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Practicing Summer Vacation - Stories

Post-Session: 45

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 45.

Story - Dreams of Seattle

Game Date: 6/7/2007  -  6/20/2007

Who: Knight of Saint Michael

He had been praying for guidance then the dream came.

The one formerly known as Edweard Ragnarsson, now a being of darkness and power, rode out of the fog towards him...

He knew when he woke that he had dreamed what was to come.

As the fog began to clear, he could see that his adversary was not alone...

A confrontation with his dark enemy was soon to come.

The dark ones that had last been seen with his adversary were there following his lead...

The place felt different but he could not tell why.

He looked around and found that his companions were not by his side...

The place was different; perhaps the Wardens did not know where he was for if they did they would be standing with him against the darkness.

He then realized that he was not alone a lady who had showed him nothing but love was there as well...

Why was Bridie there in his vision, had his adversary somehow discovered his feelings for her?

He saw in the distance a bay but it was not the bay of his new home of San Francisco...

Yes, he knew he was not in San Francisco, but where?

Then he saw a strange structure in the distance and knew where the confrontation would take place...

It was the Space Needle, his vision of the future put him and Bridie in Seattle but when?


William glanced over at his phone and saw that the message light was blinking. He hit the button for voicemail and the speaker spoke with Bridie's voice.

She said that one of her colleagues was ill and would not be able to attend the teaching conference. Her principal had called and since the trip was already paid for, she offered Bridie the chance to go. Bridie had accepted and was calling to let William know that she would be in Seattle for the week at the teaching conference.

A cold shiver ran down William's back.

He left a message with Susan for Amethyst. He told her that he was going out of town on personal business and would be gone for about a week. He thought about telling her where he was going but it had only been he and Bridie in his vision. Who was he to question God's will?

It has taken almost three weeks but now the visions were clear, a confrontation with his dark enemy and his cohorts awaited William and Birdie in Seattle.

Record Last Changed Date: 5/1/2011

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