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Post-Session: 41

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 41.

Story - Karex Corporation and the Yrician Cultural Trust

Game Date: 4/4/2007

Who: Karex

Karex walks into the conference room, holding a sheath of papers in one hand, which he tosses down onto the table with a sigh, "Well. Things didn't go quite as well as I had planned. The U.S. State Department is prepared to allow the establishment of a Consulate-General facility on Alcatraz Island. Additionally, I will be recognized as the Consul-General, Representative of the Yrician Confederacy until a change of diplomatic status is received from the Yrician Confederacy."

"So... any suggestions on how to handle finances?"

"Should I see about establishing a treasury account in the name of the Confederacy or just arrange all financing through my personal identity?"

"My major concern is, of course, that working with the Wardens there is always the possibility of property damage during the apprehension of native earth paranormal criminals..."

Jared looks at Karex and says, "The judgment from the State Department was a good result. They have started the process of establishing formal diplomatic relations and by recognizing you as Consul-General they have given you legal status that can be worked with."

The first thing he suggests is setting up a trust to manage the Consulate-General finances. It could be called the Yrician Cultural Trust and would be shielded from any federal, state or local taxes. Once the trust is setup, it should be given a large interest in Karex Corporation. This will shield most of the corporation's income from taxes. He suggests that the Trust own at least 60% of Karex Corporation.

Jared also requests a 20% interest in Karex Corporation as compensation for current and all future legal services.

He goes on to explain that if the Trust has 60% and his firm has 20% that would leave 20% for Karex's personal endeavors outside of any official Yrician business.

On the question of the Consulate-General facility being in danger from paranormals, he says that he does not believe it would be in any more danger than any other consulate. He also points out that the Wardens' control Alcatraz Island making the location of the facility much more secure than most consulate sites.

Jared also suggests that Karex follow up with the Wardens and get the same contractors they used to build their headquarters to build the Consulate-General facility.

Karex rustles his wings idly as he considers, "Alright. We'll do it that way. Get it started as soon as possible. Far as the contractors go, shouldn't a problem. Melinda can bring up a list."

He ponders a moment then explains, "Melinda is the Warden's expert system, an advance simulated computer intelligence."

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