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Practicing Summer Vacation - Stories

Post-Session: 45

A look at what happened during and/or after Session 45.

Story - Dr. Fisher meets the Dolphins

Game Date: 6/16/2007

Who: Karex

The long sleek yacht cut easily through the rolling waves off the California coast, before slowing to a halt over a non-descript patch of water seemingly no different from any other. Karex lowered a small device attached to a cable over the side of the yacht, then fiddled with the switches on the attached console. After a few moments, he grinned displaying his side-teeth, as he flicked the last switch, then turned to Samantha Fisher of New World Technologies, and proudly announced.

"While Iíve developed a fair familiarity with the Dolphinís native tongue, I am afraid the human mouth is ill-suited to replicating many of the sounds. My dolphin translator, Mark VII should do a fair job of freely allowing you to communicate with the two dolphins I have invited here today."

"Kwueeeee Tass is, um, well, I suppose you could call her a meta-dolphin. If she chooses to, she may decide to communicate with you directly mind-to-mind. I donít know of her ever choosing to do so with a human, but I suppose there is always a first time."

"Squeeeee Cass is much friendlier towards humans, but to communicate with him you will need to rely on the machine."

A few minutes later, the familiar nose of Cass popped up through the surface of the ocean and trilled a friendly greeting.

Karex politely introduced Samantha to Cass and in no time at all, the scientist had launched a hundred questions about living underneath the waves, dolphin culture, and the like.

In his customary manner, Cass responded with the most amusing, if improbable, tales of lost civilizations, advanced dolphin cultures and treasures lurking just below the surface. All found there way into his stories.

A pleasurable half hour passed, until three shadows approached, just beneath the water.

Kwueeeee Tass raised her snout above the water, and but failed to trill even an acknowledgement of the others' presence.

Then, the head and shoulders of two humanoid beings rose from beneath the waves next to her.

Karex peered aquatically at the pair, before recognizing them as a pair of missing human twins, Jacqueline and Macdonald; they had disappeared with their parents after a boating accident off the coast a few weeks prior. Their parents' bodies had been recovered but there was no sign of the twins. Evidentially, they had the ability to breathe water. They seemed to have taken a liking to Tass and her underwater lifestyle and decided to abandon their old life.

What a very human thing to do, Karex thought to himself.

Macdonald then spoke, in a mildly odd monotone, to Samantha.

"Tass greets you human. As her hands and voice, we shall speak for her during this meeting. The one known as Karex has sent word that you were interested in an alliance to end the threat of human pollution to the domain of the Dolphins. Tass shall listen to your offer."

Samantha cleared her throat, then began the standard company line as she considered how best to deal with this odd situation.

"My company is devoted to..."

Then hundreds of images flashed through Samantha's mind as an alien presence rifled through her memories.

Jacqueline looked at Samantha as she regained her senses.

"No needed for slow human speech. Tass has extracted the necessary information from your mind. She finds the offer lacking in some ways, changes are needed which she is adding to your mind now."

The presence returned to Samantha's mind and added a group images from a very alien perspective.

Jacqueline spoke again, "This meeting is concluded. You now know the next time and place we shall meet. There is no need to bring the alien next time."

With that, Tass and her two companions vanished back beneath the waves.

Karex looked quizzically at Samantha for a moment, "Are you alright?"

Samantha nodded slowly, "That was... intense, but... productive. I now know where the dolphins feel we need to start to end humanity's threat to the oceans."

Karex relaxed as he replied, "Ah, good. Then everything worked out."

Cass trilled a warning, but Karex silenced him with a wave of his hand, "Oh, you worry too much Cass."

Record Last Changed Date: 5/1/2011

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