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Kelly, Gremlins, Warrior, Boy - Stories

Post-Session: 44

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 44.

Story - Toby, No More Going Away

Game Date: 5/16/2007  -  6/1/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Tommy Holiday, Toby Holliday


Tommy is happy that his brother made it to Alcatraz and the Wardens' headquarters but is a bit upset when he sees him in the infirmary. He tells Dr. Miller that Toby does not look right. When she asks what he means, Tommy replies that he cannot not explain it but Toby does not look right. Dr. Miller assures Tommy that they are taking very good care of Toby and if something is wrong, they will get it figured out and fixed.



Dr. Miller looks at the readings on the monitor panel. Toby's vital signs had been sinking lower and lower. She had tried to keep him 'here' but it looked like that just might be killing him. He needed nourishment and if what he believed about his condition was true, that would make him 'go away.'

She looked at the monitor panel one more time then made a medical decision for the good of the patient. Doctor Miller hung a bag of glucose along with a bag of electrolytes in the dispenser tray on Toby's treatment couch. She punches in a code and the fluids are fed intravenously into the patient.

Dr. Miller calls for two orderlies and goes over the nurse's station. She tells the night duty nurse to have the facilities manager assign one of the guest quarters to the medical staff's identifiers and that they would be using it to house a patient.

When the orderlies arrive, Dr. Miller has them take Toby's treatment couch to the assigned guest quarters. After ensuring that all is in order in the suite, she calls a staff meeting. She briefs them on Toby and his condition and asks the chief nurse to assign staff to monitor him at all times. If he does 'go away,' she is to be notified immediately.

Dr. Miller spends the rest of the night at Eon's residential suite at the base.



The next morning, Dr. Miller checks in on Toby. She finds that his vitals have improved and his condition has stabilized.

After checking on Toby, she calls Amethyst, Eon and the Knight for a meeting. She updates them on Toby's condition and her moving him to a guest suite. She also explains that she thinks that now that Toby is getting intravenous nourishment that he will be 'going away.' She asks that they prepare statements that can be display on the view walls to help him adjust to his new surroundings. She also wants to talk with Tommy about him communicating with Toby when he does 'go away.' She asks that one of them arrangement for Tommy to meet with her as she does not wish to worrying the Hollidays by telling them that 'Tommy needs to see the doctor.'

Dr. Miller spends the night at Eon's residential suite at the base.



Dr. Miller meets with Amethyst, Eon and the Knight to inform them that there has been no change in Toby's condition.

Dr. Miller meets with Tommy and explains what she believes in going to happen to Toby. Tommy asks to see Toby and after he does, he says that whatever was wrong with Toby has passed and he looks better now. The doctor and Tommy talk for about an hour on how he communications with Toby when he is away.

Dr. Miller again spends the night at Eon's residential suite at the base.



Dr. Miller meets with Amethyst, Eon and the Knight to inform them that there has been no change in Toby's condition.

Later that the day, Toby 'goes away' as they had been expecting.

Dr. Miller spends several hours running through various configuration settings on the medical sensors trying to get some sort of reading on Toby. She even uses the view walls to ask Toby to stay on the treatment couch for a series of tests. In the end, all of her efforts prove unsuccessful finding no sign whatsoever that Toby is in the room.

Dr. Miller speaks with Amethyst and the Knight about arranging another visit to the base with Tommy's parents. She wants him to try and communicate with Toby now that he has 'gone away.'



Dr. Miller meets with Amethyst, Eon and the Knight and informs them of her lack of success in finding a means to keep track of Toby's medical condition now that he has 'gone away.'

Dr. Miller then meets with Jaxton about the devices the Kronians used to correct their phase allowing them to go without their environment suits. Jaxton gives her the details as well as he understands them and tells Melinda to grant access to all of the data that was collected during Dr. Kensington's analysis of the problem and the solution. When Dr. Miller starts to explain that she already has access to the data, Jaxton shakes his head and say that there is more. He also asks that doctor-patient privilege be applied in regards to the additional data. Dr. Miller agrees to his request.

Tommy stops by later in the day but is unable to communicate with Toby. Dr. Miller monitors the attempts and suggests that Tommy is too excited which is preventing him from concentrating and making contact. She tells Tommy that she will working with Amethyst and the Knight to arrange further visits for Tommy with Toby for later in the week.



