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Post-Session: 41

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 41.

Story - Marsa meets Wythe of Rowen

Game Date: 3/22/2007

Who: Indigo

The gentleman presents his credentials to the Wardens' receptionist and is escorted to the security checkpoint at the Wardens headquarters. Once his information is verified, Corporal Lauren Smith escorts him to the common area lounge.

When she leaves, Wythe drops his glamour crafting to reveal his true appearance and waits for Marsa.

Marsa arrives at the common area lounge and sees a handsome young gentleman with silver hair and blue eyes. He wears the robes of a worker of magecraft and the aura of power about him is apparent even without her spirit sight.

He introduces himself as Wythe of Rowen. When Marsa does not show any sign of recognition, he explains that Rowen is one of the Atlantean Provinces on Terra.

He then offers her what he calls the Sorceror's Courtesy. She may study his aura, if she, in turn, allows him to study hers.

Marsa remembers tales of Atlantis from when she was training with her master, Albinas. It was lost beneath the waves as the result of a great war with its enemy Mur, which also sunk beneath the waves. The Atlantean workers of magecraft called themselves Sorcerors and their enemy, Mur was the homeland of the Demon-kin.

Marsa declines the offer of the Sorceror's Courtesy.

Wythe explains that he had heard about her encounter with the demonhound and wanted to warn her about who might be behind its attack on her. He explains that all previous demonhounds that have been encountered on Earth have been in the service of Demon-kin masters from Terra. He believes the one that attacked her is a servant to a Golothan Prince who was stranded on Earth about forty years ago. Wythe goes on to explain that the Golothan Prince's family, retainers and some soldiers had been stranded with him. He said that they may be after her because she is a recent arrival from Terra and that she may be able to help them get back home.

Marsa says that she does not have a way back to Terra. She tells him about her master dying at the hand of the Dark One after opening the portal to transport her here.

Wythe explains that he is from the Atlantean Province of Rowen and was born in Acadia City. He arrived on Earth in 1946 when he tried to activate an ancient Atlantean gate artifact. He says that he lived in the New Orleans area after his arrival and had moved to the San Francisco area a few years ago.

He asks Marsa where she is from and she tells him a fishing village on the coast of the Black Sea. He tells her that he does not recognize the place she describes as an Eastern Atlantean province. After further discussion, he determines that she is from an area known as the Darklands by the Atlantean provinces of the east.

When Marsa says that the Dark One is conquering the Principality in which she lived, Wythe is a bit taken aback and tells her that the Darklands, the Dark One's domain, had been known to the Atlantean provinces for over a generation. The Dark One's conquests were not a recent event.

After further discussion, they agree that something in the portal working that brought her here had moved her across time as well as across dimensions.

Marsa consents to the Sorceror's Courtesy. She studies Wythe's aura and he in turn studies hers.

Wythe says that if she needs anything further from him that he can be contacted at the Moorland Estate in Napa Valley.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/11/2010

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