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Darkness Returns - Stories

Post-Session: 43

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 43.

Story - Rescuing the Xenexis

Game Date: 5/12/2007

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Eon stood on the precipice overlooking the dark swirling pool again, Xenes, he thought.

Walking along the ridge he looked down into the black pool, he had not been here since he had been fused with the energy beings from this place. He knew it most likely did not exist anymore since this image was from their memories but he could not be sure.


He heard the chorus of whispers


The chorus spoke again but louder.

He walked to the edge of the pool and looked over it. The pool shifted and swirled then began to rise towards him; he stepped back on reflex and looked as the edge moved toward him. The edge stopped only a foot from him them began to churn and change shape, soon it formed an ebony colored statue of Rebecca. The form spoke to him.

"Judah, we need help. We are in pain."

Judah did not understand.

"Why are you in pain, you are with me, am I causing you pain?"

The golem seemed on the verge of crying.

"No not you, the others, the lost ones. Help them Judah, bring them home. Please, help them before they are destroyed."

The Crystal Rebecca reached out to take his hand and he saw the energy begin to fall away, almost like sand being blown by the wind.

"Find them Judah, bring them home."

Judah sat up and looked about, Rebecca slept peacefully beside him. He quietly slipped on a robe and walked to his basement studio. He quickly began drawing and detailing the dream of the Crystal Rebecca and running over the details in his head.

What could they mean? Who were the others?

After several hours, the door to the studio opened and he heard Rebecca come down the stairs. She gave him a hug from behind and placed a cup of coffee on the table beside him.

"Cute girl, who is she?"

Judah glanced over to Rebecca.

"Well that my dear is you, At least as the Xenexis see you, it is from a dream I had last night, if you can call it a dream. Last time I had one of these visions it was actually the Xenexis talking to me. They said to save them, bring them home. I am not sure who they meant, what others?"

Rebecca sat on Judah's lap and kissed him.

"Maybe a cup of coffee and shower will help."

After an intimate shower followed by breakfast Judah sat and thought about the message that nagged at him. He looked at his paintings when it suddenly hit him, the articles he was collecting. He went over to the computer and called up his search. There it was, all the instances of people finding crystals similar to the ones that had served as the Xenexis' home. He had never thought about it until now.

What if, oh my god, what if they are using those crystals and don't know they are alive?

Judah raced upstairs.

"Rebecca, REBECCA!!! Oh my god, this is bad."

He walked into the bedroom and found her getting dressed.

"I know Rebecca, come here quickly."

He showed her the findings on the computer.

"That is what they meant; those are the lost ones in danger. I have to get them back. We have to get all the Xenexis crystals back."

She nodded and kept reading the data on displayed on the screen.

He called up a list by location and printed out the locations of all the reported samples of the crystal. This would require some help so he reached out to his FSS liaison hoping for a miracle. He forwarded the data files he had along with a short email.


Special Agent Pierce,

We have a potentially volatile problem; these crystals are highly energetic and need to be recovered then given into the Wardens custody. The other problem we face is that they are in fact, alive and sentient. This is something that I will need some assistance with.

Time is of the essence, are you able to help?

Who can we trust with this?



Eon then emails the Wardens including the Wardens Reserve about the situation asking for assistance. With luck, he could gather the crystals and at least keep them from further harm.

Record Last Changed Date: 6/6/2010

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