practicing with ranged abilities as well as 'The Pit' for practicing close combat. The large grounds are used for obstacle course and capture the flag type exercises. These exercises are monitored by the estate's security systems for evaluation and training purposes.

After some more discussion, it is decided that after an initial evaluation period at the headquarters most of the training will be conducted at North Bay.

The plan is put into operation and the first evaluation session is held the next Saturday at the headquarters.

Jaxton only picks up the three older trainees as Gianna is busy working on a school project and her parents will not allow her to go out until it is finished. They mask up on the way to FSS Pier 13 and once there, they take the Erne to the island. When training is over, the trainees return to the mainland via the Erne then Jaxton drops them off a few blocks from the Ramon Marcel Community Center.

Record Last Changed Date: 4/12/2010

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