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Yricians, Dolphins, Brothers - Stories

Post-Session: 41

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 41.

Story - Meeting with the State Department

Game Date: 3/31/2007

Who: Karex

Karex arrives at the Federal Building to attend the meeting with his legal counsel, Lincoln Jared, in tow.

They are shown to a conference room with a female occupant. She invites them to have a seat then starts the meeting after they have done so.

She introduces herself as Greta Yates, the State Department Senior Foreign Affairs Officer who was assigned the Yrician request for establishment of a diplomatic mission and Embassy.

Yates explains in a pleasant, upbeat and friendly manner that Karex's initial legal status was issued based on an agreement between Orion and the U.S. Office of Paranormal Oversight that applies to beings of non-planetary origin. The agreement was setup to allow for the provision of legal documents to individuals not originating on Earth and was first used for issuance of documentation for law-abiding individuals originating from other dimensions. Karex is the first individual of extra-terrestrial origin to be documented under the agreement.

When Karex, as a representative of the Yrician government, requested the establishment of an Yrician Embassy, it exceeded the scope of the Orion/OPO agreement. As such, it was referred to the U.S. State Department and in turn to Ms. Yates.

There is no precedent for acting on the Yrician request as the United States government has not established diplomatic relations with the Yrician Confederacy. Additionally, diplomatic protocols have not been followed; specifically, reciprocal visits between representatives of the United States and the Yrician Confederacy. As such, after consideration the request for establishment of a diplomatic mission and Embassy is being declined with the presentation of an alternate proposal as a means to start the process for establishing diplomatic relations between the two governments.

Based on the information in the request, the purpose of the diplomatic mission and Embassy was the establishment of a facility to educate visitors on Yrician culture and to establish friendly relations between the people of Earth and the Yrician race. Under these conditions, the U.S. State Department is prepared to allow the establishment of a Consulate-General facility on Alcatraz Island. Additionally, Karex will be recognized as the Consul-General, Representative of the Yrician Confederacy until a change of diplomatic status is received from the Yrician Confederacy.

Karex patiently notes, "My request is fully in line with universally accepted interstellar diplomatic protocols. However, your counter-offer will be sufficient for my needs and I shall, of course, inform my superiors that the United States desires that our first formal diplomatic embassy be established in a geographic location outside their sphere of influence. I do not believe that shall prove an insurmountable difficulty."

Karex paused a moment, before continuing, "You are aware, of course, that until the Unites States submits a signed form 401981z, 'Notification of Request for Respect of Local Tribal Borders and Establishment of Immigration and Trade Protocols', such request has undergone the formal review process, and a formal treaty is presented to and ratified by your government that under Interstellar law, all sentient beings are free to visit, reside upon, and engage in standard commerce practices within the United States, without restriction, taxation, or hindrance by the native population? By native population, I, of course, include the United States government and all its subdivisions. I wished to make sure you were aware of this fact, since a violation of such diplomatic norms can have serious repercussions, perhaps even result in the interdiction of your planet. Such would, of course, almost certainly be the result if humanity was responsible for the recent destruction of a peaceful Yrician vessel."

Ms. Yates responds to each of Karex's statements maintaining her pleasant, upbeat and friendly manner.

"It is apparent by both of our statements that there are differences in the diplomatic protocols that each side is accustom to operating under. I am glad that you have chosen to open the Consulate-General facility on Alcatraz Island as we have much to learn from each other."

"As for where the Yrician Confederacy chooses to establish its first formal diplomatic embassy, the United States would be happy to host the first diplomatic mission once formal diplomatic relations are established. In regards to participating in existing treaties recognized by non-terrestrial governmental entities, the United States will be happy to review any treaties and documentation related to such as part of the process of establishing formal diplomatic relations with the Yrician Confederacy. Trade and commerce regulations as well as matters of territorial boundaries and sovereignty are also issues that will be discussed and reconciled during the establishment of formal diplomatic relations."

"As per my earlier comments, it is apparent that one of the first things that will need to be negotiated is the rules and protocols that will govern further negotiations."

"I am unaware of the destruction of any Yrician vessel and am sorry to hear of your loss. If there is a need for aid in or investigation of this matter, the United States will be happy to provide any assistance we can render."

Karex eyes Yates carefully. Interesting... obviously, she has received some training... good.

Karex smiles brightly in return, but not so brightly as to scare her with his teeth, as he replies, "Indeed the loss of the ship was quite tragic. While I am not aware of the specific function of that particular vessel, it did appear that an unknown number of escape pods were successfully released prior to the crash. So, in regards to aid, it would be quite helpful if transportation was provided to Alcatraz for any lost Yricians so I may provide them with a thorough briefing on local culture and customs."

Ms. Yates responds continuing to maintain her pleasant, upbeat and friendly manner.

"Mostly certainly, it is the least we can do under the circumstances. We will also post a diplomatic bulletin endorsing the recognition of your current residence and any other designated areas at the Wardens headquarters as the Yrician Consulate-General until a permanent facility is constructed."

Karex reaches into his briefcase and pulls out a copy of the report Melinda provided and hands it over to the officer. "Speaking of diplomatic protocol, what is your government's current stance towards the population of Dolphins who were altered by chemical warfare agents and radioactive waster dumped off the coast of San Francisco by the United States military in the late fifties and sixties? I am unsure if you are aware, but a fair number have developed human-level intelligence and at least one is a powerful psionic. If you wished to establish communications with them, I equipped the Warden base's computer with a basic translation program. I would be happy to provide you with a copy if you wish."

"I was unaware of the existence of such a population of dolphins," replies Ms. Yates. "It certainly bears investigation by specialists in the field and there should be consideration given as well to establishing emergency protection measures for the population in question while the investigation is underway. I am sure that your translation program could have a key role in the investigation, this is the type of information sharing that I am sure will benefit both of our peoples."

Karex ponders a moment, and then reassuringly adds, "Just because they are a peaceful aquatic species with which we have much in common, do not be concerned that my people will necessarily give them preferential treatment. Many of my kind find you humans quite interesting. Particularly the activities of those you call paranormals."

"I am sure that both sides will approach all negotiations with open minds and a willingness to work together to gain a better understanding of each other," responds Ms. Yates.

Ms. Yates presents Karex with several documents regarding the recognition of the Yrician Consulate-General by the U.S. Department of State and Karex's posting as Consul-General.

There is also a packet of information from the Alcatraz Foundation Preservation Society. It requests the requirements for the facility that will house the Yrician Consulate-General. There is also a request that any facility erected on the island comply with the restoration plan established to ensure the historical and cultural significance of the island.

Karex reviews the packet of materials with interest, then nods, and removes a much larger packet of complex forms from his briefcase and slides it over to officer Yates, "Here is a copy of the forms you will need to fill out for the interstellar community to recognize the United States as a separate tribe with established territorial boundaries and the right to restrict access to its lands and people."

Ms. Yates says she will review the information and speak with you if she has any questions.

Additionally, she says that she will be the Foreign Affairs Officer for Yrician matters and if you or your staff needs anything from the State Department contact her for assistance.

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