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New Friends and an Old Horror - Stories

Post-Session: 42

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 42.

Story - Up, Up and Away, In My Beautiful Balloon

Game Date: 4/23/2007

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

The day was beautiful, the sun was shining and the world was perfect.

At least for Judah it was.

He was in his human form again after being trapped inside the crystalline shape for almost six months.

He looked down at the box in his hand as he opened it again. The ring was perfection in his mind, the platinum and gold band intertwined with the centerpiece gleaming bright. It was a black diamond, very rare and almost perfect in its clarity and form. It would have cost him quite a bit but he had traded the jeweler some of his paintings for the piece. The man believed the paintings would fetch much more than the cost of the ring in an auction.

Judah had reserved the chef terrace table at Meadow Wood for them. It was a beautiful little place in Napa Valley. It was a four-star restaurant but not one of those pretentious places where the high society types hung out. It was the kind of place that Rebecca loved turned up a notch. Judah had spoke with Chef Kostowe earlier in the week and they had discussed the menu and wine pairings in detail. When he had explained to the chef why everything needed to be perfect, the chef had assured him that it would be.

They were escorted to their special table on the terrace overlooking majestic redwoods and the Mayacamas Mountains with a window into the kitchen where they could watch the chef work.

Judah listened as the chef detailed the first course featuring lobster roasted in lime salt and a wine from 1963. Judah paused for a moment at the mention of the year. His thoughts drifted wondering where he was at during the making of the wine. The sound of Rebecca querying the chef shook his wandering attention back to the here and now.

Judah smiled at Rebecca as the couple enjoyed the lobster and wine.

Judah was extremely happy when they reached the third course as it featured Steak Diane; it was one of his favorites. He had come to love it during his days in France. When prepared correctly it would make the mouth water and hearts melt and Chef Kostowe had prepared it masterfully.

The evening went on as they enjoyed a quiet dinner that concluded with the chef's unique take on Baked Alaska.

Judah and Rebecca talked through the evening but even more non-verbal communication was going on. Rebecca was anxious and nervous about something and it was not the flames from the steak. Judah did not want to pry and chalked it up to being in an unfamiliar place.

As the pair left the establishment, Judah retrieved Rebecca's coat from the cloakroom. They headed to the door and were met by a multitude of bright flashes. Judah's instinctively covered Rebecca. She looked up from under Judah's arm and smiled.

"It's okay, it is just some paparazzi and they apparently recognized you."

Judah released her and stood up. He turned and smiled as some reporters asked questions, Judah just continued to smile. Judah took some time to sign a few autographs. One young fan smiled and made the remark that he missed him looking like an action figure. Judah smirked for a moment and considered that he was very happy not be trapped in the crystal form anymore. It had it perks but nothing would ever replace human skin-to-skin contact.

The valet brought the car around a moment later.

They climbed in and the driver headed up into the hills over looking the valley. It was late now about 10 pm, the moon was full and filled the sky. It looked so close that you could reach out and touch it. Rebecca dozed off under the influence of alcohol and the night.

After about thirty minutes, the driver pulled into a small drive that led to an overlook and parked.

Judah exited the vehicle, turned around and placed a blindfold over Rebecca's eyes. She woke from the motion and Judah quieted her momentary panic before carefully leading her to the surprise. He lifted her up and sat her on a padded bench. She noted the smell of propane in the air and reached for her blindfold.

Judah touched her hand. "Not yet, my love be patient."

He hit the lever and they rose up into the sky. Judah allowed about 15 minutes to pass before finally reaching around and untying the knot letting the blindfold fall away.

As her eyes adjusted, Rebecca realized they were no longer on the ground.

The balloon above her shadowed everything but the city and the moon provided light to alleviate the deepest of the shadows.

Judah wrapped his arm around Rebecca and held her tight. She was almost crying from the shear exhilaration of it all. The city lit up below them like an amusement park.

Judah coughed a bit, "Okay so I know this is a bit much and heaven knows I have put you through a lot but lately I have been thinking. You are the most incredible, intelligent, funny, courageous and beautiful woman I have ever met and I have met a lot of women."

Judah caught the slight huff of disapproval from her.

"Okay that did not come out the way I wanted to; okay jeez I really suck at this. You would think after 5000 years I would know how to do this."

With that, Judah got down on one knee and reached into his pocket.

"Okay Rebecca, I have this to give you."

He handed her the box, she gasped for moment as understanding suddenly dawning on her.

"Alright so, umm, man I can't believe I have never done this before, umm Rebecca would you, well, marry me?"

Rebecca opened the box and saw the glittering of the diamond in the darkness. She looked at the ring then at Judah then back at the ring then back at Judah. She blinked as the tears started flow.

"But I... but how... Judah... oh wow," she stammered.

Judah looked up at her from a knee still.

"That was not the reaction I was hoping for... okay I am sorry, forget I asked I understand. I just thought..."

His could not finish his sentence as his mouth was covered by hers. When the kiss was done, she looked at him breathlessly.

"Yes Judah... yes, I will marry you."

The rest of the flight was spent in tender intimate embraces that would have made the limo's windows fog up.

After several hours, Judah looked up and saw the city had passed over the horizon as the breeze had carried them out over the ocean. He turned to the east and could just make out the coast from the glow of the lights. They were quite a ways out. Fortunately, he had had the foresight to bring his communicator.

"Umm base, yeah this is Eon. Could you send the Hippogriff to give us a tow home? Umm, yeah... use my locator signal and look for the balloon... Yes, I said balloon."

The trip back was easy enough. The Hippogriff crewman tossed them a towline and slowly pulled them back to the hilltop where the trip had begun.

After landing, Judah and Rebecca hurried to the car with all intentions of spending the remainder of the night in each other's arms.

Record Last Changed Date: 6/6/2010

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