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Kelly, Gremlins, Warrior, Boy - Stories

Post-Session: 44

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 44.

Story - A Walk in the Past?

Game Date: 5/19/2007  -  5/23/2007

Who: Indigo, Eon (Lazarus), Kore Moorland

The recent trip to England kept drawing her attention away from the present as if she had missed something important.

She had enjoyed her time during the trip with Judah as it had been quite informative. She had learned many things about this new world that she would most likely have to call home.

The visions of her brother continued to intrude on her peace nightly and it was starting to take its toll. Marsa had spent the last few weeks in solitude meditating and attempting to make some sense of what she was seeing.

Her meditation kept bringing her back to the same place. It was the final hours she had spent in her aunt's home studying with Albinas. He was teaching her Spirit Walking and the scene that she had come upon was the one that now haunted her. She watched transfixed as her brother was transformed from the loving and kind person she had known into an evil monster.

However, this time the memory sparked an epiphany about her brother, perhaps she could use the Spirit Walking spell and the special bond she had shared with her brother to find him. No matter where he was.

She needed to know more about Spirit Walking but Albinas was no longer around to teach her. Where would she get the knowledge she needed then she thought of Wythe, perhaps he could help.

Marsa went to the common area and called to the spirit Melinda Computer. She asked the spirit to arrange communication for her with Wythe.

A short while later, Melinda told her that Wythe was not available but that Kore Moorland wished to speak with her. Marsa remembered the young woman from her recent visit to the Moorland Napa Valley Estate. She agreed to speak with Kore and the next thing she heard was the young woman's voice. In the end, her conversation with Kore let Marsa know that she could move to the 'mystic' wing at the Wardens' base and that Kore was on her way to teach Marsa the spells to access the area.

Kore taught the spells to Marsa then showed her to her quarters and after a quick look around showed Marsa the library. Kore explained that the library was heavy on the history and theories of magic on this world but did not have any materials on the actual practice of magic. When Marsa asked about books that covered the years around World War II, Kore pointed out the section of the library where they were located.

Marsa thanked Kore for her assistance then the young woman left.


Marsa found the books about the historical period that Judah had described to her and started reading.

She read about the events of World War II and a movement known as the Nazis. The capacity of mankind to perpetuate evil was limitless on this world. It had become clear to her that even as the world had progressed so had the desire for man to succumb to his darker desires. Images of the horrors committed illustrated the words with a vividness that almost brought Marsa to tears. The actions of the Nazis bore a striking resemblance to the tyranny she had witnessed in her home before her coming here. Feeling dismayed at the history she had read, Marsa decided it was too much to absorb for now and refocused on the more immediate task of locating her brother.

The library had many volumes on the many aspects of magic on this world and even a few texts on the magics of other worlds including her home. There was everything from basic elemental manipulations to complex transportation spells and even some texts how to summon the dead along with notes in the margins on interfering with such workings. The books as Kore had said gave much on theory but little in the way of instruction on the elements, accoutrements, deeds and words you would need to perform the desired magic.

Marsa's thoughts wandered back to times past, to the war and particularly to the castle in the land called England where her brother was last seen.

Marsa thought to herself, she needed to find her brother. She had to help him or stop him or if no there was no other option, destroy him. Just some answers as to what he did during the war, she even considered the possibility that her brother might have secretly been manipulating the Nazis into taking over the world for the Dark One and how he had been defeated, that would be a start. It might even provide a clue as to where he was today or what fate had befallen him. It could even help in her quest to see the Dark One destroyed.

Marsa became consumed with learning how to Spirit Walk farther, faster and longer while using her bond to her brother to guide her. She barely slept or ate too obsessed with her goal to find her brother. After two days, it felt as if the knowledge was there just beyond her reach taunting her.

Fatigue combined with hunger brought on exhaustion soon she was too tired to carry on. Marsa felt the grip of sleep taking over her. She tried to resist but eventually succumbed to its embrace.

She felt a familiar presence and found herself at peace in the beautiful castle in England. Thoughts of her brother took over the peaceful serenity. Her inner being sensed him as she had been able to do all her life, not able to see him but knowing he was there.

