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Practicing Summer Vacation - Stories

Post-Session: 45

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 45.

Story - Wedding Plans, Part 2

Game Date: 6/4/2007  -  6/20/2007

Who: Amethyst (II), Karex, Eon (Lazarus), Knight of Saint Michael, Rebecca Miller

Judah talks with Rebecca about the honeymoon and agrees to all the places with one addendum, that he would like a week touring Europe again. It would be nice to see the old country once more and he always loved Paris in the summer. Rebecca remembering the wonderful time she had had on her last trip to Europe with Judah, agreed to his stipulation.

After further discussion, it was finalized that their honeymoon itinerary would include a week in Australia, a week in British Columbia and a week in Europe. With travel, they would be away for almost the whole month of September.

Judah also told Rebecca that the Knight had agreed to be his best man, which ensured that the wedding would have the best security anyone could imagine.


After looking over the final draft of the 'summer camp' brochure and giving it his approval, the Knight turned his attention to the matter of Judah and Rebecca's wedding. With all of the paranormals in attendance, it was highly unlikely that there would be trouble but one could never be too sure.

He leaned back in his chair and asked Adam to display the data that he had requested on the site where the wedding was to be held. As the aerial photographs of the area came up on the wall, he began to study the location in earnest.

It would be hours before he stirred from his chair.


Rebecca checked her inbox and wondered why Karex would be sending her an email.

After opening in the email, she found herself laughing at the little alien's awkward attempt to determine which of the myriad of wedding customs from his list she and Judah would be observing at their upcoming nuptials.

After forwarding the email to Judah, Rebecca sent an email to Karex indicating that it would be a simple gathering of family and friends and the ceremony would consist of an exchange of vows and rings. Afterwards, the wedding guests are invited to attend a small party to celebrate the happy occasion. The party would include dinner featuring local faire including New England seafood. Out of town guests that wish to stay in the area would be accommodated at a local ski lodge run by friends of her family.


Karex looked over Rebecca's email regarding the wedding again then went back to pacing back and forth behind his desk.

Wedding gift, wedding gift, what would be appropriate for these humans. Perhaps a nice basket of fish? No, Eon seemed unreasonably opposed to foodstuffs. Well, humans liked precious metals. Perhaps he could have the fish bronzed or perhaps plated in gold?

Karex pondered a moment.

With his increasing net worth, he might actually be able to purchase some golden trinket for the couple. Perhaps he could check out the auction houses... but his line of thought was suddenly diverted by the unexpected arrival of the old warrior Yrician, Rextor.

Rextor carefully set down a small brightly wrapped package onto Karex's desk, explaining, "I wish to honor the first paranormal I defeated in battle on this world on the day of his joining."

Karex paused a moment, then slowly nodded, "I see. That is very noble of you. I didn't quite expect... er, I will make sure he gets it."

With that, Rextor turned and hurried out.


Karalyn sat in her office pondering Judah and Rebecca's invitation for Amethyst to attend their wedding.

What to get them?

They were both successful in their professional endeavors and could afford pretty much anything they wanted. The clinic meant a lot to both of them and a large donation would certainly be appreciated, but a wedding was a personal affair and a donation would be an impersonal gift.

What would she get her friends?

She pondered as she stared out at the Bay.

Then it hit her. Yes, that was it. It would be special and personal, just the thing.

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