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Post-Session: 44

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 44.

Story - S.I., San Francisco Office

Game Date: 5/20/2007

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

Overview of Security International

They are a provider of security systems, security consulting and security services based in Sydney, Australia.

Most of the security systems they sell are manufactured by their subsidiary York Electronics which is based in Singapore. In cases where there is a need for a system they do not manufacture, they have contracts in place with other manufacturers to provide those products ensuring that their clients are properly covered.

The security consulting business focuses on physical, electronic and computer intrusion prevention as well as ensuring the safety of employees and is offered under the Security International corporate banner. There are rumors that the company is about to start offering security consulting services on dealing with paranormal criminal and terrorist threats.

Security services are contracted under Security Services Corporation, a subsidiary of Security International. Services include onsite security specialists, executive bodyguards, armed courier services and where allowed by law, paramilitary security teams. These services are provided by local subsidiaries of Security Services Corporation. Services for Europe are provided by Regal Security based in London, England. In Canada, services are provided by Security Services of Canada which is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. National Security Services based in Seattle, Washington provides services in the United States. Services for Asia Pacific region are provided by Intertech Security based in Tokyo, Japan. Services for Australia, New Zealand and Africa are provided by Guardian Security based in Sydney, Australia. Guardian Security is also the only subsidiary that offers paramilitary security teams, most of which work in Africa.


William after taking some time to consider the job offer from Security International to serve as Vice-President of Security for Paranormal Issues makes a counter offer.

He asks would the offer still be on the table if he chose not to move to Sydney. He proposes that Security International open an office in the San Francisco area.

Darlington asks William to make a case for opening an office in San Francisco.

Record Last Changed Date: 8/7/2010

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