She began to walk down a street shadowed by old style buildings. The lamppost was typical of the ones she saw in the books she had been reading but since it was just a dream, she thought nothing of it. The awareness of her brother's presence became stronger, she sensed that he was very near, her desire and anxiety to see him grew as she walked faster, the street seemed to have no end.


In the library sat Marsa with her head lying on the book she had been reading, her peaceful sleep growing more fitful as time passed. The gems on her staff and necklace glowed brightly washing the room in a blue glow. The gas lamps that lit the library had gone out leaving the glowing gems as the only source of light.


Marsa could feel herself getting very lightheaded and sick to her stomach from running. In the distance, she finally saw the end of the block finally. She knew that she would be there soon and looked around for her brother sensing him very near.

Abruptly the ground was no longer there, she was falling not knowing where it had gone. A calming influence eased her anxiety and she began reciting verse for a working of force, it was similar to the Hands of the Spirits but not the same. She began slowing down then from out of nowhere; the ground rushed up and greeted her. The impact was great and her calm was broken, she was also quite sure that her body was as well and that this would end her young life.

Marsa stirred, she felt herself lying on a soft grassy surface. Slowly she opened her eyes and her body began to function normally. She stood up and felt the pain hit her all over. The warmth from her head surprised her and she felt something dripping down her face. She was bleeding and her head was pounding, this was no dream.

What the heck had happened and where was she?

She tried to walk, stumbling along she eventually made her way to a nearby tree and leaned on it. The world was still spinning and the tree was the only thing allowing her to keep her balance. Kneeling down she took inventory of her condition and remembered that she was bleeding from a head wound. First thing was to work a Spirit Touch to cure her wounds, she thought. The magecraft did its work and in a few moments, she felt nothing but a minor scar on her head and the last remnants of her headache fading.

Surveying the surrounding area, she saw that there was a path leading into small village. She headed down the path and while walking tried to access her situation.

She was obviously was not in the library anymore. Trying to keep her wits about her and remember her training from the Wardens, the first thing was to get information about her situation. From the landscape and architecture, she was in England again. The only issue was that the buildings, roads, almost everything was all wrong. It was as if she was in the pictures from the books on the Nazis, but that was impossible. She had heard of mages Spirit Walking to visit the past but she had never heard of someone physically going back into the past.

She came to a clearing just before the village and got a better look around. She saw a castle but it was too dark to make it out clearly. It reminded her of the castle from her dreams and there was something else about it but she could not place it.

How did I get here? She wondered quietly.

She skirted around the clearing and staying in the shadows, she swiftly made her way through the streets of the small village. It appeared relatively quiet but the atmosphere of fear was obvious but at what the people were afraid of Indigo could only guess.

Weaving in and out of the streets and alleyways, Marsa continued on her way toward the castle hoping to get some idea of what she was missing and why it was important.

With all of her attention focused on the castle, she was oblivious to the oncoming patrol of guards clad in German uniforms sporting the insignia she would recognize from the books. She was startled at the sound of boot steps and managed to dive into an alleyway behind what smelled to be a bakery. Peaking around the corner watching the guards' pass she exhaled not realizing that she had been holding her breathe.

A hand on her shoulder startled her and she rose to full height, her staff glowing ready to fight. The man started speaking to her in a strange language she did not understand. She waited a moment listening as his demeanor was not threatening.

Shaking her head in disagreement, she said "I am sorry I do not understand."

The man looked at her briefly then spoke haltingly.

"English, you speak English? Please I mean you no harm."

In the light, she saw the man was older and dressed in what appeared to be a baker's outfit. He looked to be in his late fifties with salt and pepper hair taking over his youth.

He stood up right, "Are you in trouble miss? I noticed you avoiding the guards, are you marked? Why do they want you?"

Marsa blinked at the barrage of questions.

"Umm... No. I am not wanted. I am lost, I bumped my head and woke up here but I am not really sure where here is."

The man extended a hand to her, "Come inside quickly and we will get you fed. Come, come."

The shop was quite quaint and actually reminded her somewhat of home. It was very simple with a wood-fired oven and gas stove. The old time feel was very pervasive over the entire shop and combined with the smells of what she assumed was bread and some form of sausage to put her at ease. Before she had time to examine the entire place, the man sat two plates on the table and motioned for her to sit. The meal was some of the best food she had ever tasted and while they ate, she was able to get some information from the kind man.

