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New Friends and an Old Horror - Stories

Post-Session: 42

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 42.

Story - In the Flesh...

Game Date: 4/18/2007

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Eon is working out in the training room with an FSS Response Support Unit agent. His concentration is suffering as thoughts about his life with Rebecca keep running through his mind.

Another momentary lapse of concentration allows an FSS agent to score a hit that causes Eon to experience a 'flashback.'

It is one he has had before and involves a battle with his enemy armed with blaster weaponry and wearing stylized armor that reminds him of American Indian clothing. Eon is hit with a blast by his enemy and pain lances through his head causing him to pass out.

Eon comes to and finds Stuart, one of the staff paramedics, kneeling over him with a blood soaked towel in his hand. Feeling no worse for wear and realizing that the blood is from a nosebleed, Eon reaches up to tell Stuart that he is okay.

Eon stops when he sees that his hand and arm are no longer crystal, he is flesh and blood again...

Eon sits up looking at his hands, "What in the name of Elvis happened?"

He stands and walks over to the mirror on the wall. He looks at his very human appearance and blinks.

Stuart coughs behind him, "Um are you okay sir?"

Eon runs his hand through his hair and feels the silky texture of the strands. Running his fingers over his arm, he feels the warmth of human skin and the blood pulsing under it.

He frantically turns to Stuart, "Stuart, quickly, send someone to my studio here and retrieve these things, then have them meet me in the medical lab. Thank you."

With that, Eon rattles off a list of items with which to recreate the image from his mind.

He begins walking to the door, stumbles and looks to his side as another guard lends him a hand.

"Get me to medical, alert the Dr. Sloan and Rebecca please."

Upon reaching medical, he is helped onto a treatment couch and various sensor pads are attached connecting him to the diagnostic instruments. He sits back and waits for the doctor to arrive.

One of the security staff arrives with the art supplies.

Eon takes the easel with purpose and begins framing the image from his flashback, in as much detail as possible. The man in the armor was significant but he couldn't remember why, images always helped him retain memories more vividly. This was where Eon had picked up his fascination with art.

After about fifteen minutes the doctors arrive, Dr. Sloan is followed by Rebecca who is unprepared for the sight before her.

"Judah? Is that you, you're human again. What happened?"

Judah ignores her for a moment and focuses on his painting. The image is crude and a draft but enough to start with later. He hands off the art piece to Stuart.

"Please have someone take this back to my studio and set it up. I will finish it later."

He turns to Rebecca, "I have no answers right now. I was sparring with the guards and lost my concentration. I was hit and had a flashback to my past. It was a battle between someone in power armor with blasters and me. During the fight I was struck with an energy blast and knocked unconscious, when I came to I was like this."

Stuart chimes in with the details of events while Eon was out, the doctor begins doing scans of Judah and says it will take some time to do a complete work up.

Judah looks at the doctor.

"Doc I need to know about the Xenexis, are they with me still, what happened to them?"

S. Alon looks at Judah and nods in acknowledgement of his concern.

"I do not have answers for you yet Judah, can you feel if you have your abilities still?"

Judah concentrates for a moment and focuses his mind to teleport, to his surprise nothing happens. Judah looks a little disturbed, reaching out his hand he points to the floor and floods his mind with push, squinting for a second only open his eyes and see the doctor, Rebecca and infirmary staff all looking at him.

"Okay doc now I am officially concerned, it appears my abilities are gone. Let's get some tests going."

Judah disrobes his workout suit and hears a gasp from Rebecca.

"What? What's wrong?"

He moves his hair and looks down. In the center of his chest is crystal formed crest in the shape of a tri-circular infinity symbol almost identical to the one he used to wear on his costume.

"Okay now that is officially weird."

Eon reaches into his mind again and looks hard internally for his companions.

"Are you still here?" he thinks.

Time passes with no reply then he hears a whisper.

"Yes, we are here. We sense you are confused," came the chorus.

"Well yes, what happened, are you guys okay? It looked like you were gone, then I saw this crystal. Is that you now?"

Again, there was silence and Judah could almost sense confusion.

"Yes... we had to... focus, yes... focus. This shape, we got it from your mind, it is very important to you," echoed the chorus.

Judah smiled at the simple gesture from them.

Then thought, "Okay well that was kind of you but I can no longer do any of the things I could do before. He again sensed confusion and bewilderment. He focused hard on images of him using his powers."

"We understand...," voiced the chorus. "There was a disturbance... things changed. We are still here; call on us when there is need. We will help."

Judah felt the shaking from the doctor then blinked from the light in his eyes.

"Judah, JUDAH! Where did you go?" queries S. Alon.

"Sorry doctor, I was talking to the Xenexis. This was their doing, it seems. They are still with me. Not sure what is going on though, let's get the tests done and see what we can find. Then I need to figure out what to do about my abilities."

Rebecca walks over and holds Judah's hand, "It is going to be okay Judah."

He smiles and closes his eyes as the tests are run.

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