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Yricians, Dolphins, Brothers - Stories

Post-Session: 41

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 41.

Story - Dumping on Dolphins

Game Date: 3/20/2007

Who: Wardens

Melinda provides the Wardens with a report on chemical warfare agents and radioactive waster dumping off the coast of San Francisco by the United States military in the late fifties and sixties.


Off San Francisco, California
Producing Country: United States
Disposing Country: United States

Confirmed Disposals

Multiple dumps occurred near these coordinates.

(1) On April 19, 1958, 301,000 M70 mustard gas bombs and 1,479 1-ton containers of lewisite were dumped near these coordinates. These munitions were loaded into the SS William Ralston. The Ralston was then scuttled in 13,542 feet of water. The materiel originated from the Navajo and Tooele Army depots.

(2) Between April 8, 1958 and May 25, 1958, crews dumped 1,542 tons of lewisite (bulk and encapsulated in munitions), 9,030 tons of mustard gas (bulk), and 9 tons of nitrogen mustard gas (bulk).

(3) On May 25, 1958, the following weapons were loose dumped near these coordinates: 6 M47 mustard gas bombs, 11 1-ton containers of HN (nitrogen mustard gas), 335 1-ton containers of lewisite, and 2 mustard gas projectiles. These weapons originated from Tooele Army Depot in Utah, United States.

(4) May 1958, an unknown number of chemical munitions that could not fit into the Ralston were loaded onto a barge and towed to sea by the tug Sea Lion, where they were thrown over the side at an undisclosed location.

(5) Between January 16, 1960 and November, 21, 1968, an unknown number of 55-gallon drums containing low-level radioactive waste were dumped at three designated sites at the southwest corner of the Farallon Islands National Marine Sanctuary.


The report also contains information on several Bay Area environmental groups and scientific research groups that are pushing for the clean up of the dumping areas.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/11/2010

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