The village was in an isolated area of Wales and a small group of German soldiers had taken it over a few days ago. Rumors of a man giant and other strangers with strange abilities had been spreading. It was said that the man giant had helped the soldiers during the attack and had killed over half the young men in the village. The fighting was short and the villagers had surrendered quickly to prevent the destruction of the entire village.

Marsa began to see how powerful the Nazis were and that their vile evil was of a magnitude that rivaled the Dark Lord.

After talking for a while, she found out that the occupation force was using the castle on the hill and was preparing for an attack on another target. She had also decided that she was going to help these people and if she was going to succeed, she needed to find out what was going on in the castle.

The shopkeeper offered her a place to stay for the night as well as the promise of breakfast in the morning. Marsa sat for a moment then decided that given all that she had been through a good night sleep would be helpful. She asked the old man to wake her a couple hours before sunrise. He showed her to a corner of the cellar with a small wooden bed and an oil lamp.

She sat down on the bed and thought about the events of the day.

How was she ever going to get back home? Was she about to confront her brother and if so, how could she save him? It all seemed so impossible for someone like her. She was just a mage and an inexperienced mage at that. As she lay there in bed thinking, exhaustion finally caught up with her and she drifted off to sleep.


The world sprawled out before her; it was laid waste in a dark atmosphere of charred ruin. Nothing appeared to be alive, no grass, no animals, no people, and definitely not her. Looking around she thought this was her home and the Dark Lord had completed his conquest.

She began walking in the distance she saw what appeared to be buildings. Was it possible someone still lived?

The distance was covered much quicker than she believed possible for her just walking. All around her, the buildings were only burnt out husks. Most burnt beyond recognition and in obvious states of decay.

The sound of footsteps made her hope of finding someone alive. She looked around the corner and saw people coming towards her but something was not right. The men were in uniforms bearing the emblem of the Dark One, the uniforms were similar to the ones the FSS used but changed, corrupted, vicious looking with spikes on the armor.

Turning, she ducked from view and panicked as to her next move, perhaps the Wardens still existed in this horrible world?

She started towards the base hoping to find the bay and the Wardens' dock. Dodging frequent patrols, she finally found the wharf where the launch to Alcatraz would be, but instead of the dock, there was a long armored bridge lined with guards leading to the island. She looked to Alcatraz and saw a massive fortress flying the banner of the Dark One.

In the front of the entrance to the bridge were a group of poles with something on them but she could not make out what. Risking capture, she crept closer to get a better look at the polls. Much to her regret, she discovered they were not poles but pikes and on top was a sight that made her sick.

The heads of the Knight, Amethyst, Karex, Eon, and four others that she did not recognize adorned the top of the pikes. The look of horrific glares locked forever on their faces in their last moments like an eternal statue. She closed her eyes and began to sob without reserve. This could not be real; it could not happen here to her new home. Anger replaced sorrow which led to an unbridled rage; she walked to the bridge and began dispatching guards with ease. Lightning and flame flew without mercy the guards fell by the wayside then she blew the gate open with a lightning blast and walked down the bridge.

The walk appeared to be going nowhere and the bridge seemed to go on without end. She knew this to be a glamour, an illusion to make attackers turn back in hopelessness at the task that stood before them and she continued onward.

The glamour broke and at the end of the bridge, her brother's head appeared looking down at her from a parapet.

The monster smiled with wicked satisfaction, "It is hopeless, you cannot win sister, you will join me. I promise you."

She stopped and screamed with all her might shooting lightning at the creature, shouts of rage and protest finally turned to tears again and she felt utter despair.


Her eyes flew open her screams echoing in the darkness; the old man was shaking her looking frantic.

"Quiet little one, you will attract the guards."

Looking about she realized she was still in the bakery's cellar. It had been a dream; it felt more like a premonition.

She regained her composure and went upstairs with her host. After breakfast, she thanked the old man for his kindness and headed to the castle to confront her brother finally, that was if she could find him.

