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Yricians, Dolphins, Brothers - Stories

Post-Session: 41

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 41.

Story - Visions of Brother's Past

Game Date: 3/25/2007

Who: Indigo

Marsa's Journal - Entry Date 3/25/2007


Last night I had a disturbing vision it was all due to visiting that castle in England we went to a few weeks ago. I thought it was me remembering the times with my brother when we went fishing together, it was not. My brother had visited a secret part of those woods were he killed someone and burned a village.

The vision starts different this time, my brother goes to a small village to change them, but something prevented the villagers from changing. Having failed, he tries to relieve his frustrations by herding the villagers into a barn and setting it and the village on fire.

A girl escapes and he sees her running. He starts chasing her in a wild rage. He looks little different from a hungry animal.

I can see the beautiful, small girl running. He catches up to her then does horrible things to her. I see him leaning over her with blood dripping from his mouth then he looks up, right at me and I wake with a start.

I got up and Spirit Walked to the place where in my vision I had seen my brother chasing and killing that poor girl.

There I saw her body covered by leaves with part of her hand sticking out.

I came back to my body and started crying.

I can now see my brother's thoughts and the worst part is I have to see his killing people in the past.

I will tell the Wardens of what happened this very disturbing night.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/11/2010

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