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Post-Session: 44

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 44.

Story - Talk with Joey

Game Date: 6/1/2007

Who: Karex

Karex reclines behind his well-polished oak desk, idly shuffling through a stack of files as Joey Lebowitz enters and takes a seat at one of the two stuffed chairs carefully positioned around the desk.

As Joey is about to speak, Karex raises a single finger claw for silence, then calmly explains, "Joey. I heard about the difficulty. The fixers should not be working on the construction of the embassy. We have a whole bevy of highly trained contractors for that."

Karex leans back in his chair, as he continues, "The fixers are currently the only sources of advance Yrician technological knowledge on this planet. However, our technologies are extremely different from humanity's. It benefits no one to push things too quickly and frustrate them."

Karex reaches into one of the folders, and pulls out a memo written in English, "These are your new instructions. Let me know what equipment you need and what additional personnel will be required and I'll make the necessary arrangements. The embassy is going to have six workrooms. I want you to familiarize the fixers with the proper use and safety precautions for all the tools and equipment for each workroom. Then, give them something that can be 'fixed' with each of the tools. Once that's done, send an intern or gopher out to prowl the flea markets, junk yards, and such for broken electronics and mechanical devices for them to work on to keep them busy. There will be some hi-tech equipment in the workroom, so if you need to hire a specialist to provide instructions, that is acceptable. Once you feel they are ready, let me know, and I'll let them take a shot at fixing up the warrior's power armor. It will likely require replacing a large portion of its internal structure with human-equivalent technology. I imagine, however, there are a number of power armor manufacturers who would be more than willing to donate parts and personnel to assist in order to get a better look at some Yrician military technology."

Karex slides the memo over to Joey.

"Anything you say boss, I think it was just one of those 'cultural differences things.'"

"Maybe if we can get them the right kind of work, they won't be so grouchy all the time." Joey smiles before continuing, "Well all least Wrixton won't, I think grouchy is normal for Gregix."

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