After walking through back alleyways and staying in the predawn shadows, she arrived at the castle. Hiding in the trees, she watched the place as the sun rose. There were all kinds of people going in and out of the castle's front entrance. Some of them wore tribal clothes with the symbol of the Nazis, others looked like villagers forced into labor by the soldiers.

Marsa thought I will need to look like one of laborers so I can sneak into the castle.

Marsa saw a young woman walking towards her. The young woman was wearing a white coat stained with foodstuffs and was carrying some sort of large container that she started emptying in the wooded area away from the castle.

Marsa thought I could use her coat as a way to get into the castle without worry.

She went up behind the girl and grabbed her cupping a hand over her mouth in case the girl screamed. The girl struggled as Marsa whispered to her that she was here to help. The girl's stopped struggling and her body began to shake; Marsa could feel tears rolling across her hand covering the girl's mouth. Marsa released the girl who turned around and looked at her savior. The girl stopped sobbing and looked at Marsa for direction. Marsa found that the girl was from another village to the south and had been captured while visiting her aunt who lived here. Marsa told the girl the route that she had used to sneak through the village and to use it to escape. Once that she was clear of the village, Marsa told the girl to return to her home and warn the authorities that the villagers here needed help. The girl gladly gave Marsa her kitchen worker's coat and the large container she had been carrying before thanking Marsa and leaving.

Marsa put on the coat, picked up the pot and moved toward the castle hoping the guards would not take undo notice of her. There were a good number of warriors protecting the castle and they all had weapons and marched from placing to place on patrol. She saw a group of people about to enter the castle and decided to get behind them quickly trying to blend in. The guards allowed her to enter without issue. She stayed with the group for a while to get familiar with the general layout of the castle before sneaking off on her own.

After leaving the group, Marsa started the search for her brother. After searching and dodging patrols for an hour, it finally dawned on her why this castle seemed familiar. She and Judah had visited the place when they went to England. Judah had mentioned there was a laboratory in the basement; she started looking for a stairway down. Finding just such a staircase, she went downward and found a dungeon at the bottom of them.

Marsa heard someone coming down the stairs. She hid in a dark alcove near the stairs and saw a guard pass by. The guard went to a cell where she could see a man bound to the wall with chains. The guard spoke to the man in a language that she did not recognize and then laughed at him. Without warning, the guard kicked the man in the groin then tormented the poor man while she watched from the shadows. The guard finally grew bored and left. Once she was sure he was gone, Marsa decided to take a closer look at the man in the cell.

"Hello kind sir, I am here to help you."

The man gave no answer his head hanging down in agony.

Looking down she saw the guard had inflicted many horrific wounds on the man. His arms and legs were a mass of bruises and several of his fingers had been bend backward. There were several ribs poking out at unnatural angles. His belly was severely bruised and was taut sticking out beneath his sunken chest, it was obvious he had unseen injuries there.

Marsa began channeling the energy to work a Spirit Touch but the sound of footsteps approaching broke her concentration. She ducked into the shadows of the cell. The guard curious as to why the cell was open entered and walked over to the man. He looked around missing the well-hidden Marsa, her breath did not hold out and she sneezed from all the dust. The guard turned toward her and began to raise his weapon. Suddenly the guard's face contorted in a scream but no sound came forth, the guard doubled over and slumped to the floor motionless.

"That is so much better" said the man on the wall in chains.

Marsa walked over and looked at him. All of his injuries were gone and he now looked to be in the peak of health.

"Well hello there, if you are one of my captors I would be glad to let you torture me some."

Marsa looked at the eyes of the strange man and noticed the curious white hair, "Eon? Is that you?"

The man simply blinked at her, "I don't know who this Eon fellow is, but I will be the Queen of England if you will get me out of these shackles, please."

Marsa quickly checked the guard and found keys to release the prisoner.

"Eon why are you here and why don't you know me, it is me Marsa."

The man smiled and rubbed his wrist, "Okay lady, I am not sure I have ever met someone as lovely as you but I do appreciate you getting me down from there. Now if you don't mind the new caretakers here and I do not get along. I need to leave before they decide to play with me some more. So thanks again and bye."

He started to walk to the door

"Judah stop, it is me Marsa, wait you don't know me yet. Okay your name is Judah and I am a friend of yours. It is kind of hard for me to explain but I know you from the Wardens."

