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Post-Session: 44

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 44.

Story - Karex Corp and New World Technologies

Game Date: 5/18/2007

Who: Karex


Karex is contacted by New World Technologies about a possible business venture with Karex Corp. They would like to setup a meeting to discuss the particular next week. Karex finds that New World Technologies is a company that has been around since the breakup of the Soviet Union and specializing in clean up of highly polluted industrial and toxic waste sites. They have done a lot of work in the former Soviet Union and East Germany.

Karex agrees to a meeting and an informal get together is setup with the company's president.


The New World Technologies offices are located in downtown San Francisco which is a little bit surprising as most of their business is in Europe.

Karex is escorted to Dr. Samantha Fisher's office suite then escorted into her office by Rita, her personal assistant.

Dr. Fisher, a small woman wearing jeans, a t-shirt and lab coat, enters a few minutes later offering her apologies saying she had been working in the lab and lost track of the time. She shakes hands with Karex and says since this is a get to know you meeting taking place at lunch time that she has taking the liberty of ordering sashimi and sushi for them to snack on while they talk.

Rita opens the office door and a cart loaded with various types of sashimi and sushi is rolled in.

While they are eating, Dr. Fisher gives a brief background on herself and the founding of the company.

She says that she was a medical doctor and started out doing medical research before the environment caught her attention. She went back to university, got a Ph.D. in environmental sciences and returned to the research lab.

She was talked into starting New World Technologies by Michael Washington, CEO of Tri-Star International. He offered her the chance to put her research into practice and after much discussion, she agreed on the condition that she could continue to work in the labs. Washington agreed and New World Technologies was a born. Most of their initial contracts were through Washington family contacts in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Now New World Technologies was bringing their operations home to the bay area, so to speak. New World Technologies is going to bid on a contract to clean up the offshore chemical and radioactive waste dumps that Karex had identified as endangering marine life in the area off of the Point Reyes National Seashore and Preserve.

When she was made aware of the filing of incorporation for Karex Corp and saw that the company was going to specialize in underwater salvage and recovery, she concluded that a joint venture between New World Technologies and Karex Corp would surely win the bid.

The synergy of the companies would be perfect, New World Technologies would supply the clean up technologies and Karex Corp would provide the underwater operations expertise that New World Technologies was missing.

She asks Karex what he thinks about her proposal.

Karex nods slowly, "I can certainly see advantages of such a proposal," as he reaches over to delicately pickup several particularly tasty looking pieces of sushi. "But, what would your plans be towards the already altered marine life? There is at this time at least one tribe of dolphins who now possess human level intelligence, possibly as the result of decades of exposure to the contaminants. Including a fairly powerful paranormal who does not approve of humans. I believe the safety of any clean up crews could be successfully negotiated, however, without too much difficulty."

"I find it fascinating that there are dolphins that can communicate with humans via your technology. It is an amazing discovery, both the dolphins and your communicator," replies Dr. Fisher, the excitement evident in her voice. "I would like to set aside more time on another day to discuss the dolphins in detail with you and after learning more about them, I would love to speak with the dolphins directly. It would be a dream come true."

Karex peruses the trays for a long moment, before taking another selection of sushi, then adding, "I would be happy to provide you with a copy of the English-Dolphin translation software and, certainly, I can make introductions to one of the tribe when you have the time. Likely not the paranormal, as she is the least friendly of the lot."

"Yes, a copy of the translation software would be wonderful," says Dr. Fisher the excitement still evident in her voice. "Yes, a meeting when I have more time. Like I said it would be a dream come true." Then she giggled a little before adding, "Yep, forget swimming with the Dolphins, I am going to be talking to them."

The conversation turns to more of New World Technologies' history and some of the technology they had invented for neutralizing and disposing of hazardous waste in an environmental friendly way. The company had even developed a number of drugs for use by people as well as several species of wildlife that helped reverse some of the damage caused by chemical contamination/exposure.

Karex pauses just long to pop one of pieces of sushi into his mouth and swallow it before continuing, "Your expertise is the medical field? It is a pity that I have not yet been able to locate the Hospitalers. A ship containing a number of Yrician colonists was attacked while entering earth orbit and while it is believed they all safely made it to escape pods, several have not yet been located, including the Hospitalers."

As he is speaking, Karex notices that Dr. Fisher is about to place a piece of sushi in her mouth and stops at the mention of the attack on the Yrician ship.

"They are our kind's teachers, caregivers, doctors, and genetic engineers," continues the small golden dragon. "No doubt, they would possess valuable insights into your work. It is due to their work that my caste is immune to all known environmental toxins and diseases, allowing us to survive without assistance on a wide variety of alien worlds and that the warrior caste can adapt nearly instantly to the attacks of their foes. Perhaps I will be fortunate to locate them soon and they will be interested in providing assistance."

When Karex finishes speaking, Dr. Fisher notices that she is still holding a piece of sushi in front of her open mouth. She closes her mouth and returns the sushi to her plate.

"I sure hope all the others survived the crash," states Dr. Fisher in a somber tone.

After a couple of moments of thought, she asks excitedly "You truly believe that these Hospitalers would be willing to share their knowledge with us? It could help us to fix the environmental crimes we have perpetrated on our planet."

Karex samples another piece of sushi as he nods, "I believe it is possible. While I have not spoken with these Hospitalers directly, I have spoken with three of their fellow colonists. Based on their reports, it seemed this particular group of Hospitalers were concerned that humanity would in the near future destroy itself or this world, possibly both, and from that concern journeyed here. As they are devout pacifists, I have been somewhat concerned that some unethical organization would seize them and force them to devout their knowledge to some unethical cause. If you hear any rumors of silver-scaled Yricians, I would of course appreciate you passing them on."

"Oh, that would be wonderful and speaking of wonderful, I have truly enjoyed chatting with you. Unfortunately, I am going to have to take my leave. I need to return to the lab to finish some work before I have to make a field trip to Germany."

Dr. Fisher smiled as she rose from her chair.

"Please talk to Rita and have her setup another meeting for us to talk after I am back in town. She keeps my calendar and runs the office for me. I would be lost without her."

Dr. Fisher's PDA chirped several times as she was heading for the door. She looked at the screen and then repeated, "Yes, I must be going but one last thing. If you want to go through with this joint venture idea, have your legal department contact my legal department and they can hash out the details."

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