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Post-Session: 44

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 44.

Story - Revenge of the Paperwork - The Returns

Game Date: 5/20/2007

Who: Karex

Karex ripped open the envelope and looked quizzically at the letter within.

Were those Russian squiggles or perhaps Chinese squiggles?

You would think more governments would have taken the hint from his handwritten cover letters, written in English, the only earth language he could read and write, that they should respond in the same tongue. But no, they each seemed to want to write only in their own obscure native dialect.

Karex sighed; of course, they probably assumed any alien race advanced enough to make their documents auto-translating to any earth language would also have a device to translate any letters they sent to the alienís own tongue. Well that would indeed be true, if Captain Hurg hadnít taken the mucked thing with him when he abandoned him here!

Karex looked at the three piles before him. The shortest consisted of returned Yrician diplomatic forms, which he really didnít have to worry about with them. Their content had already been transmitted to the orbiting cloaked satellite for relay back to his homeworld as soon they had been signed. He could safely shut them in a cabinet somewhere and forget about them. The second pile was only slightly taller. It consisted of diplomatic missives that were written in English and, thus, could be easily replied to if he so desired. The third pile on the other hand, towered so high that Karex had to reach on tippie-toe to add the latest unintelligible letter to the top.

Karex pondered the problem. He could, he had no doubt, use the Wardenís computer to translate the letters into English but that would give the Knight full access to their contents, and these were diplomatic documents and that would not do. If only Tommy had agreed to his job offer. Tommyís ability to translate any language would have made short work of that pile. Perhaps, he could go down to the public library and use their English-to-whatever dictionaries to translate each letter word by word.

On the other hand...


Karex breathed in the rich aroma of the golden-brown fish as he slowly turned the spit. Carefully, he fed another handful of documents into the cook fire to keep it at just the right temperature. Raw fish were tasty, but fish fry was a nice change of pace. Moreover, it dealt with the issue of all those foreign-language missives quite nicely.

As he plucked one of the fish off the spit and happily nibbled at the crispy skin, he wondered if using all those letters from foreign countries for a cook-out would eventually come back to haunt him. Then he shrugged and lay back onto the sandy beach, keeping the spit turning with a single taloned toe.

That was something to worry about another day.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/7/2010

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