The man just stood there and blinked at her trying to decide if she was nuts or not.

"Okay are you a spy from the doctor? Is this another twisted game? Who the hell are the Wardens and just HOW do you know my real name?"

Marsa grabbed Judah by his shoulders, "Judah, look at me. We are friends. I don't know how to prove it to you. You just have to trust me on this."

Judah did not know why but he did trust her and he had learned long ago not to trust just anybody.

"Okay, you say we are friends. I will accept that, for now."

Marsa was glad to see someone she knew and the situation was no longer feeling as bleak as it once did.

"Yes, we are friends. It is one of the reasons I helped you escape, because friends help each other. Now I have need to make a request of you. I need you help as I am here searching for my brother."

Judah looked at her, "Okay, it would be the least I can do in return for you freeing me. Who is your brother? Is he a prisoner here, too?"

"Not quite," replied Marsa. "He is the one they describe as the man giant. I must find him and stop him."

Judah just looked at Marsa for a moment, "Okay so I am being rescued by a crazy lady. Fantastic and I thought my day couldn't get any worse. Now it is from the dungeon to storming the castle."

Marsa looked on the verge of tears. "I am not crazy and I need your help Judah, the Judah I know would never turn his back on a friend. Will you help me or not?"

"I will help you, just wished we had some kind of secret weapon to take out the Nazis. Because there are a lot of them and if we are going to beat this brother of yours, we will need some serious help."

Marsa smiled at him and lit the spirit stone on her staff, "I think I can make him listen but first you need to get some clothes."

The guard on the ground was a little bigger than Judah but close enough. While Judah got dressed, Marsa locked the guard up in a cell. As they headed upstairs, Marsa started to describe her brother to Judah but whispered so as not to attract attention. He said he heard of something like that in this castle and it was working with the Germans, he called them.

"Okay, so what do I call you, you said your name was Marsa?" said the man she knew as Judah. "Call me Lazarus. I don't like using my real name in public."

"You can call me Indigo then, it is a share of blue like my spirit stone."

Lazarus explained that he had been in the area when the Germans attacked. He had seen some of the destruction caused by the man giant and was on his way to get help when he got captured.

Lazarus and Indigo started searching for her brother. Lazarus seemed to have very good knowledge of the castle including some secret passages that allowed them to check out rooms without detection. Then they heard some screaming and all of the soldiers started running around as an alarm sounded. Lazarus and Indigo took a tunnel heading in the direction of the screaming which seemed to be coming from a garden that Indigo remembered passing on her way in.

The screams and alarm were getting louder and louder as they approached the area. They came out of the tunnel into the garden's hedge maze with heads turning every which way looking for the cause of the disturbance. Running in and out of the paths in the maze, Indigo sensed her brother's presence.

"He is here, I can feel it," she told Lazarus.

As they rounded a hedge wall, Lazarus and Indigo saw a small gazebo with several people on top yelling trying to get away from her brother would was standing on the ground below them.

There were several injured, several dead and some pieces of bodies strewn about the maze's middle courtyard.

Indigo yelled at the monster, "Brother stop and leave these people alone. You know not what you are doing."

He turned to her with his red-yellow eyes full of rage and snarled. She saw his expression soften for a moment then the look of rage returned.

Marsa told Lazarus, "Get those people to safety, I will hold him off."

Marsa turned defiantly toward her brother and shouted, "Come get me brother if you can." then broke into a run.

The monster chased after her as she ducked into a hedgerow and called forth her Spirit Shield to protect her. The creature threw a stone bench into the hedgerow and it exploded. Marsa ducked out of the other side of the hedgerow a second before the stone bench hit it.

She worked magecraft on him non-stop alternating between Fire of the Spirits, Energy of the Spirits and Hands of the Spirits. Lazarus stepped in from the side and white energy shot from his hand hitting the brute in the chest. The man giant slumped for a moment then grabbed another stone bench and used it as a club. Lazarus went flying over the hedgerows, his chest caved in once again. The monster was much more powerful than Marsa was and stronger than she had anticipated. Marsa ran to Lazarus had landed a couple of hedgerows over and helped him up. They started to run again as the monster came crashing through the hedgerows instead of flowing the paths. After a few twists and turns, they lost the monster. They could hear him bellowing and knew he was still after them.

