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Empire's Return - Stories

Post-Session: 4

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 4.

Story - Thoughts About Imperial Encounters

Game Date: 6/5/2004
Location: San Francisco, California

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

Maybe they should rethink their name, thought William. Then again, maybe I should observe more before I make any judgments. The Grand Empire didn't seem so grand to him. It's not the Holy Roman Empire, he thought. But the reports of their resiliency bothered him. He thought that most enemies disappeared when beaten until he thought of the French. His family had taken part in many victories against the French, but in the present Normandy was a department of modern France. The implications of this disturbed him. He quickly put the thought out of his mind. Instead he thought of the recent combat. They sent out lightly armored peasants, he thought. They had some...sergeants? In battlesuits. Modern armor was a marvel to behold. It even strengthens the wearer, thought William. Imagine what that would've done for Norman fortunes in my previous day. William smiled. We did well enough for ourselves. Then he scowled as he thought of such armor in the hands of the Welsh and indeed, the Saxons. He stifled a sacre bleu, and went out for a walk around the neighborhood. We shall have to see about the Grand Empire, he thought to himself.

He turned his thoughts to the sniper who brought down the Darkling Entity host. What an evil presence that must have been, he thought. Turn thy prayers to the soul of the host. What torment he must feel, knowing what was done to his body. William never considered that the host might not have even the tiniest clue about what "he'd" done. He tried not to consider the fact that the host might not wake up. More horrors, thought William. To have done that and not get the chance to repent. He resolved to ask the doctors for an immediate summons should the host wake up. He further resolved to ask one of the priests at Notre Dame des Victoires to say the Last Rites over him at the soonest possible convenience should he not wake. He was amused that Mark worried so long about him killing him when he woke up. Silly man-lover, William thought. If I was going to do that, I would have killed him before he was loaded on the ambulance where he was in sanctuary. William did appreciate the boost of quickness. Boost, he thought. How appropriate. He wondered if he could get a similar boost the next time he went dancing. Ah, if only he could teach Bridie how to dance like a Norman lady should...

He determined to speak to the Wardens about getting an apartment. Helena had been very kind, but it was time to stand on his own two feet. He didn't even think about the possibility that Bridie would want to join him. He could use someplace to be alone. He wondered where his horse had gone. He dimly remembered riding a horse against the Grand Empire peasants. But he distinctly remembered walking in and walking out. William was still a young man and he felt so. Forgetfulness didn't become him. But he still couldn't get to the bottom of where the horse was. He didn't think of asking the other Wardens. They'd just tell him he did it, and that would be a most fanciful and fantastic assertion, as was the idea that he was responsible for knocking Kika from the air during training.

He turned his thoughts to Notre Dame des Victoires. He thought that it was the perfect place to celebrate a victory. He thought that the agents of the Grand Empire would have been hung as felons had they been in his Crossing March. Now, they would be arrested for assault and conspiracy. Throw them in the gaol. If he couldn't say dungeon, he'd say the modern term the right way, by St. Michael. He thought of riding to church back in Crossing March to be with God. It was something he could hold on to.

The businessman was walking home from work when he passed a well dressed red-headed man going the other way. He tried, but he couldn't drive the horse whinny from his mind.

Record Last Changed Date: 2/26/2006

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