Dr. Miller meets with Amethyst, Eon and the Knight and informs them of her conversation with Jaxton about the Kronians being out of phase, she indicates that she is reviewing the data and will be following up with Dr. Kensington. She also relates the failed attempt by Tommy to communicate with Toby and asks that the Knight and Amethyst arrange further visits for Tommy to the base.

Dr. Miller follows up with Dr. Kensington after reviewing the situation with him he agrees to send some sensor units down that may be able to 'find' Toby. Dr. Kensington says that he will have Gauss or Surge bring his assistant Blaine and the sensor units to her later that evening. Blaine will stay and help setup and calibrate the sensor units. Dr. Miller thanks the doctor for his and Blaine's assistance.

Later that evening, Surge drops Blaine and the equipment off at the Wardens base. Blaine steps up shop in the bedroom of the guest suite where Toby is staying. Blaine and Dr. Miller spent most of the night setting up and calibrating the new sensors.

Dr. Miller spends a few hours at Eon's residential suite at the base napping after the sensors are setup.



Dr. Miller meets with Amethyst, Eon and the Knight and informs them of Blaine arrival with the new sensors and that the sensors have been setup. She and Blaine will be working that morning to integrate the new sensors into the Wardens' base network so that Susan and Melinda can help with data gathering and analysis.

Blaine and Dr. Miller spend the morning working on integrating the new sensors with the base's network. In the early afternoon they are able to bring the sensors online. After several hours of working through a number of sensor configurations, they are able to pick up trace signatures of Toby's presence in the room.

Dr. Miller advises Amethyst, Eon and the Knight of the success with 'finding' Toby. She said it is now just a matter of gathering enough data to make conclusions on Toby's energy state so that they can determine a way to bring him back and keep him from going away in the future.



Dr. Miller meets with Amethyst, Eon and the Knight and informs them that the new sensors are collecting data and at the current rate, they should have enough data to start making an analysis in two to three days. Based on that analysis, they should be able to develop a means to stabilize Toby's energy state so that he stays in phase with the rest of the world. How long that will take though, is anyone's guess at this time.

Tommy stops by later in the day and is able to communicate with Toby. Dr. Miller monitors the communication to try and determine if it is an aspect of Toby or Tommy's abilities. The data that she collects seems to indicate that it is a function of both. She asks Blaine if he can setup some type of modulator that could interpret Toby's 'output' so that they come communicate with him directly. Blaine starts working on the data collected; he also sends a copy of it to Dr. Kensington for his analysis.



Dr. Miller meets with Amethyst, Eon and the Knight and informs them of Tommy's success in communicating with Toby as well as the data they collected during the 'conversation.' She says that Blaine is working with that data to try and setup a means of direct communication with Toby. She also informs them of that the sensors are still collecting data on Toby's energy state and analysis should begin tomorrow or the next day.

Dr. Miller takes off to spend some time with Judah as well as start making the final plans for their wedding.

Blaine returns to Vancouver for the weekend.



Dr. Miller checks in on Toby and finds that data collection on his energy state is going a little slower than anticipated. It does not look like they will have enough data for analysis until Monday at the earliest.

She updates Amethyst and the Knight on the progress of the data collection and tells them that she will be taking the rest of the weekend off. She will check in on Toby from time to time but she will not be providing any updates to them unless there is a major change in his condition until Monday morning.

Dr. Miller arranges for the medical staff as well as Susan and Melinda to key an eye on Toby and report any changes in his condition to her immediately.


Dr. Miller on Monday morning reports that there has been no change in Toby's condition for the past couple of days.

Over the next few days, she begins her analysis of the data collected on Toby's energy state. She also collaborates with Blaine and Dr. Kensington in Vancouver. The trio is surprised to learn that Toby's energy state is very similar to the Kronians when they were out of phase. The differences account for why the Kronians could be seen and were able to affect the surrounding environment while Toby cannot.

Dr. Kensington begins working on modifications to the devices used to bring the Kronians into phase as well as some means of possibility bringing Toby into phase permanently like the Kronians. He tells Dr. Miller that he should have one of the devices modified in the next few days for testing. Then it would just be a matter of Toby coming back into phase for the testing to begin.

Dr. Miller updates Amethyst, Eon and the Knight on the team's findings in regards to Toby's condition. Now it is just a matter of waiting, first for the device and then for Toby to come into phase.

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