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Post-Session: 42

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 42.

Story - Alcatraz Foundation and Yrician Consulate-General

Game Date: 4/9/2007

Who: Karex

Chantico Ravilias, the Alcatraz Foundation Preservation Society's Facilities Director, sends an email to Karex regarding picking a site for the Yrician Consulate-General.

In it, she says that the AFPS has a site that they believe would be an ideal location for the Yrician Consulate-General Facility.

There was a third apartment building located on the south side on the island near the other two apartment buildings. The first two apartment buildings are used by the Wardens as vehicle hangars. Plans for the third apartment building were completed as it was to be a part of the Wardens compound but in the end, it was not needed.

Those plans provided for a structure that was 50 feet by 150 feet with four floors above ground and two basement floors for a total of 45,000 square feet. There were also plans for the two basement floors to be expanded to 100 feet by 300 feet which would have increased the total space for the facility to 90,000 square feet.

Using the same contractors that constructed the Wardens complex, modular construction techniques and current construction prices it would cost from $11.25 million to $45 million to build the facility. The cost would depend on construction style, standard or armored, and interior finishing. This cost is for a facility functionally similar to an office building with basic office computers, networking systems, communication systems, security systems and backup power systems as well as residential suites. There would be additional costs for advanced systems and specialized laboratory facilities

The estimated completion time for Phase I of the project would be three months. This would include the finishing of the outer shell of the facility, engineering plant and twenty interior office or residential suite modules. The completion time for Phase II would depend on the final building configuration and special systems and could range from an additional three months to over a year.


Karex reviews the proposed site plans, then happily sends off a note agreeing to the site.


Chantico Ravilias follows up with Karex and asks when he wants to sign the contract to get construction underway.


After signing the necessary documents for Chantico Ravilias to get construction started, Karex heads out to his first meeting with his newly hired staff.

Karex pushed open the double doors and strode confidentially into the conference room. His voice resonating with command overtones, he addressed the gathered individuals, "Welcome to the first official staff meeting of the newly formed Yrician Cultural Trust. The two bronze-scaled Yricians at the end of the table are Gregix and Wrixton. They are of the Fixer caste. Think of them as scientists, inventors, and mechanics combined. Currently they are undergoing an intensive program to learn English and familiarize themselves with Earth technology. However, I expect them to be making a major contribution to our enterprise in the near future. Why don't the rest of you introduce yourselves? I'll translate for the fixers."

A silver-haired man with a dark complexion and hard gray eyes rose and nodded to the group, "My name is Abe Bernstein. I will be serving as the chief executive of the Yrician Cultural Trust and managing the trust's interests in accordance with consul-general's instructions."

A much shorter man with jet-black hair and acne-scarred skin, wearing none-too-clean jeans and a 'Geeks rule' t-shirt, rose and nervously cleared his throat before announcing in a voice just a bit too loud, "I'm Charles Leiter. I'll be handling all the computer stuff; networking, programming, hardware and software both. I've already gotten a whole team of really bright college kids lined up to do most the work as unpaid interns."

A short heavy-set man in a cheap brown suit liberally decorated with ketchup stains, rose next and said, "I'm Joe Lebowitz, Joey to my friends. I've experience in mechanics, electronics, plumbing, demolitions, and construction; pretty much the whole kit-and-caboodle. I'm going to be assisting the fixers over there in figuring out how to use Earth tech without blowing themselves to kingdom come and keeping them from getting too distracted when they got an important job to do." Joe gave Karex a wink and added, "Don't worry boss. I know how to deal with eggheads. All you have to do is ask and I'll make sure they get it done."

A tall thin gentleman in a severe black suit rose next, "Greetings. My name is Irving Milberg and I'll be handling the finances for the corporation. I am pleased to announce that we have received offers of volunteer personnel and several sizable financial donations from a number of organizations and charities. Karex informed me that, as he serves as his people's representative to all of Humanity, he has chosen not to discriminate against any organization that offers such assistance, regardless of their political viewpoint, whether democracy, republicanism, communism, fascism, or feudalism. As such, I have only rejected a handful of offers of assistance, which were proffered from known terrorist front organizations."

A young man, no more than thirty, wearing a clean freshly pressed dark blue suit, rose next and announced in a clear well-practiced speaking voice, "My name is Harry Keywell. I am handling the outreach arm of the Yrician Cultural Trust; educational material, displays, demonstrations, press releases, etc. While an independent public relations firm will be handling Karex's personal image, my job will be to inform the general public about the Yricians as a whole."

Karex grinned as he rose once more.

"Good. Now that we've all been introduced, I'll tell you about my plans for the new Consulate on Alcatraz Island. It will be a structure 50 feet by 150 feet with four floors above ground and two basement floors of 100 feet by 300 feet, for a total of 90,000 square feet. We'll be using the same contractors that constructed the Warden's complex, using modular construction techniques."

"In accordance with my people's customs, the public portion of the facility will be divided into several sections, each reflecting a different caste."

"The explorer's section will contain displays, footage, and relics from my personal exploration of the Earth's oceans, educational material on the tribe of sentient dolphins living off the coast, and a communicator equipped with an English-to-Dolphin translator and two-way video relay to allow visitors to talk with the dolphins."

"For the warrior section, I'm going to have the fixers put together a functional replica of a warrior caste gladiator exoskeleton. I hope that we will be able to track down that orange-scaled Yrician and convince him to do some demonstrations for the public. In addition, I'd like to put an arena-combat simulator computer game for use by the general public."

"The fixer section will be a gadget demonstration area, where the fixers will display whatever amusements they can come up with to entertain and astound the public.

"The Hospitaler section will contain educational materials, educational displays, and the like."

"Now that we're all on the same page, let's get to work people!"

With that, Karex happily departed, heading back to his room at the Warden's base for a light snack followed by a nap.

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