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Practicing Summer Vacation - Stories

Post-Session: 45

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 45.

Story - A Personal from the Past?

Game Date: 6/15/2007

Who: Eon (Lazarus)

Judah read Melinda's report about the personal ad in a Baghdad newspaper then stared at the text of the ad blankly. The possibility that someone was seeking out his alias after almost 4000 years was difficult to believe.

He contemplated his reply for a moment then asked Melinda to connect him with the newspaper's office.

"Classified please," requested Judah in perfect Arabic.

The operator connected him with the appropriate department and soon he was speaking with a pleasant sounding female.

"Hello, I need to place an ad for the tomorrow edition. Yes, I will pay for expedited processing. The ad is to read as follows, 'Hello friend of Sargon Ur-Bau, might have information on locating your lost acquaintance. If interested meet me at the AC Coffeehouse in San Francisco on 06/21 at 11:00 AM for coffee. Order the Earl Grey Tea with a lemon cake so I know who you are'."

Judah provides an anonymous untraceable Wardens account for payment of the ad.

"Here's hoping to see a friend and not an enemy." he said aloud after disconnecting the call.

Judah thought about his next move, calling up his email client he composed an email.


To: Wardens
From: Eon
Subject: Need Discreet Security Assistance

Sir William,

I believe this is best suited to your skills and expertise. I am meeting a contact on 6/21 11AM at the AC and would request someone accompany in an unnoticeable manner.

This unfortunately means that you, Karex, do not qualify, sorry.

I would also request that Amethyst be able to assist should this meeting turn out to be a trap.

Due to the nature of the meeting, I am unsure of my contact's intentions. It is quite a long story, come to think of it, when is it not a long story when I am concerned.

Therefore, as far as this goes, it gives you about a week to prepare and if you need, I will attempt to brief you further. Let me know if you have any questions.



Judah hits send and checks this off his to-do list. With a wedding coming, it was the only was to keep track of everything.

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