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Yricians, Dolphins, Brothers - Stories

Post-Session: 41

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 41.

Story - Revenge of the Paperwork

Game Date: 3/30/2007  -  4/3/2007

Who: Karex

Karex scanned the ocean floor until he spotted the partly buried crate.

In his haste to transfer his collection of velvet paintings to a safer storage facility, he had inadvertently left behind the crate of official Yrician diplomatic forms. Well, not inadvertently so much as intentionally to delay having to deal with the nasty time-consuming aggravating pieces of hi-tech paper. Luckily, it had survived the prolonged submersion intact, not that surprising really, considering water was one of his species natural habitats.

In any case, the recent conversation with the Wardens about his desired transmission to the cloaked satellite, although he had to lie quite a bit about its nature, had reminded him that he still had a duty to perform. While Captain Hurg of the supply ship had deprived him of his scout ship and all of his advance technology, Hurg had no authority to revoke Karex’s status as this world’s assigned Scout Observer. That meant that upon the native species becoming aware of the Yricians, he was still charged with handling initial diplomatic contact. The piddling fact that he did not have authorization to make initial contact and may have his status revoked once the High Council gets around to ruling on the matter didn’t change his current duty.

Karex dragged the crate on shore and popped it open. Good. All the forms were intact. Holographic seals, far beyond the most advanced earth technology, were in place on each form. He picked up one of the documents that had been in English and held it for a moment. As expected, the embedded auto-translation device in the document caused the words to shift back to his native Yrician. He snapped the lid back in place and headed back to the base.

Karex sighed as he finished sorting the documents into piles.

Notification of Request for Limitation on Uplift Protocols for Native Sentients; Notification of Request for Technological Assistance; Notification for Request for Protection as Endangered Sentient Subspecies; Notification of Request for Respect of Local Tribal Borders and Establishment of Immigration and Trade Protocols, on and on they went.

The High Council seemed to delight in having a form for every possible concern and to make each unnecessarily long and complicated. Karex shrugged as he boxed each of the piles of documents separately.

He set aside one box of documents for the United States as he planned to take them to his meeting with their representative the next day.

The others he set aside to deal with later after he had had some lunch and dinner, maybe a midnight snack.


A few days after his meeting with Ms. Yates of the U.S. State Department, Karex looked at the boxes of forms sitting in the corner of his consular residence and decided it was time to finish processing them.

Maybe one of the other countries would give him a full-fledged Embassy instead of just a Consulate-General.

He started putting mailing labels on the boxes.

One to the closest thing this planet had to a world government, the United Nations; one to Russia; one to China; one to France, just because he liked their food.

As he was about to place a mailing label on the one for the Dolphins, he abruptly realized they didn’t HAVE a mailbox. Oh, well, he could deliver that one personally. It would give him a chance to help them fill out the forms...

Karex included instructions to send the filled out forms to the Yrician Consulate-General at the Warden’s base on Alcatraz Island. Of course, there was really no need to return them at all. The auto-translator device in the documents would transmit the information to the orbiting cloaked satellite as soon as the forms were completed without any need for Karex to take any additional steps. Still, it wouldn’t do to tell the humans that. It might diminish his all-important role as Consul-General.

When finished labeling the boxes, Karex asked Commander Petrova of the Wardens' security force to ensure that proper security was provided for the delivery of the consular documents to the local postal authorities.

He sat aside the one for the Dolphins and watched as a couple of security force members loaded the others onto a cart then took them away.

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