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Post-Session: 40

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 40.

Story - A Trip into the Past, Syria

Game Date: 3/5/2007  -  3/11/2007

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Eon decides to offer his help with the Roman ruins being excavated in Syria and sends an email to Professor Ouseph Khoury.


To: Professor Ouseph Khoury
From: Eon
Cc: Wardens
Subject: Roman Ruins and Gideon Valerian

Greetings Professor Khoury,

I am Eon from the Wardens.

I have been reviewing your research on the Roman ruins near Keffa and in particular your findings on Gideon Valerian. I believe I could be of some assistance in your research as I have extensive experience in the field of history and archeology.

If you wish for me to fly to your location, I can make arrangements.

I look forward to meeting you.



The reply came quickly with some enthusiasm from the professor.

Within twenty-four hours, Judah was on a flight to Damascus, Syria.

He convinced Rebecca to come along this time as flying alone looking like he did would be rather uncomfortable. To his surprise, the two of them were provided first class tickets.

The flight provided few issues but many curious looks even with his large hat, gloves, trench coat and high collar, it was difficult to miss that Eon was not normal. Still he did his best to blend in.

The flight was quiet and long.

Rebecca and he talked about things, she asked about his past again. He told her about the memories from the recent visit to the castle and what he had managed to uncover. He also brought up some of the memories that were from the time he was using his alias Gideon Valerian.

Near the end of the flight as Eon was gathering his belonging from the overhead, he felt a tug on his sleeve. He turned around and was confronted by an attractive blonde flight attendant accompanied by a young boy. Not more than 10 years old, he looked almost giddy.

"I am sorry to bother you sir but this young man asked if he could meet you," stated the flight attendant. "Are you the Warden known as Eon?"

Eon was stunned for a moment, "Umm yes I am. What can I do for you?"

The young man nervously held up a small book with a pen.

"Can I get your autograph? You are my favorite. You saved my brother last year he was in the bus accident. Thank you for saving him."

Eon took the book and pen, "Who should I make this out to?"

"My name is Devin and my brother is Charlie."

Eon made out two signatures with one to each boy. "There you go Devin, thanks for being a fan."

The boy turned away and began to walk with flight attendant back to his seat. He stopped for a second and turned back to Eon.

"I like the way you look now. You look like a real life action figure. Thanks Eon."

Eon smiled and was flustered for a moment.

Rebecca nodded to him, "If you had any color in your cheeks I would almost say you are blushing."

Eon continued to unload the bags and just smiled.

They were met by a limousine and after a brief stop at their hotel to put there suitcases in their suites, they were chauffeured to Syrian University.

The afternoon was spent meeting with the professor and going over the data from the site. That evening, Professor Khoury treated Eon and Rebecca to dinner at Jamirah, one of the finest local restaurants. They discussed the dig, the historical era of the villa and his findings. Eon spoke with great expertise about the site and era as well as sharing little tidbits that hinted at even more.

As the night grew late, Professor Khoury begged his leave as he had to rise early the next morning. He dropped Eon and Rebecca at their hotel before telling them he would she them in the morning.

Judah was feeling rather passionate and the exotic environment also seemed to have an effect on Rebecca and the couple spent the rest of the night in intimacy. It was something they had had to relearn each time his form had changed and his last change had been pretty radical compared to the others.

His companions always seemed intrigued with human sexuality and intimacy. Judah tried not to pay attention to the voices but they were ways there in the back of his mind. Once he was alone was able to speak to them and answer their questions, most of the time. It was like explaining things to a child and overall, Judah usually found the experience more tiresome than helpful.


Eon had taken Professor Khoury aside on the second day and after gaining a promise of confidentiality revealed the fact that he was an immortal. Eon then explained to the professor that the reason he knew so much about the era was because he was the one known as Gideon Valerian.

After his revelation, Professor Khoury had many questions for Eon and the next several days were spent answering those questions. The professor instructed his research assistants to ask whatever they wanted to know about the site and the era as he trusted Eon's knowledge on the subject implicitly.

Rebecca spent some of her time shopping. The rest observing and listening to the conversations between Eon and the research team being the true scientist she was.

The trip lasted seven days and by the end of it, Eon had provided significant assistance to the team.

Eon spoke with Professor Khoury on the final day asking the man to forward any further information found on Gideon Valerian to him in San Francisco. The professor promised that he would do so; he also thanked Eon for sharing his history.


On the flight back, Eon and Rebecca discussed the era he had helped the professor with and what it had been like living during that time.

Eon also confided in Rebecca his concerns about the inevitable confrontation with his pursuers.

The flight was very uneventful and quiet, Eon and Rebecca deplaned to find the double takes and stares were there still.

Had he been more focused on his surrounding, Eon might have noticed the two observers in the back row of the plane. Both had dark hair, brown eyes and olive skin. They also looked a little overdressed in their dark suits on a plane full of casually attired travelers.

Eon sent an email notifying the Wardens of their return and that they would be in tomorrow.

Eon and Rebecca spent the evening unwinding at home. They shared a long hot bath together before she fell asleep in his arms.

As Eon watched Rebecca sleep, he made a list of things to attend to in the morning, first on the list was to begin aggressively looking into the issue of the connection between him and the Xenexis. There was also the question of his newfound abilities; it was time for more testing.

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