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Yricians, Dolphins, Brothers - Stories

Post-Session: 41

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 41.

Story - Yricians in the News

Game Date: 4/6/2007

Who: Wardens

Melinda notifies the Wardens of two recent news reports involving sightings of Yricians.


TV-32 Late Night News

The newscast opens with cell-phone video of a badly damaged car being flown through the air by two bronze-scaled Yricians, each wearing colorful shirts emblazoned with the logo of 'Carlos's Auto Body Repair.'

Next, the footage switches to ace reporter Trini Calderon, outside of Carlos's shop. After she announces her presence and knocks, the door slightly opens, revealing a suspicious-looking Yrician.

Gregix grumbles, "Whachawant?"

Trini forcefully asks in reply, "You were observed flying through the downtown area of San Francisco carrying a badly damaged car, startling a number of our viewers and raising a host of questions. Are you another self-professed alien like the golden-scaled member of the Wardens? Why are you here? Why were you hauling a damaged car around mid-air?"

Gregix mumbles to himself in Yrician for a moment, and then finally replies in English

"Look, the tow truck was in the middle of an oil change and this lady called in. Said she was in an accident and needed her car fixed, so my buddy and me decided to just fly down and pick it up. Used to haul a lot heavier things a lot further back home, so it weren't no big deal. Yes, we are aliens but I wouldn't consider myself as being 'like' Karex. He is a hero and an inspiration. He did what none of our kind had done for thousands of years. He is what inspired me and Wrixton and all the others to come to earth to join him!"

Trini starts a moment, "Others? How many Yricians are currently on this planet?"

Gregix abruptly looks guilty, "Ummm... Forget I said that. I don't think some of them wanted... Ummm... muck, muckity muck, muck to the third power. Look, it was just one ship full, nothing for you humans to be worried about; it's not as if millions of colonists have landed or anything. Ummm... I don't think I should talk to you any more."

With that, Gregix slams the door shut.


TV-32 Morning News

The morning news opens with footage of ace reporter Trini Calderon, outside of the Akihito's Sushi House restaurant. She announces, "This is Trini Calderon bringing you the latest on another Yrician sighting. Mr. Akihito, several of your customer's called our station last night after the evening news indicating that an orange-scaled Yrician came into your restaurant last night. Is this true?"

Mr. Akihito nods vigorously.

"Did the Yrician say anything to you while he was inside your establishment?" queries Trini.

The owner nods, "Yes. He order our super-supreme sushi platter and much sake. Paid with gold coin worth $1000. While eat and drink, said he came here from another world to regain his honor. Defeat all Earth paranormals to prove Warrior caste superior and regain his fans."

Trini blinked in surprise, "His... fans?"

Mr. Akihito nods, "Yes. Say fought in arena at home. But battle too safe, no one get hurt. Fans start watching new battles, paranormal battles from Earth. Stop coming to arena. Not good. Peaceful civilized race. No war. Not much for warriors to do... very, very depressing for warriors. If win, he regain audience, win glory. If fail, prove Earth paranormals threat. Warriors gain influence. Big military build-up. Win, win. But, he have stay on Earth rest of life, only other colonists for company."

Trini slowly replied, "I see... This is the second report in as many days of Yrician 'colonists' here on Earth. We will have coverage from the new Yrician Consulate-General during the News at Noon."

Record Last Changed Date: 5/11/2010

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