Lazarus looked at Indigo. "I can stop him," he said. "Get me back to the maze's middle courtyard quickly."

They weaved their way back to the courtyard, the monster's bellows still echoed throughout the area. Lazarus walked over and began to kneeling by each of the injured villagers. One by one he would put his hand on them and envelope them in white light. The wounds of the victims would disappear then reappear on Lazarus's damaged body. Bones snapped, cuts appeared and bruises formed all from the people he was healing. He was able to help seven of the villagers but appeared on the verge of death.

"Okay bring him, hurry!!!"

Marsa yelled for the monster, "Come brother face me! In the maze's courtyard!"

She heard him crashing through the hedges then the massive form ran into the courtyard and charged at her with unbridled fury. It caught Marsa off guard for a moment and before she knew it, she was in her brother's grasp. She looked into his eyes and once again, his features soften almost to the point of sadness.

"I am sorry," stated Marsa.

The monster nodded in acknowledgement and she thought she saw tears forming in his eyes then it was gone. The monster's rage returned and the massive muscles in his arms contracted as he started squeezing the life out of her. The last thing she felt before unconsciousness took her was a sharp pain in her chest as several of her ribs snapped.

Lazarus slumped on the ground grabbed the ankle of the man giant and let the pain flow out of him. The agony that he had inflicted on Lazarus and the seven villagers was returned to the monster. He screamed in terror and crumpled to the ground.

Indigo landed next to Lazarus, he could see she was injured but he need some time to mend before he could get them out of the castle. He laid on the ground as one by one his bones knitted, cuts closed and bruises faded. Lazarus rose to his feet then pulled Indigo to hers.

"Okay Indigo it's time to go. We mustn't dawdle any longer, that won't hold him forever."

They hurried out of the maze, looking around they saw that the guards were still running around and then noticed too that the alarms were still going off. Everyone was headed toward the vehicles parked outside the castle entrance.

Indigo took some time to work a Spirit Touch to heal her broken ribs and then she and Lazarus used the chaos to make their escape. They headed for the village keeping to the shadows and were passed by several trucks loaded with soldiers headed towards the castle.

As they neared the village, they heard a loud buzzing sound like a swarm of giant insects was flying overhead. Then there was an explosion followed by another and then another. Debris fell from the sky and they could see that the explosions had started a fire in the village.

Entering the village, they could hear screams coming from a large burning building that looked like a barn. Indigo also saw that the old man's bakery was on fire. Lazarus headed towards the barn and Indigo called to him that she was going to check the other buildings and would catch up with him.

She ran towards the bakery and as she ran, she tried to work her Spirit Shield but it did not take. She stopped and pulled at the gem that hung around her neck and saw that its glow had faded. She needed rest so that her spirit would be renewed but she did not have the time. She had to rescue the old man.

She pulled off the coat and put it over her head then jumped through the flames into the bakery. She dropped the coat as it caught fire and found she was in an area clear of flames. The old man lay pinned to the floor by a fallen beam in front of her. Summoning the last of her personal reserves, she worked Hands of the Spirit and as gently as she could she removed the beam off the old man then flung it through the front of the building. She picked up the old man and ran through the opening she had just created as she reached the road something snagged one of her feet. The old man flew from her arms and her head slammed into the brick pavers of the road.


Marsa felt someone gently shaking her and looked up to see Kore.

"I am willing to bet you that your bed is a lot more comfortable than that chair and book. I just wanted to check up on you and make sure that everything was going well after your move. It seems you have settled in nicely, so I will bid you adieux."

With that, the girl was gone.

Marsa looked around stunned and dazed. She was in the mystic wing's library, was what had happened real or a dream? Checking her communicator, she found that almost two days had passed since she had entered the library. Almost the same amount of time she had been gone.

She stood up and found that her ribs ached but that could have come from sleeping in the chair for two days.

She stopped thinking about it and walked to her quarters. Stopped at the door, she whispered the phase and made the signs with her right hand that opened the door. After entering, she quickly mumbled the locking phase then headed for the bathroom.

While she was splashing some water on her face, Marsa noticed a scar on her forehead where she had none before.

It had been real...

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